Mother’s Day Gifts for the Tech and Photo Savvy Moms


A mom’s interest can come in a variety of styles. Some may love to read, entertain, exercise, chat politics, or march for worthy causes, making gift buying a little simpler. However, sometimes Mom’s hobbies and interests lie differently than your own, making it harder to find the perfect gift. For instance maybe Mom loves taking pictures and you’ve barely mastered the camera on your phone. No worries, Daily Mom has the ultimate guide for Tech and Photo Savvy Moms. From camera straps to alarm clocks to toothbrushes – you’ll love our list of all things tech and photo savvy.



Perfect for the mom who loves the newest technology in personal care

Top Mother’s Day Picks

If you have a mom on your list who loves to keep up with the latest and greatest in personal care, you need to order the ISSA Sonic Electric Toothbrush from FOREO right away. When it comes to gadgets that will positively change the way we do everyday things, the FOREO ISSA tops our list, making it an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

Not a lot has changed when it comes to brushing our teeth. We all pick up a simple toothbrush from a superstore every couple months and see no improvement when we visit the dentist every 12 months. It is time to try something new. FOREO ISSA is a top of the line sonic electric toothbrush that cleans your teeth in a way you did not know was possible.

Your teeth and gums will be healthier. Your smile will be white thanks to the sonic pulse technology that breaks up plaque and other yucky stuff. The ISSA is all silicone, and while it costs more than an old school toothbrush, it is a legit investment in your health that saves you money in the long run. No replacing the brush or brush heads every couple months. The brush itself comes with a 2 year warranty (10 year limited warranty) and the brush heads last a whole year!

Available in four beautiful colors, this toothbrush gently cleans your entire mouth and massages your gums. You will wonder how you ever brushed your teeth any other way. Because it is silicone, it is the most hygienic way to brush. Silicone dries quickly and is non-porous so it doesn’t let bacteria build up. In fact, it carries 10,000 times less bacteria than a nylon bristle brush. Giving mom a gift that allows her to care for herself in a new and better way is a lovely way to show her how much she means to you on Mother’s Day.

About Foreo

Foreo has tasked themselves with the mission of brightening your life. They are aware of how profound of an impact the way you feel has on how you approach your own wellbeing as well as the whole world. They are providing products that help promote self confidence. They want you to feel that extra pep in your step when you walk out the door. After all, when you look good, you certainly feel good! With products that focus on oral hygiene and skin care for everyone in your family, you can trust this innovative company to improve your life everyday.




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Perfect for the photographer who takes her camera everywhere

Top Mother’s Day Picks

Those DSLR cameras are not lightweight, especially if you have a mom to shop for that is packing a full frame camera. If she takes her camera with her everywhere, shooting during every play date, soccer game, and family reunion, or if she is actually a professional photographer, shop with BlackRapid to make her hobby or career easier and more comfortable.

Every photographer needs a quality strap for her camera. If you know a mom still using the strap that came with her camera, she is long overdue for an upgrade. For something comfortable, even during extended wear, surprise her with the Curve Breathe strap from BlackRapid. This strap takes the pressure off her neck. The camera is worn cross-body and the weight is distributed evenly over the photographer’s shoulder. With BlackRapid’s patented ConnectR and Lockstar technology, the camera is completely secure and easy to maneuver at the same time.

The shoulder pad is especially comfortable because it features a nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam, and poly air mesh. It is completely adjustable. The photographer wears the camera hanging down at the hip when not shooting and she won’t have to worry a second about the camera, knowing that BlackRapid is the world’s most trusted camera strap.

If she shoots with a tripod, BlackRapid offers tripod plates that work easily with their straps. She can switch from tripod to R-strap effortlessly. The plate is made of high grade aluminum alloy so you know it is tough. Versatility is a necessity for good photography, and BlackRapid makes that possible with their straps and accessories.

About BlackRapid

BlackRapid is the world’s premier camera accessory brand and it all started with one photographer in 2008. He saw a need for a camera strap that would securely hold his camera but allow for easy maneuverability so he never missed a shot. He created the strap he desired, and today BlackRapid offers 12 options for camera straps, tripod plates, and tethers.


Curve Breathe | Tripod Plate


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Perfect for the germophobe mom

Top Mother’s Day Pick

Listen, let’’s be honest. Kids are germy and motherhood is dirty. Did you know your cell phone or tablet can have more nasty germs than a public toilet? Or that 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal matter on them? Take care of that this Mother’’s Day. Protect Mom from germs – with PhoneSoap XL.

Your PhoneSoapXL is packed with UV santitizing technology, –four UV-C lights, and will kill 99.99% of germs in just 15 minutes. These lights, according to PhoneSoap, “produce a very specific wavelength of light which encompasses your tablet and passes through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses to impair their DNA. Once their DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer cause infections or disease.” How’’s that for science? The XL size is so large that you can fit an iPad Pro inside, but feel free to toss in any kid items like pacifiers, small toys, keys, credit cards, or even your TV remote. Germs don’’t stand a chance against this bad boy! The lightning bolt on the opening of the PhoneSoapXL glows blue during the sanitization period, and shuts off when cleaning is complete.

The PhoneSoapXL also allows you to charge your devices while sanitizing them, making it the only tablet sanitizer that also charges. Is that the best of both worlds or what? The interior sanitizing space is 12.4″ deep x 3″ wide x 9.75″ high, so if your item is smaller than that, you can sanitize away to your heart’’s content.

About PhoneSoap

After viewing a report on TV about bacteria and cell phones, PhoneSoap was made as a solution to eliminate the illness-inducing and germ-ridden particles that silently lurk on each person’’s cell phone. After a day spent using the restroom, interacting with others, and touching hundreds of surfaces, all while keeping one hand on your phone as we all are accustomed to, that phone ends up containing 18 times more harmful bacteria than the door handle in a public restroom. PhoneSoap is the clever fix to this germy dilemma.




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Great gift for the photo loving mom on the go

Top Mother’s Day Picks

When your hands are full with jackets, snacks, and kids, bringing a camera along for a quick trip to the park is harder than it sounds. Spider Camera Holsters allow you to safely secure your DSLR, without adding to already full hands.

Every woman wants to capture memories of her children on the go, but bringing along a camera that isn’t attached to a phone isn’t easy. The SpiderLight camera holster attaches securely to her favorite belt, enabling her to bring a full size camera on any adventure the family goes on. Built for professional photographers, expensive lenses will be both safe and just a hand hold away from snapping shots of every childhood moment.

The plate securely tightens to the bottom of the camera body, and attaches to the holster in seconds. With a thumb release, the camera is connected firmly and Mom is ready to roll.

Worried that a forgetful moment will send the camera tumbling down to the ground? The Spider Web Tether adds an additional level of safety. Clip the strap to the camera and wrap over your shoulder for quick access that is safe and convenient.

About Spider Holster

Spider Camera Holders are designed for free upper body movement that allows photographers to shoot from the hip. Their patented ball-joint system provides full movement ensuring safety as you shoot. Lenses are set to point backwards enabling you to squat for the best shot and flashes will always hang parallel to your leg. Designed by professional photographers, their holsters are built to be the most innovative camera accessories on the market.

Picture Keeper

Perfect for mom who is always taking photos

Top Mother’s Day Picks

Moms everywhere have gotten the same message on their phone “Cannot take photo. Not enough storage.” This dreaded message can send a parent into a panic especially since it always seems to happen during crucial moments like a first birthday party, a recital, or your child’s first at-bat. Luckily, there is a simple device available that can help moms store all the pictures of their little ones, freeing up the precious space on their phones – Picture Keeper.

Picture Keeper is a convenient way to store and keep all your photos so you don’t have to decide which ones to delete when you get that “storage full” message on your phone. Simply plug in the device into your phone via the charging port and it will instantly download all pictures found onto a USB drive. It is compatible with most phones and mobile devices. You can also download their app for easy transfer of pictures, videos, and contacts straight to your computer.

Picture Keeper is a great way to ensure you have all those special moments of your family, and keeps all your photos organized. The initial backup saves all pictures found, and every backup thereafter only saves the new photos so you don’t have to worry about duplicates. If you fill up your Picture Keeper with all those photos of little Johnny walking onto the bus, your next Picture Keeper will start off where the old one left off – ensuring that you don’t miss anything.

There are different size options for Picture Keeper – from 4Gb to 32GB for your mobile device or your computer. Each Picture Keeper device comes with specialized software so that you can keep everything organized and in one place. So for all those moms who love to take countless photos, Picture Keeper is a great gift for Mother’s Day!

About Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper was created by Matt, a father of two, who was inspired to create a device that would store and organize photos after a friend lost all the photos of their child in a lightening storm. He also recognized that even without freak accidents like his friend’s, people were still not backing up their photos because the process is often too timely and frustrating. With that in mind, Matt created Picture Keeper – a device that is able to copy pictures from a mobile device or a computer onto a USB with relative ease. No wires, no software, and no duplicates. Picture Keeper is what every busy mom needs to get her family photos organized and to keep them safe!


Picture Keeper


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Beddi Glow Alarm Clock

Perfect for the Mom who could use a little help getting out of bed in the morning

Top Mother’s Day Pick

Mornings can be hard, and getting up and out of bed is half the battle. Give Mom a gift by Witti Design that will help her start the day on a positive note!

If Mom uses her phone as an alarm clock, the Beddi Glow might be the best thing you can get her this Mother’’s Day. It takes the practicality and functionality of her smart phone and makes waking up each morning a more enjoyable experience.

This app controlled alarm clock has so many features, it would be impossible to list them all. One of our favorites is the wake up light. It lights up gradually to brighten her room before the alarm each morning, simulating sunrise to help her wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

The Beddi also integrates with your smart phone to allow for traffic updates, weather alerts, and even allows you to wake up to music from your playlists. At night, your phone can plug into one of the two USB ports on the back of the clock to charge.

About Witti Design

Witti’s slogan is “Amazing Little Things” and they’re not kidding. They believe that little things make big things happen, and they love designing things with fun details. Witti is where technology meets art, and they work with designers to craft unique products with minimal design that are easy to use.


Beddi Glow


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Perfect for the Mom who likes to stay connected when she’s on the go

Top Mother’s Day Picks

Moms today depend on their smart phones. They use them to keep track of their kids, stay connected to work, manage their schedules, and much more! If your mom can’’t leave home without her phone, she’’d better look good doing it. Why not give her phone a facelift with a new phone case designed by an independent artist.

Society6 phone cases feature wrap around art designed by independent artists from around the world. We love the bright pop of yellow and the modern stripes on the Sunshine x Stripes design by Leah Flores, but there are thousands of designs, ensuring you’’ll find one that your mom will absolutely love!

When ordering a Society6 phone case, you have three options. The Slim Case is a one-piece impact resistant, plastic hard case. The Tough Case is a two-piece case with a rubber liner for a secure fit and extra shock dispersion. The Adventure Case features a rubber exterior and sealable ports for maximum durability.

About Society6

Society6 empowers independent artists worldwide by allowing them to upload and sell their original work as consumer goods. From art prints to throw blankets and more, Society6 fulfills every purchase and pays the artist.


Sunshine x Stripes by Leah Flores


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Perfect gift for momtographers who love flexibility, freedom, and comfort while shooting

Top Mother’s Day Pick

If you have a momtographer in your life and on your list this Mother’s Day, an easy, practical, and inexpensive gift for her is definitely Tether’s Leather Camera Wrist Strap. Used as a substitute for standard camera straps, which can get in the way of shots, become burdensome, and twist a photographer up, this simple wrist strap sturdily attaches to a camera with the metal ring or looped through as a standard strap does. It allows you to insert your hand through the loop and the strap will tighten around your wrist for a secure, custom fit while shooting.

  • Made with genuine leather – i.e. smells amaaaazing
  • Comes in an assortment of colors – shown here in black
  • 11 inches of main strap + 5 inches of adjustment at the end
  • Suede backing for comfort
  • Riveted metal ring for strength and security
  • Can be personalized with three initials for an extra charge
  • Tether logo ingrained in strap

About Tether

Since 2015, Kevin and Natalie have been designing and producing camera straps for themselves, coming up with the perfect straps that fit their style and inspiration. With Natalie having a passion for photography since childhood, and Kevin growing up in Lake Tahoe surrounded by the beauty that begged to be captured through a lens, they started selling their modern, simple, and classic straps to people who share their love of photo capturing. Tether is based out of Huntington Beach, California, and offers a variety of top-quality camera strap designs and styles for all cameras.


Leather Wrist Strap


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We hope this Techy Mother’s Day Gift List gave you some inspiration and ideas about what to get Mom this year. We are wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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