What to Wear for Incredible Photos with Family

Photos with family are absolutely one of the best ways to document where your family is at in life! Whether you’re having them done during the holidays, on your summer vacation, or simply to update your albums – deciding what to wear can be exhausting!

There are so many ways you can go with your photos with family. From casual wear to dressing up, here are some ways to make sure that these photos are ones you’ll cherish for a lifetime! 

Choose Three Colors

Say goodbye to everyone wearing khakis and a white shirt on the beach! When it comes to photos with family, you want each personality to stick out. When you opt to wear the same thing as everyone in the family, you tend to blend together in the photos. Instead, try choosing three base colors! This will give each individual choices with what they want to wear, ensuring that their personality shines throughout your family photo session.

What To Wear For Incredible Photos With Family
Blue, White, and Brown were the colors chosen here!

Choose Your Outfits Based On The Scenery

Before we pick out the three base colors for your photos with family, let’s talk about your location first. Are you having your photos taken on a beach, or is your location surrounded by beautiful greenery? Your surrounding colors have a huge impact on what you should wear to your photo session. For a beach location, you’re not going to want to wear dark colors. Between the bright sun and the sand and water reflecting light, you’re going to want to compliment the brightness! Light colors like pinks, yellows, and even whites will draw the focus to your family.

With a greenery location, you don’t want to blend in too much, but wearing too light of colors can leave you looking washed out. Blues, reds, and yellows against the green trees can make your photos with family pop!

What To Wear For Incredible Photos With Family

Avoid Neon Colors, Heavy Patterns, and Logos

The focus of your photos with family should absolutely be your family! Muted and pastel colors are great to wear, as you stand out without your outfit overpowering the focal point. When you wear a busy pattern or neon colors, the eye is naturally drawn to those colors first. The same goes for logos. Unless your photos with family are to promote a certain brand, don’t wear an outfit that has a huge logo on it. When in doubt – solids work best!

Choose High Quality Clothing

This means you should not wear your 5K running shirt in your photos with family. Keep in mind that these photos are heirlooms and they will be looked at for generations to come! Skip the line at Walmart, and instead choose a website or store that offers quality clothing. If you’re looking for a quality fashionable dress to wear, try checking out Vici Collection or H&M. This is the time to treat yourself and your family to new clothes!

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What To Wear For Incredible Photos With Family

Don’t Change Outfits

Coordinating photos with family is difficult enough. If you’re worried about choosing one outfit for everyone, chances are you’re going to be even more stressed when you’re looking for multiple outfits for multiple family members. You can always talk to your photographer and ask about different sceneries you can use throughout the session to give you a different look, but sticking with one outfit will take the stress off of everybody.

Comfort is Key

Chances are, you’re going to be taking photos with family for a minimum of an hour. Make sure that you’re wearing something that is your size and is comfortable to move around in. This is especially important for kids! There is nothing worse than having to fuss at your children for running around in something that you’re worried about them getting dirty or that they feel uncomfortable in. 

What To Wear For Incredible Photos With Family
Ditch the shoes if you’re doing photos with family on the beach!
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Props Or Not

Whether it’s a traditional family photo session or a gender reveal, there are so many fun things that you can incorporate into your photos with family! If you’re doing a gender reveal, balloons, and smoke bombs in the color of the gender add a super cute touch that will grab people’s attention.

For traditional photos with family, stay away from the props as it dates the images. You don’t want to have a photo of your family all wearing Santa hats on your mantle year-round. This is the time to focus on your family, and adding a prop to it can date the images instead of looking at them based on what age and stage in life everyone was at the time.

So if it’s a themed session – the more props the better, but limit them for your traditional photos with family.

Imagine What the Images Will Look Like in Your Home

You’re going to be looking at these photos with family for a long time. You’ll have albums and prints of these photos filling your household, so it makes sense to look at the decor in your home. If you have more rustic home decor, then darker colors like burgundy and berry will fit right in whereas lighter pinks and yellows may not look as good. Make sure that the outfits you choose match your style in life!

What To Wear For Incredible Photos With Family
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Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

If you’re feeling that your outfit is a tad understated, accessorize! Throwing on a blazer or a necklace can change an entire look. Before you shop around, try going through your own closet and collection to see if there is a meaningful heirloom that you can accessorize for your photos with family. The little pop of an heirloom can bring in even more meaning to your photos.

Remember, these photos with family are ones that you are going to cherish for a lifetime. Regardless of what you wear, the love you have for one another will shine brighter than anything!


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What To Wear For Incredible Photos With Family

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