Updating Your Breastfeeding Clothing with Boob’s Spring Collection

Spring is here and if you’re a pregnant or nursing mom, this is an excellent time to update your maternity and breastfeeding clothing. This season is really the best of both worlds. It is starting to warm up so you get to flaunt some light, flowing pieces and reintroduce dresses and sleeveless shirts back into your life. At the same time, there may still be some cooler temperatures so you can still cozy up in a warm sweater as well.

To help brighten your mood this season, Boob has compiled an amazing pre-spring collection that offers comfortable, fashionable, and transitional maternity and breastfeeding clothing.

Maternity and Breastfeeding Clothing

Jessica Knit Sweater

Updating Your Breastfeeding Clothing With Boob'S Spring Collection

With winter is still lingering, and for those chilly spring mornings, you will definitely want a sweater in your wardrobe. The Jessica Knit Sweater is a soft, bright, 100% wool sweater. The side slits will easily accommodate a growing belly and unbuttoning the sides gives plenty of room for nursing while still remaining covered. This sweater in the shade “Poppy” is a fun pop of color for spring and is also available in a neutral cream color.

Lil Dress

Spring and Summer are for dresses. Any moms who are pregnant or nursing know that a loose, soft dress is one of the most used items in their closet. The Lil Dress is a relaxed, knee length, sleeveless dress that you can wear during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Boob’s signature opening behind the pleat allows you to continue wearing this dress for discreet breastfeeding throughout your little one’s early years. If the sleeveless dress leaves your bare arms a little chilly, the Jessica Knit Sweater is the perfect option for covering up. The Lil Dress is available in indigo, olive, and black.

Ilse Dress

Comfy and chic is the name of the game for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers this season. Sweet and simple dresses that mom can throw on and run are the perfect selection for Spring and the Ilse Dress does not disappoint. With its flattering silhouette and dolman sleeves, this knee length dress will keep you covered and confident no matter where the day takes you. From a Sunday brunch to the weekday boardroom, this dress can easily be styled with cute sandals, sneakers, and even heels for a trendy maternity or postpartum look.

Once-On-Never-Off Cropped Pants

The name of these pants says it all. Once you have them on you will never want to take them off making them ideal for work or casual wear. The Once-On-Never-Off Cropped Pants are made from a stretchy, soft material that adjusts as you belly grows during pregnancy or as you belly begins to shrink postpartum. The cropped design hits perfectly just above the ankle to give you a sleek look. The waist can be folded down for support for you belly or pulled up for a high-waisted look. The Once-On-Never-off Cropped Pant is available in black or olive.

Swagger V-Neck Top

Updating Your Breastfeeding Clothing With Boob'S Spring Collection

The Swagger V-Neck Top is a perfect shirt to pair with the Once-On-Never-Off Cropped Pants. The three-quarter length sleeves will keep your arms covered during a cool spring breeze and will keep you covered yet stylish with the flowing drape. Whether you are wearing the Swagger V-Neck Top to work or during a night out, it will fit nicely as a part of any outfit. The A-line cut will cover your pregnant belly and the hidden opening will allow moms to breastfeed whenever necessary. This blouse is available in lime stone or black.

Ilse Top

Updating Your Breastfeeding Clothing With Boob'S Spring Collection

If you love the fit of the Swagger V-Neck Top but you want a sleeveless option, you will enjoy the Ilse Top. The Ilse Top is roomy and extremely comfortable. The Ilse Top comes in black, lime stone, and olive, making this shirt easily able to pair with a variety of pants or skirts.

Boob is committed to creating quality maternity and breastfeeding clothing that has a functional design. The materials used to produce these pieces are soft, flexible, and flattering. Each item can easily be worn with a baby bump and postpartum. The breastfeeding clothing has a unique design that allows for easy nursing access making all of their pieces timeless, classic, and perfect for the upcoming seasons.

Jessica Knit Sweater | Lil Dress | Ilse Dress | Once-On-Never-Off Cropped Pants | Swagger V-Neck Top | Ilse Top

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Updating Your Breastfeeding Clothing With Boob'S Spring Collection

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