Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection by Aktiv

Whether you are sheltering in place, getting some fresh air and exercise at home, or you simply want to feel comfortable during unsettling times, Aktiv Style’s Hygge’s Collection can do just that. Comfortable clothing worn at home or while at play may be just what you need right now in uncertain times. Feeling good in our skin can bring a sense of comfort and ease. The comfortable clothing collection features men and women’s clothing for teleworking, exercising indoors or outdoors, and making you feel good about your personal style while transitioning to or from a work-from-home environment.

Comfortable Clothing Anytime Anywhere

Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv

Men who are still adjusting to work-at-home life may feel a bit overwhelmed with the day-to-day shenanigans now that the kids are home full-time. Whether you have a private office to work in or you’re in the midst of family life, comfort is the last thing you want to be without. Your self-esteem and how you see yourself is directly related to your anxiety levels. How you present yourself to your spouse, kids, or even video conferencing calls can have a huge impact on your relationship with others (and yourself). But there are ways to alleviate the stress and potential anxiety you may be feeling. First, dress to lower your stress.

 If your clothing choices lead to anxiety then review your fashion choices and make changes that will lead to a new, healthier you.

When you need to move, stretch, and flex, the Men’s Motion Pants are super stretchy being made with durable fabric that is perfectly suited for everything from climbing or hiking to ice skating and cross-country skiing. If comfortable clothing is what you need, as far as pants go for men, these are the pants you want to wear year-round. No need to dress in unattractive baggy, worn-out pants just because you don’t have to go to an office. These breathable, water-repellent, and quick-drying everyday pants have a next-to-skin feel on the inside fabric. So it’s like the feeling of baggy loose comfort pants without the eye-sore.

Since it also has a zipped wedge at the end of the leg, this comfortable clothing piece makes it easy to adjust the width you need in order to wear the pants with hiking boots should an adventure call you out into the wild. When that happens, slip on the Men’s Power Houdi for the ultimate springtime jacket for a mountain hike out in the wilderness or just some light work around the house.

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If you are looking for comfortable clothing that moves and stretches with you, while being tough and durable, then yes, the Men’s Power Houdi is what you want. When your hands tend to be cooler than your body, the extended sleeves with the thumb loops will keep your hands warm and the high collar and fitted hood will provide the warmth and comfort you need, whenever you desire. Since it’s longer than the average hoodie, it makes for the perfect mid-layer jacket to add to your comfortable clothing collection.

One of our favorite comfortable clothing pieces to wear is a t-shirt. This classic tee can literally be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and with some added accessories. While the only occasion we’re looking forward to may be another day of working from home, it is at least another day of looking sharp yet feeling completely relaxed and at ease in the Viking T-Shirt.

Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv

Sit back and relax in a 100% organic cotton, pre-washed tee for extra comfort and to prevent any shrinking from occurring. For those of you who prefer cotton-made comfortable clothing, this tee is a great choice for any outdoor chores or home-improvement activities you plan on doing. The comfort of this tee comes in an over-sized, loose fit so you can move freely, lounge comfortably, and work diligently all day long. Oh, and if you happen to be a fan of a certain NFC North team but don’t favor purple, here’s a subtle way to show your support!

Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv

Another favorite in the t-shirt department is the Men’s Breeze T-Shirt. Devold® Breeze garments are especially made to be soft and lightweight for those days you need coverage without the weight. It’s breathable and helps to maintain and regulate your body temperature. The 100% extra-fine merino wool makes it the itch-free solution for sensitive skin. Since wool is naturally resistant to odors, you can stay on the go all day long and it’s ready for the next day, simply air it out.

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Now, since you are avoiding unnecessary washing, you’ll save yourself some time and the planet saves energy. Talk about a T-Shirt that gives back and is incredibly functional. This is surely going to become one of your go-to favorites in your comfortable clothing repertoire.

For those cooler days or nights, it literally doesn’t get any softer than the Hollow Micro Fleece. Not only is the color fierce, so is the comfort level – fiercely soft and snug in all the right places.

Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv

Only the highest-quality materials went into making a comfortable clothing piece that you can rely on. The high-quality Tecnopile® fabric from Italian Pontetorto® keeps you warm while also being quick-drying and moisture-wicking during any activity you are partaking in year-round. It features a stylish and modern mid-high collar and chest pocket with zipper to hold your phone, keys, or any small accessories. We promise, once you put this on, it’s going to be hard to take off something so soft and luxuriously comfortable!

Comfortable clothing doesn’t have to be drab or boring. If you have nothing else to do but Netflix your heart out, you might as well look dashing doing it. The Thyler Crew Neck For Men is lightweight (our favorite feature) with a flat-lock detail which makes this an easy-to-wear, lounge-all-day look while looking like a million bucks. You can layer this look for the fall and cooler months or wear as-is. The multi-use-wear options of the Thyler Crew Neck allows you to size up for a looser fit and look, or go with your regular size for a more fitted, yet incredibly comfortable, style.

Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv
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We cannot stress enough the desire to wear comfortable clothing that not only suits your needs, but flatters your specific body type.

Comfortable Clothing For Women

Yoga pants used to be the style-of-comfort, but now, leggings have come on the scene hard and fast. You may be thinking you seriously do not need another pair of leggings, however, when it comes to choosing your comfortable clothing you want to wear day in and day out, there’s always room for more leggings. In particular, the Seamless Ombre Legging is not only ultra-comfortable against your skin, giving you subtle support way up over your belly-button, but you can also transition from work-mode to yoga break in no time. Since they are incredibly lightweight, breathable, and comfortable enough to wear during all seasons – this is our permission to get just one more pair.

Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv

Check out the beautiful fade of the dark navy blue into the white, embellished with gold moon phases on your calves. Simple, yet elegant, and certainly a pair of leggings to add to your comfortable clothing collection! Pair these with the Lovely Bamboo Tank Top and girl, talk about not only a show-stopper, but also a quick transition from work, to outside play, or yoga, and back to work again. These are as flexible as you need them to be!

Whether or not you’ve been more conscious of sustainable clothing or not with extra research time on your hands, this modern-chic Bamboo tank Top is made from eco-soft bamboo, making it durable, absorbent, and comfortably breathable. So if you have sensitive skin, it’s hypo-allergenic and even biodegradable! Oh, and did we mention it has a bit of stretch to it.


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Wearing comfortable clothing at home, work, or play really is an essential part of your day to day life. Scratchy, ill-fitted clothing doesn’t feel good, period. If you don’t feel good, you may end up feeling self-conscious if you are on a video conference call, avoid going outside for some fresh air, or even being ill-tempered around your family. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up (or down) comfortably, simply because you want to. We give you unconditional permission to wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good about yourself.


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Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection By Aktiv

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Whether you are looking for casual wear, loungewear, get-outside-and-be-active wear, this collection is the best. The clothing is so extremely soft, you could literally sleep in it! Working from home doesn't mean looking and feeling like a slob because you don't have to "get ready" to go to work. This way, we still feel ready for the day, comfortable, and encouraged to get out and play! Ultimate Comfortable Clothing: Hygge Clothing Collection by Aktiv