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 Recording your child’s milestones can also turn into a memorable piece of wall decor for everyone to see and reminisce about. This can be achieved in a simple afternoon DIY project, and a small monetary investment compared to buying similarly handmade from a retailer.

Shopping List:

How To:

  • Start by deciding how tall you want your board to be. A precut 6′ board that is mounted 6″ off the ground will be a total height of 6 and a half feet tall. If your family is taller than that, use an 8′ board and cut it to your desired length.
  • Use the hand sander to even the board, and especially focus on the sharp corners trying to round them out a bit, since this will be hanging from the wall in a common area. Wipe off the board well before applying the stain.
  • Wipe your desired color of stain on the board using a clean piece of cotton cloth, such as a piece of an old t-shirt. You can also paint the board any color, or whitewash it, to customize it with your decor. If you choose a dark stain or paint color, you may have to switch your acrylic paint color so that it provides enough contrast. Follow the instructions on the stain, and allow to dry properly. You can keep applying coats until you reach your desired color.
  • Mark the board using a pencil and measuring tape every two inches.
  • Go back through, and line the 6″ line of the measuring tape up against the bottom of the board. Re-draw the half foot lines a bit longer, and the foot lines even longer.
  • Using your paint stick and acrylic paint, paint the lines carefully.
  • While your lines properly dry, use MS Word to make the letters and numbers in your font and size desired.
  • Trace the letters and numbers onto the board using a pen and transfer paper.
  • Fill in the letters and numbers with acrylic paint.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly for a few days, and then apply a thin layer of clear polyurethane to seal it.
  • Mount the board flush on the wall (remember to hang it 6″ off the ground) using a french cleat hanger.
  • Mark measurements using a sharpie. Utilizing different colors for different children is a fun way to keep it visually appealing.

Enjoy the visible memories of your “growing family!”

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Photo Credits: The Memoirs of Megan