Tips and Tricks for Preparing Yourself for a Military Wedding

Any wedding will have a number of things that are downright memorable, and memorable things you wish you could forget. There are going to be parts that go right, and parts that go wrong. With a military wedding, the same is true; but you may be surprised to consider some of the collateral details that often go unremarked. For example, cosmetic surgery.

There are options for cosmetic surgery Las Vegas which can help brides augment themselves, or do appropriate touch-ups. But in a military wedding, sometimes the groom has seen active duty prior the wedding, and may himself want to get a little work done to help him heal, and look his best on the day of the ceremony.

Also, the venue and officiant are apt to be a little different than they would be at civilian weddings. Servicemen and women are likely to be in attendance in addition to family members, and an officer may be the officiant rather than a priest. Certainly these details depend on the agreement of the couple getting married, but they do represent a decorative challenge.

Tips And Tricks For Preparing Yourself For A Military Wedding

Wardrobe Options

For example, if you both agree to do something with a military theme to it, that’s going to extend to the bride’s gown and the groom’s suit. For some bridal wardrobe ideas, take a look at these traditional and exotic arrangements. These aren’t specifically military-themed, but some can be co-opted for a variety of unique purposes.

You need not necessarily have a dress which reflects the same color scheme and official nature as the groom. You might go for contrast—an overtly feminine pink shade; almost the damsel saved by the dashing soldier.

Similarities To Traditional Weddings

Just because your matrimony is a military affair doesn’t mean there won’t be some drama somewhere at some point. It’s integral to ensure you plan ways of keeping out the drama. One of the best methods of doing that will be booking all venues in advance, and taking care to plan appropriately.

The military may actually collaterally assist you here, as deployment or other service-related task could call your groom-to-be away for an extended period of time. The wedding may necessarily have to be prior such an engagement, or just after.

Which way you go will largely depend on where you’re at in your relationship, and what works best for the both of you. The longer option is often best; but know the engagement can be rough when there’s distance.

Also as with regular weddings, you must determine activities for your guests during the reception. Live entertainment is good, and an open bar; but if the groom brings in some rowdy compatriots from the service, things could get dicey. As with other entries in this writing, use discernment as to whether just going with the flow of things is best, or planning around them.

Tips And Tricks For Preparing Yourself For A Military Wedding

Marrying Into The Military

Whatever you do, it’s important that you keep yourself open to different ways of conducting the ceremony, and the excitement of life with your future spouse. Some things may not go as planned, and some will.

Regardless, there’s a brotherhood of accountability in many wings of the armed services. This can extend to you and your spouse, helping the two of you ride the tide of early marriage; especially during turbulent deployment.

Marrying a military man is, at least to a small degree, like marrying into the military itself. Life after the wedding will be its own mission; its own adventure. With all things worth doing, and worth doing well, it will take time to get the details right.

So be well aware: surprises will come. But should you prepare your mind beforehand, you’ll be able to experience such interludes, good or bad, and not lose focus on your new life with the one you love.

Tips And Tricks For Preparing Yourself For A Military Wedding

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Tips And Tricks For Preparing Yourself For A Military Wedding



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