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Deployments are rough for those who are left behind. Sure it is a time for growth and learning, but when the tire blows on the van and both car batteries die, it sure feels like Murphy is out to get you. It can be hard to stay positive on the continuous solo parenting nights with the baby who wakes every few hours at night. If this is you – check out Brave Crate.

Brave Crate Unboxing Daily Mom Military

What is Brave Crate? It is a Deployment Countdown subscription box for military spouses. When your spouse goes TDY or deploys, subscribing to Brave Crate is a wonderful way to reward yourself with a monthly countdown of gifts to yourself. You can sign up for month-to-month, 3-month or 6-month subscriptions – timing it along with those potentially long absences. Don’t want to splurge on yourself? If a friend asks what they can do for you, maybe ask for a box one month?

May’s Brave Crate box was sponsored by The Seasoned Spouse – a Navy spouse who has lived around the globe and chose all of the items in the box. Bonus that it highlights military spouses and veteran-owned businesses so you can learn a little but more about the military and veteran community.

What’s Inside This Month’s Brave Crate Sponsored by The Seasoned Spouse

Challenge Card: Each box comes with a personalized monthly challenge card. The challenge card changes each month and provides a call to action on something just for you. This month was tea time, which was in line with the items offered inside the box.

Calendar – A monthly calendar card highlights holidays and important dates. Add your goals and to-do list at the bottom as a reminder that you can get things done this deployment!

Blooming Tea by Pinky Up – This tea is offered by Hello Rosie Co, a military spouse owned company. Tea is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a hella-long day, or a way to perk up with a little umph if needed. The Bloom tea is a nice way to provide five minutes of calm while waiting for the tea to “bloom”.  That is if you brew it when the little are asleep in the early morning or evening.

“You’ve Got This” Mug – This design is provided by the much loved The Rosie Project. It is a in your face reminder that you can handle whatever is thrown at you during deployment. Pour in that wine, use it for the bloom tea, or pour in that strong cup of coffee and be reminded that you’ve got this.

The Five Love Languages- Military Edition – The Five Love Languages is a personal favorite. There is insight from children to adults alike with the quizzes and insights. This version of the book is specific to the military community, highlighting how to communicate with your military spouse. Deployments are hard, and communication is likely limited. This book provides guidance in how to shape the communication so it can be as fruitful as possible. Bonus: a digital download code is in this book so you can share it with your partner serving overseas.

Stars & Stripes Care Package Kit – Military spouse run business Countdowns and Cupcakes offers pre-made decorations for all packages. These add pizazz and decorations to any box you send overseas and amp up any theme.  The Stars and Stripes theme is perfect for a patriotic July 4th themed box. Your service member will be pleasantly surprised by the extra effort made in the packaging itself!

Pomegranate Body Lotion by Yippee & Co. – Take a break by putting this whipped butter next to your toothbrush – a reminder to put on some lovely scented lotion on as part of the nightly routine.

In Case of Emergency Chocolate – This clever wrapper is a great reminder to indulge on days that a pick me up is needed. Deployment periods tend to send a lot at you, it is nice to treat yourself with the Hershey chocolate on the inside.

Plus More

Beyond the box a Facebook group Brave Board of fellow subscribers provides an outlet and support throughout the deployment. Connect with other spouses who are also managing a deployment from all corners of the globe.

Deployments or long periods “left behind” can be difficult. The routine is interrupted without your spouse and potentially the other parent in your children’s lives. This box is a wonderful way to spoil yourself and be encouraged.  Want to try it out? Use the code DMM to save $5 on your order.

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Brave Crate Unboxing Daily Mom Military

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