2 Festive Glitter Looks You Need to Try

If you’ve always wanted to try rocking glitter in your makeup look, the holidays are the perfect time to test it out. With upcoming holiday parties and events, glitter can elevate your look and add some festive flair. Read on for all the do’s, don’ts, and how-to’s for wearing eye glitter this holiday season.

The holiday season is the perfect time to add some sparkle in your makeup routine. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or over the top, here are some quick tips for using eye glitter.

  • Do your foundation and face makeup after applying glitter, so you can wipe away any glitter fallout
  • Use packing and patting motions when applying glitter to help prevent fallout
  • Tap excess glitter off your brush for a more precise application
  • If your glitter adhesive is in a bottle rather than a squeeze tube, pour it onto a non porous surface to prevent contamination of your bottle
  • Keep your final look in place with a makeup setting spray

Glitter eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner is a fun way to incorporate some glam into your holiday makeup look. Since you are using a small amount of glitter, your options are open for bold colors while still keeping it on the more understated side of glam.

When doing glitter eye looks, consider doing your foundation and face makeup after applying the glitter. We have plenty of tips to prevent glitter fall out, but sometimes it does happen. If you’re new to makeup and you want to err on the side of caution, you can give yourself the opportunity to wipe away any glitter with a baby wipe before you even apply your foundation.

Begin with an eye primer like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. This will help your keep your eye makeup in place, as well as your glitter. To keep the focus on the glitter liner, do a minimal eyeshadow look using neutral shades. When applying your eyeliner, a small, flat, angled brush will give you the most control and precision to create your wing. Using a color similar to the glitter, map out your eyeliner shape. For a metallic glitter look, try the Mehron Metallic Powder as your eyeliner. Start with a conservative line– you can always build it up to make it thicker, but once it’s thick it’s hard to make it thinner. Dip your brush in the powder, then hit it with some setting spray— the setting spray will make the pigment more intense as well as making it easier to apply.

Once your wing is finished, you’re ready to apply the glitter. Start by squeezing out some glitter glue like the NYX Cosmetics Glitter Primer onto a detail brush. Working in small areas, carefully apply glue over your eyeliner, then apply the glitter with a small, flat synthetic brush. Be sure to tap off excess glitter to keep things clean; you want to apply your glitter as precisely as possible. Once your wing is glittered, check to make sure that you don’t have glitter fall out on your cheeks or under eyes. You can sweep glitter off with a powdered brush, or use a spooly brush to swipe it away. If you held off on doing your foundation, you can wipe glitter away with a baby wipe before applying your face primer. When your makeup is complete, be sure to use a setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to keep everything in place.

Glitter eyeshadow

Glitter eyeshadow can feel like a risky move if you’ve never worn glitter before, but we’re going to walk you step-by-step through the process so you sleigh it. (See what we did there?)

No matter what kind of eyeshadow look you’re going for, start with an eye primer like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. When you’re eyes are primed, begin your eyeshadow with a transitional shade in the crease.

A transitional shade is an eyeshadow that is close to your natural skin tone. It makes the blending process easier, especially if you’re using darker, bolder colors. The transitional shade will give it a blended, gradient look, which is what the pro makeup artists go for.

When you’re read to apply your glitter, use a small brush to tap adhesive on your lower lid, working in small areas at a time. Follow along the natural shape of your eye, applying it only to the area below your crease. This will keep it clean, polished, and prevent the glitter from creasing. When applying the adhesive, use gentle patting motions rather than swiping; this will maintain the integrity of your eyeshadow you applied. Dip into your glitter with a small, synthetic brush and be sure to tap off excess before tapping it over your glitter adhesive. If you have fall out, use a powdered brush or a spooly brush to wipe it away. If you held off on applying foundation, you can also take a baby wipe to clean up before continuing with primer. When your makeup is finished, use a setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to keep everything in place.

No matter which look you choose to try, follow the tips and tricks we’ve shared and you will rock the look this holiday season!

For more glitter tutorials, check out our post on How to Rock Glitter Lips.

Photo Credit: Kristen Love



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