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Baby items can get expensive! What’s worse is that some items are used for such a short period time before our child grows out of it. Shupeas has come up with a solution to this problem. Shoes that are expandable and adjustable! They are marketed as the most versatile shoe on the planet, and I think there is definitely truth behind that. Shupeas are designed to fit most adorably, chunky baby feet from birth- 24 months. The shoes are made of extremely soft, flexible leather with a great non-skid bottom. These high quality shoes are sure to stand up to the task of growing with your child.

How It Works


The front of the shoe has a decorative tab, which Velcros into place, to pull the toe of the shoe up for a perfect fit. This tab does not need to be readjusted every time they are placed on your baby,

Each shoe has a Velcro tab on each side of the baby’s heel to tighten the back of the shoe up. My first impression when I heard this was that my son was going to do nothing but pull at the Velcro and the shoes wouldn’t stand a chance. No need to worry about that! Each pair has a leather flap that comes down over the back fitting so baby won’t even notice the fun Velcro they’re walking around on.

Despite all of the Velcro on these shoes they go on quick and easy every time. 

The Soles

Shupeas are the perfect shoe for your pre-walker! The soles are a soft, flexible, non-skid material so your baby learns how to walk without being restricted.  Also, the shoe is incredibly light weight. 

What We Thought

You know that moment when you put a new pair of shoes on your curious little baby, and all they do is try to yank them off? Or better yet, they walk around marching like a little nut-cracker because they don’t understand what’s on their feet. That didn’t happen with Shupeas. The shoes were quickly placed on our son and off he went, never noticing the new addition to his outfit. The shoes are perfect for every day wear and are adorably understated, allowing them to go with almost any outfit.

Best of all? Shupeas is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! They are giving away 2 pairs of baby shoes to one of our lucky readers!
Shupeas also offers a vegan line that is less expensive but still offers the amazing expandable and adjustable features. Visit Shupeas to take a peek at their entire adorable, durable shoe collection.
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  1. I checked their site and most of their shoes are marketed for ‘pre-walkers’. Do they have any for babies that are already walking/running?

    • Corrine, since these are actually meant for babies up to 24 months old, they would work just as well for new walkers. I think the reason why they are marketed for pre-walkers are their soft sole, which is something you don’t want to have when you’re out trekking through grass or playground. However, they are probably the best shoes for a baby to wear around the house and on various softer grounds, because the sole is soft which allows them to feel the movement better.

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