Hatchcraft: Precious Bamboo Photo Boxes

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When I ordered my three Boo Boxes, I was nervous that my Instagram photos wouldn’t be high quality enough to look good in a big size. Boy, did Hatchcraft prove me wrong.  I have no words for how thrilled I was when I unwrapped each of my Boo Boxes.  It was better than Christmas morning.

The Review

I received three solid Boo Boxes (mitre version also available), one in each bamboo color that Hatchcraft sells: light (lion), mixed (tiger), and dark (bear) (from L to R above). Two of my solid Boo Boxes are the large 7 inch size, and one is the smaller 4 inch size.

The product is simply breathtaking – the craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous, and the photos look stunning in their wooden box frames. Despite my lengthy to-do list on the day they arrived, I could not stop taking breaks to admire these beautiful products.

I do not typically get emotional over products, but when I put my three Boo Boxes up on a shelf in my living room, I got a little teary-eyed. These Boo Boxes are the perfect product to document years in your baby’s/child’s life, and would look amazing anywhere in your home.

The Company & Product Specifics

The product is a “feel-good” one, too – made by hand in a studio in Colorado, Boo Boxes are made from environmentally-friendly, sustainable bamboo.

Hatchcraft uses a pH neutral (acid-free) adhesive to mount the photos on the boxes, so they’re sure to last a lifetime. Each Boo Box has a depth that allows it to stand up on its own, and there is a keyhole slot cut out of the back, so the frames can be wall-mounted as well.

Photos are mounted on a recessed panel within the frame, so the photo almost looks like it’s floating inside the Boo Box.

Hatchcraft Wooden Instagram Frames{Photo credit: Cookies For Breakfast}

Other Highlights

Ordering is a snap! Hatchraft’s website allows you to link up your Instagram account and select from all your photos, or, you can upload photos directly to the Hatchcraft ordering site.

Pricing is incredibly affordable for such a quality product, and ranges from $19 – $32. 5 and 8 inch frames are also available.

I cannot say enough good things about Hatchcraft’s Boo Boxes. I am just about shouting it from the rooftops, telling all my family and friends about this amazing product.

Hatchcraft is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win 4 of their own small Hatchcraft frames!
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