6 Reasons Why Byte Invisible Aligners are the Perfect Alternative to Braces

There’s no better gift to give yourself than a gorgeous smile. If you have been struggling with the condition of your teeth and may be feeling insecure about it, Byte is a teeth straightening and whitening solution you’ll want to try. Byte is an alternative to braces that is specially developed to fit your mouth and give you a brighter, straighter smile from home without ever having to go to an orthodontist.

After trying Byte, we can confidently say that this is the ideal alternative to braces, especially for busy, working adults. Here are the top 6 reasons why you Byte invisible aligners are the perfect alternative to braces.

Why Byte is the Best Alternative to Braces

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

They are Invisible

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

No adult wants to be seen with a mouth full of traditional braces. This is one of the many reasons why many adults decide to forgo getting braces altogether. Byte aligners are clear, making them invisible to others. These aligners are made from BPA-free highly transparent medical grade polymer film. This material makes the wearer feel more comfortable and confident with their clear braces in throughout the day in public.

They are a Cheaper Alternative to Braces

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Traditional braces typically cost between $5,000 and $6,000. The cost of the full Byte aligner set as an alternative to braces is $1,900 and includes the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator and the BrightByte teeth whitener. There is no down payment and monthly payment plans are also available.

Shorter Treatment Time

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Compared to traditional braces that take an average of 18 months to 3 years, Byte aligners take only about 5 months to achieve your results. Additionally, as an alternative to braces, when you receive your aligners from Byte, you will also receive HyperByte, an amazing tool that can cut down your treatment time by as much as 50%.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Using the high frequency vibration from HyperByte can drastically improve the accuracy of your treatment. In addition to making your aligners fit better, they also reduce discomfort. The rechargeable mouthpiece is small and can be taken with you anywhere. With your aligners in, place the HyperByte between your teeth and lightly bite down. Press the button and the soft micro-pulses will begin, automatically shutting off after 5 minutes.  

Whitening While Straightening

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Also included is the BrightByte whitening system. This 3-in-1 foam cleanser will whiten and clean your teeth at the same time you are straightening. Pump the foam directly onto your aligners and place them right into your mouth. You will be whitening and freshening your breath while killing over 99% of bacteria without having to soak or rinse your aligners.  

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Created by a Trusted Doctor

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Dr. Jon Marashi is the dentist behind the world’s most famous smiles. Based in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, his focus is on the artistic restoration of a smile and is renowned for his absolute precision, technical expertise and natural aesthetics. His highly personalized approach to his work has garnered Dr. Marashi a loyal patient following, made up of Hollywood celebrities, musicians, professional athletes and prominent business leaders from across the globe.

Dr. Marashi, has spent years designing smiles for some of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. Now through byte, he has developed a unique system that determines the perfect smile for every patient, and byte repeats the process, every time. No two smiles are alike, and now, through byte, more people can have access to a perfect, custom smile.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

With his proprietary system and Byte, the system doesn’t just straighten teeth in a cookie-cutter way. Dr. Marashi and his team considers the overall proportions of each patient’s face. And then they design a smile that really works with their look, showing balance and symmetry in a subtle, natural way. Smile Science is a brilliant mash-up of aesthetics and science that makes you look and feel your personal best.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

You Can Maintain Your Smile

Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Once you have completed wearing all of your Byte aligners, you will move to your retainers that are included in your system to keep your teeth in place.The retainers will maintain the placement of your teeth to prevent them shifting back to their original position. The best part is you only have to wear the retainers at night. Retainers will automatically be shipped to you every six months.

If you have been wanting to do something about your teeth for a while now, you won’t regret giving Byte invisible aligners a try. In less than six months, you will be able to transform your smile and feel more confident and comfortable. This is the best alternative to braces you will find on the market thanks to Byte’s many unique features and extras.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Alternative To Braces

Source: Straight Talk About Braces for Adults

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