Plan a Disney Vacation Easily with this Military Lifestyle App

Life in general is pretty chaotic. Between school days, after-school activities, grocery shopping, appointments, and play dates it can be difficult to keep things organized in your brain. Paper calendars and planners only go so far, as they don’t generally leave your house. But something you always have with you? Your phone. After all, you never know when your deployed spouse is going to call so you have that thing in a death grip pretty much 24/7.

Since you have your phone with you all the time, it makes sense to keep your life’s planning and organization in there, too. There are thousands of apps out there that can help you plan your days and months, but none truly understand the unique needs of military families quite like the Organized Chaos app.

Plan A Disney Vacation Easily With This Military Lifestyle App

The Organized Chaos app is designed to help military families do exactly what its name suggests — organize the chaos that is military life (and life in general). It is the first ever military lifestyle app that not only helps you stay organized with its calendars, to-do lists, checklists for Pre-deployment, homecoming, and PCS but it also has some unique features:

  • Rank structure for each branch (so now you know what all those chevrons, stripes, and stars mean)
  • The phonetic military alphabet (Whisky Tango Foxtrot anyone?)
  • World clocks so you know what time it is where your spouse is located (or your military spouse sister-wife)
  • A reading list curated by military spouses just like you
  • Links to websites of resources that can help you
  • PCS portal with checklists, things to do, things you need, packing tips, and inventory lists
  • A Disney Planning section

Wait, did you just read that right? A section to plan your very own Disney vacation? Yep!

Plan a Disney Vacation with Organized Chaos

If there is one thing that military families love to do, it’s going to Disney. On the east coast, you have Disney World. West Coasters make Disneyland a regular. And if you’re stationed in Japan, Disneyland Tokyo is a must. In Europe? How about Disneyland Paris? You can even do a Disney Cruise if you darn well pleased (all those sailors and Marines would be thrilled to be on a ship again).

Besides the extreme cost of a Disney vacation, the other daunting task is planning one. For military families, there are often discount tickets and places to stay just for military families. You need to find a Disney Vacation specialist who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of your stay, tickets, meals, and all the stuff in between — especially as a military family.

Plan A Disney Vacation Easily With This Military Lifestyle App


Organized Chaos has all the information you need to get started on the perfect Disney vacation for your family. Disney Ears of Experience Vacation Planner and military spouse, Britani Stratton, has partnered with Organized Chaos to help you plan your vacation from the start. Before you send her an SOS-we-are-so-overwhelmed email, you can start your research of discount tickets in their military pricing section, which has current discounts for Disneyland California, Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Paris, and the Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Plan A Disney Vacation Easily With This Military Lifestyle App

Once you’re ready to start your planning, Organized Chaos has you covered with a direct questionnaire to get a quote for your vacation cost and your packing list. Then, when you are in the park, the Miscellaneous section will tell you what kinds of discounts military service members can get on food, gear, and souvenirs at the different shops and restaurants throughout the Disney Parks.

Plan A Disney Vacation Easily With This Military Lifestyle App

Military life makes it hard to find a balance between an obligation to your family’s mistress (i.e., the military) and making sure your family is well taken care of emotionally, physically, and financially. Organized Chaos app not only helps you stay organized through their calendars and checklists for both regular life and military life, but it also offers unique resources and information — from what all those stripes mean on that one soldier’s uniform, to planning the perfect Disney vacation for you and your family.

Download the Organized Chaos app today and follow them on social media for special events, promotions, giveaways, and more.

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Plan A Disney Vacation Easily With This Military Lifestyle App

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