Moms Working Out Together: Sweat Like a Mother

Lunges and pushups and burpees, oh my! Stroller Strong Moms is a fitness program like no other. And it’s changing the way moms workout. This is no easy walk around the playground, but a powerful fitness force that is expanding by the minute.

How Stroller Strong Moms Began

Founder Alexa Smith is the mastermind behind the concept and is working hard to grow an immense tribe of strong, empowered mamas. Alexa is a fitness coach, but after having children of her own she realized just how hard it is for moms to get in a quality workout, especially with kids in tow. She saw a need for moms to come together as a community, to be each others’ cheerleaders, to work together to accomplish their goals, and to show the next generation the importance of health, fitness, and camaraderie.

So, in September of 2011, Alexa opened her first Stroller Strong Moms (SSM) in Columbus, Georgia. The program gained popularity immediately as moms discovered how motivating it was to workout among like-minded mamas who support and empower each other. Alexa has strived to create a program that offers fun, challenging, dynamic workouts for moms of all fitness levels, free of judgment.

Moms Working Out Together: Sweat Like A Mother

Why This Program?

The philosophy behind SSM, according to Alexa, is “to forge fitness and friendships as we bring women together, not only as moms, but as athletes who show their children that your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own.” And how do moms achieve this? Well, they S.L.A.M., or sweat like a mother together. Pregnant mamas, postpartum moms, moms of toddlers, and moms of school-age kids are all part of the SLAMily. You may occasionally find a dad or grandma who has come to S.L.A.D. or S.L.A.G., respectively.

Stroller Strong Moms has quickly grown into an empire that has flourished and spread across the country and has even gone international with a location in the United Kingdom. Because SSM is located primarily in military communities, the members are constantly moving. And often times, mamas become so passionate about this mission that they decide to bring the S.L.A.M. love to a whole new location. There are currently 19 affiliates, with plans to open a few more this fall. As Alexa says, “As long as strong and passionate mamas keep moving, S.L.A.M. will continue to grow.”

Moms Working Out Together: Sweat Like A Mother

Ready to Try Stroller Strong Moms?

So what can a mama expect from SSM? Not only will she find a unique and awesome workout, but so much more. As Alexa explains, it is a “kick-butt happy place, a judgment-free sisterhood, an empowering mama team, a tribe with so many good vibes, a community where women empower women to reach goals…and help each other through the crazy ride of motherhood.” There are social activities, like playgroups for the littles after class and monthly Mom’s Night Out events. You’ll also find extra-credit challenges and races that mamas run together. If you’re convinced, find a SSM location near you

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Moms Working Out Together: Sweat Like A Mother

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