Organize All That Junk in Your Trunk with One Step Ahead

 Car seat safety is so important.

Having loose articles in the car can quickly become a serious hazard to you or your little one if you were ever in an accident. It can make a huge difference, from a safety aspect, keeping your items organized. And lets face it, it looks way better too. That’s why we’re here to tell you about One Step Ahead car organizers, and all the amazing features they have!

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 Family Travel Organizer:

There are so many awesome qualities in the Family Travel Organizer. It’s so large, and fits everything you may possibly want it to. The best part is that it is 100% secure. The organizer itself has a part on the back that snaps securely on a seat belt, and the lid also securely snaps down in place as well. No flying hazards!

{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

The inside is lined with vinyl which ensures an easy wipe up job if something spills.  It has two large adjustable dividers, that you can place however you wish, creating the perfect space for your needs.

In the center bin, it houses my portable DVD player and a few movies, while the back and front sections have toys and winter apparel.

The outside of the organizer has 8 handy pockets, and two insulated cup holders with elastic around them to keep cups safely in place.

{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

The Family Car Organizer also comes with an easy (and removable) carrying strap, in case you want to take it out of the car and along with you. Once you’re able to get away from carrying a diaper bag, this would be a great alternative to take with you from place to place to keep your child entertained. This way, your child can still have her favorite toys with them!

The top of the organizer is removable, and is so sturdy that it can also be used as a snack tray, or as a surface to draw or color on. The hard top would be fully utilized once your child is in a booster seat, and can get items out and use them for road trips. It’s also a great way to keep the items inside secure.


{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

Backseat Entertainment Organizer:

This backseat entertainment organizer is the king of all back of the seat organizers. It covers the entire seat back, and features expandable pockets, and two large drink holders. It has a strap on the bottom that anchors the organizer to the seat, so it stays put even when you’re driving up hill, or around curves.

I love having this item attached to my back seat, as the trunk part of my SUV oftentimes doubles as a diaper changing station. It’s large enough to keep extra diapers, a wipe case, a changing pad kit, and a wet-bag. I also keep an extra blanket, and an array of sunhats in it, along with some toys and activities.

{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

The two elastic straps up front were designed with parents in mind, as a convenient way to hold wipes or tissues to make them easily accessible. The close-able pockets up top are a great place to store smaller car toys, such as crayons, or pacifiers,  or lightweight teethers. The Backseat Entertainment Organizer is so versatile, the list goes on, and on!

It also has the option to be personalized with a name for just $6 more- making it a perfect and unique gift that parents and parents-to-be will love.

One Step Ahead has a variety of different products on their website, aimed at featuring ingenious products for babies, toddlers and kids. Go check them out and see what awesome stuff they have that will suit your needs best!
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