Why You Need to Buy a Bullet Journal Like, Today

In the era of ultra-busy, we sometimes forget all the things we have to be thankful for in our lives and the tiny, mundane moments that have a prolific effect on us. You may have heard the term “bullet journal” floating around but what is it and why should you buy a bullet journal?

Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today

Bullet journaling is a simply way to keep yourself organized, as well as mindful of the things that are happening around you. As moms, we often find ourselves rushing from school to work to after-school activities, with a million things on our to-do lists, our minds racing from one thing to another, and forgetting a bunch of stuff in between. We often manage our own schedules as well as the schedules of several other miniature versions of ourselves (and probably our partners, too). Add in that mom brain fog, and we find ourselves floating in an eternal abyss of Why I did I come in here‘s? and I think there is something I’m forgetting‘s.

What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is a simple task-tracking journal that allows you to organize your present, reflect on the past, and set-up goals for your future. The concept of a bullet journal was created by designer Ryder Carroll. It is basically a way to keep track of any and all events in your life, and it can be used in the way you want to use it. A bullet journal’s purpose is not just to organize your day-to-day, but it can also be used as your gratitude journal, a sketchbook, a long term goal-setting planner, or even just as a list of things you want to remember.

Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today

A bullet journal isn’t your typical to-do list. Bullet journals have 4 main components: indexing, collections, rapid-logging, and migration.

  1. Indexing– The index is the heart of the bullet journal. This is where you will organize all of your lists, sketches, goals, etc. Keep a blank page at the front of your book and create a “Table of Contents.” This does require you to carve out space and number your pages so you can easily keep track of your different categories.
  2. Collections– Collections are the contents of your table of contents. It can range from your daily to-do list to your monthly goals, yearly goals, gratitude sections, etc. The collection itself has yearly, monthly, and daily components.
  3. Rapid-Logging– Rapid logging is what bullet journals are known for. These are the quick, short-hand notifications to remind you of things to do on your daily task list. This is also where you note certain traditional bullet journaling has specific symbols that are used to help keep you organized.
  4. Migration– Migration is the idea that you can move undone tasks from one collection to the next. It is done at the end of the month when you are preparing your log for the following month.
Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today

There are bullet journals that are designed with the specific components outlined above, but in reality all you need is a lined notebook, a pen, and a purpose. These bullet journals from Pink Fortitude are simple and chic, and allow you to make your bullet journal completely your own. With empty pages throughout the journal to create lists or sketches of your own, the “Gratitude Builds Fortitude” journals also have a Daily Priorities Tracker that will help you consider what you are grateful for that day, where your priorities lie, and how you can best accomplish your goals.

Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today

The creator of the “Gratitude Builds Fortitude” bullet journals, Holly Bertone, is a breast cancer and autoimmune disease survivor. In her journey to complete health and wellness with green living and healthy eating, Holly also commits herself to offering gratitude for the life she has been given despite her on-going illness and journey through treatment. Her journals are a reflection of that gratitude and designed with a full heart to help those who are looking to begin expressing gratitude in their own lives.

Why You Should Buy a Bullet Journal

Even if you are good at creating a daily task list, a bullet journal can help keep you even more organized and more mindful of long-term goals. It can also help you keep track of all those things, like a song you need to add to your workout play list, that come to you at the most random times like in the shower (do they make waterproof pages for bullet journals?).

Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today

Bullet journals are more than just to-do lists and goal-setting. When you buy a bullet journal you are making a conscience effort to be mindful of the priorities in your life. You will find yourself keeping on top of your goals, with more motivation to complete them and less time spent trying to remember that one thing that’s on the tip of your tongue that you just can’t quite grasp. Here are some reasons why you might want to buy a bullet journal like, today:

  • It can help you establish your long-term goals.
  • It can motivate you to continue your short- and long-term goals.
  • Bullet journals allow space for lists that you keep in your head but can never remember like favorite songs, things you need to purchase (eventually), important future dates (like birthdays), and seasonal actions (like begin tax prep in February, start bikini bod training in March, and start buying Christmas gifts in October).
  • You are able to track certain things like food journaling, workouts, time spent on activities, and finances.
  • The right bullet journal can help you be mindful and express gratitude.
  • You get to buy a pretty new bullet journal, along with some gorgeous pens to write and decorate to your heart’s desire (some of us need some extrinsic motivation to get us started).
Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today

Even the most organized of people can benefit from a bullet journal even if it is only used to help them express gratitude. When you buy a bullet journal from Pink Fortitude, you can also access their 30-Day Gratitude Challenge to help you begin your journey towards a healthy mind and open heart. With the free downloads you will be directed to different daily prompts to recognize things in your life in which you are thankful. You can write down each of your gratitudes in your new “Gratitude Builds Fortitude” journal (after creating an index and collections spot for it, of course). According to founder, Holly Bertone, this 30-day challenge is designed to help you:

  • Open the door to more relationships
  • Improve physical health
  • Improve psychological health
  • Enhance empathy and reduce aggression
  • Help you sleep (grateful people sleep better)
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Build mental strength (i.e., fortitude)

Gratitude Builds Fortitude Bullet Journal

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Bullet journaling is a great way to start organizing your long-term, short-term, and daily goals as well as motivate you and allow you to open your heart to gratitude. There is no wrong way to bullet journal– you can create however many collections, lists, notes, sketches, or to-do lists you want. You can create symbols (or not) that make sense to you. You can color it with beautiful colors and designs or keep it minimal. Your bullet journal is yours, and that’s what makes it the best- because you can create something that works for you, by you, to keep you organized, efficient, and living your best life.

Imagine having a daily reminder of your strength and fortitude in the midst of life’s chaos. Build your gratitude and your fortitude with these beautiful journals. It’s not just another notebook or journal. Each journal has a dedication page where you can write a special note to show your fabulous woman that SHE IS WORTHY. Use your journal for gratitude, lists, appointments, meal plans, notes, reminders- the possibilities are endless! It’s the perfect gift to honor your mother’s strength…or that special woman in your life who has taught you so much.

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Why You Need To Buy A Bullet Journal Like, Today



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