Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Ergo Organic Travel Pack

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Ergo Organic Travel Pack 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Moms love to be prepared for any and all types of situations and catastrophes when out with their children. Sometimes it’s so hard to squeeze diapers into a diaper bag, because it’s so full of other kid stuff that there’s no room for actual diapers. And when something is actually needed out of the bag? Forget it. The contents of the bag can get so disorganized, so jumbled, so messy, that it’s a huge ordeal to dig out whatever it is you’re looking for.  The Ergo Organic Travel Pack will make your life oh-so-much-easier!

The Ergo Organic Travel Pack is the ideal diaper bag for three reasons: it’s babywearing-friendly, dad-friendly, and clutter-friendly.

A Diaper Bag For Babywearing

Have you ever tried babywearing AND trying to tote around a diaper bag? The baby carrier gets in the way, the diaper bag constantly slides off your shoulder, and it’s frustrating all around.

Enter reason #1 why  Ergo Organic Travel Pack is fantastic.  It attaches to your baby carrier!  The bag easily attaches to baby carriers via Velcro tabs tucked in the back of the bag.  So, you can wear your baby, AND your diaper bag, AND still have two hands available.

And even better, the bag can be attached when your baby is in the back carry position, in the front carry position, and, it can be worn as a standalone backpack.  Talk about versatile!

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Ergo Organic Travel Pack 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

A Diaper Bag For Dads

Most husbands would likely rather be caught dead than carry around a feminine diaper bag.  The Ergo Organic Travel Pack is beyond perfect for dads – it’s simple, low-frills, easy to navigate, and above all, the simple design and available colors are very appealing to dads and moms.  The bag is made of super-soft fabric, and comes in black, brown, or green organic fabric, and cranberry standard fabric.

An added bonus?  There’s a hole in the top that you can use to pull ear-buds through – great for parents on the go (also another dad-approved feature!).

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Ergo Organic Travel Pack 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

A Diaper Bag For Organization

The Ergo Organic Travel Pack itself is not an obnoxiously large bag, but it fits an incredibly large amount of items. With ease, it fit everything in the photograph below, and there was still room for more (that’s 4 cloth diapers, a cloth diaper wet bag, one diaper changing pad, Sophie le Giraffe, a sippy cup, and toddler-sized pants and a shirt. See guide on Best Organic Diapers when looking to stock your bag.

Ergo also included a soft changing pad in a “secret” compartment in the back of the bag.  The changing pad attaches to the inside of the compartment via Velcro, and can easily be washed with a load of laundry (unlike other difficult to wash, foam-filled changing pads that typically come with diaper bags).  Even more exciting is the fact that the changing pad is actually quite large, but folds up into a small square.

In addition to the two main storage compartments, the Ergo bag also has a smaller front pouch, perfect for storing keys/cash/lip balm, and two insulated bottle holders.

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Ergo Organic Travel Pack 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Non-Toxic Diaper Bags: Ergo Organic Travel Pack 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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So, if you’re in the market for a diaper bag that’s compatible with babywearing, perfect for your baby’s father, and great for staying organized, we highly recommend the Ergo Organic Travel Pack!

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