10 Best Fitness Apps

10 Best Fitness Apps 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

To begin each workout, you choose from strength training or yoga stretching workouts. My favorite part about this app is that you pick a workout based on how much time you have to exercise. Then, anything from a quick 5 minute workout to an intense 60 minute session begins.
Sworkit walks you through each move with illustrations and a timer. If the illustration leaves you a little confused, there is a link to see a quick video of how a move should be performed.

Need a little extra motivation to get off the couch one day? Challenge a friend via social media or email through the app.

Charity Miles

Select a charity every time you log on, money will be donated for every mile you cover. Walkers and runners earn $0.25 for every mile, while, bikers earn $0.10. At the end of every workout a summary calculates your time, distance, and monetary impact. I suggest everyone download this app and get moving! Your butt won’t be the only one to thank you.


Just getting started with a more active lifestyle? Striiv is great pedometer to keep track of those first steps to better fitness. Track your steps taken or stairs climbed with this extremely user-friendly app. Gain motivation by inviting friends and gaining trophies. Bonus, Striiv can link to my fitness pal account, this makes keeping your progress and goals in order much easier.

Nike Training Club

Like to mix up your workout routine often? Then, this is the app for you. Begin by figuring out your workout goal (tone, strengthen, etc) and then choose your fitness level. Each level of each goal has multiple workouts. Because of this, it would be easy to go a long time without repeating a workout with this app. Also, a convenient log allows you to track your workouts and progress. For an extra mental boost, challenge yourself to earn medals through the apps rewards system.

Women’s Health: Hot Body Yoga

In this beautifully designed app, you can browse individual poses or specific workouts. The workouts range from 2 to 30 minutes. Each particular pose is accompanied by detailed instructions, which can be found in the corner of the screen. My favorite workouts would have to be “Head to Toe Hot” or “The Great Sex Workout”. Keep track of your workout history and easily access previous sessions for a favorite workout routine.


Each Daily workout, in a nine week course, is completely planned for you. The workouts are all around 30 min until the very end of the program they near 40 min. C25k guides the user through the correct way to combine walking and jogging to move from a stationary to an active lifestyle. I, personally, enjoy the motivational quotes and exercise tips that appear every time you open the app.10 Best Fitness Apps 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

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Strava Cycling

Tracks your location with GPS and, shows you a map of where you went once your ride is complete. This app will not only time each ride, it gives you the speed and distance of the ride. Activity summary tells you total rides, miles ridden, feet climbed, and total ride time along with other stats. To gain motivation, connect with and follow other athletes.

Planning a trip? That’s no reason to halt your exercise routine, locate areas to ride all over the globe with Strava.


This is the app for people who like to get creative with their workout routines. Fleetly allows you to log almost any type of workout, such as, table tennis and jiu jitsu. Also, it instructs users how to perform basic exercises to more complex maneuvers. Need to feed a competitive spirit? Compete with friends or in fleetly exercise challenges.

All-In Yoga

Browse through a, seemingly, endless library of poses to create your own workouts. A 3D muscle model can be seen for each pose, now you can truly understand which muscles are being worked. In addition to this, there are user-friendly photos and video guides for each pose.

Virtual Trainer

Virtual trainer has multiple training programs, each being 4 weeks long. These programs are divided by indoor, outdoor, or equipment based activities. However, my favorite feature of this app has to be the hotel room training program, genius. Each of the programs contains workouts that last from 6-20 minutes. Also, specific exercises can be looked up via muscle group. Like a few of the other apps, a picture with information on the exercise’s specifics is available. Finally, the user can easily create their own routines.

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  1. These are great! I especially like the yoga app suggestions. I need more yoga in my life! But I did want to suggest another amazing app I use to log my miles when I run. It’s called Runkeeper. It combines with your phones GPS and logs ALL of your milage. It will tell you when you hit a new PR and tells you milage as you jog. And you can go back into your profile and see all of your previous runs to track your own progress.

    It’s nice to have it all laid out there sot hat you can just put air in the stroller tires and go LOL

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