Colorful & Funky Girl’s Clothing from Jelly The Pug

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of colorful, and funky clothing for your child, Jelly the Pug will quickly become an all-time favorite brand for both you, and your daughter. The classic styles are mixed up and reborn with trend-setting patterns and coordinating bright colors, and your little lady will look especially precious wearing any of the dresses or playwears that Jelly the Pug exceeds at producing.
Colorful And Funky Girls Clothing From Jelly The Pug

About the Brand:

Jelly the Pug was started by Diane back in 2007, and she got her humble beginnings sewing dresses and attending various shows selling her garments. She would pack up all of the dresses and load them into her car and hit the road with her 3 year old pug dog named Jelly. Jelly quickly became a fixture of all the shows, and little girls were flocking to her booth requesting to play with Jelly The Pug. She got fans, and had quite the following. Diane’s booth quickly became known as the “Jelly The Pug” booth. That’s how her business was born! There was no marking group, or board room. The little girls who bought the dresses literally chose the name.

At Jelly The Pug, they do it all, from buying their own cotton, to sewing their own garments, along with all the crucial steps in between. They use 100% handpicked cotton so it results in a softer material. All fabrics must be proven to be the best, and undergo rigorous testing to maintain and exceed quality standards from shrinkage, to color fastness and printing. They sew and inspect every single article of clothing themselves.

Jelly The Pug‘s mission statement is simple, and to the point:

“To supply high fashion garments at a reasonable price that others shy away from producing due to their complexity in design and construction.”


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Colorful &Amp; Funky Girl'S Clothing From Jelly The Pug 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Our favorite part of little girls wearing Jelly The Pug is that the uniqueness truly brings out their individual confidence. We love the vintage feel to all the clothing from Jelly The Pug, making you instantly transport back in time where dresses were made out of love, quality, and creativity, rather than being mass produced.

Details like appliques are hand-sewn, and meticulously layered with fabric with added embellishments like oversized buttons, ruffles or adorable bows. Jelly The Pug is the epitome of girly fashion, and people will literally stop you in the street to ask you where you purchased her dress from. Dresses from Jelly The Pug are show-stoppers, and perfect for a country-chic and colorful flower girl’s dress, any pageant wear, Easter dresses, etc! The possibilities are endless.

All the fabrics are mix and match, making them super fun to accessorize with, either bringing out the colorful hues in coordinating shoes and bows, or sticking with a muted neutral like ivory or white and letting the dress be the focal point (aside from the true gem wearing the dress, that is!).

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Colorful &Amp; Funky Girl'S Clothing From Jelly The Pug 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


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If you’re looking for something unique, but more casual, look no further than the Playwear from Jelly The PugThese outfit sets are perfect for any outing, from resortwear for little girls, to a casual playdate with friends. They are so adorable, in fact, many pageant moms choose Jelly The Pug as the perfect “outfit of choice” or “play” outfits, because they are very special, colorful and fun.

We especially love how they look girly and cute, while still maintaining a younger, more innocent look, compared to many outfits available on the market today. Playwear sets are dressy enough to wear to church services, and yet soft and comfortable enough that she will want to wear them non-stop.

Once again, the coordinating fabrics truly showcase hand stitching everywhere, from the countless ruffles all over the set, to the buttons, flowy shirt bottoms, bell-bottom inspired bottoms with delicate piping- you get the idea! The details are pristine and absolutely adorable. The fabric patterns are bright, and perfect for spring or summer themed photo sessions in a park, and coordinate beautifully without looking matchy or tacky.

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Colorful &Amp; Funky Girl'S Clothing From Jelly The Pug 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Colorful &Amp; Funky Girl'S Clothing From Jelly The Pug 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Colorful &Amp; Funky Girl'S Clothing From Jelly The Pug 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Do you love Jelly the Pug as much as we do?

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