5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A SAHM


STRESS – let it go, and we’ll say it again – let it go! A world where you live (yes, the home with the little relaxation-suckers, aka your kids) – without stress actually does exist. If you have the theme song from Frozen in your head right now, you’re in the perfect place! It’s a place where you can magically create through your mind, fingertips, and choose to intentionally take the leap of de-stressing yourself in your own home. Stress can save your life or destroy it, and since there aren’t any saber-tooth tigers in your living room, we’re giving you five unique ways to make the bad stress – never really bother you anymore.

5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A Sahm 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

It really boils down to self-care first, in order for you to give the best care to others, especially your family. But let’s face it, the pedicure you wanted, but didn’t ever schedule, the spa gift certificate you have in your drawer, but “things came up” and it expired, the night out with friends that is finally about to happen, but you now have baby puke all over you, and the child who only is comforted by your rhythmic breathing and heartbeat as she drifts off safe in mom’s arms, doesn’t give you much time for yourself, let alone to de-stress. Let’s face it, de-stressing is a fleeting moment you may have thought of, but not much action has taken place in the busy rigamarole of a stay at home mom.

We get it. We’re not here to tell you to do the self-care that requires appointments, excessive time, or having to leave your kids. All of these unique ways to de-stress you can easily do at home, and all of them take less than 15 minutes. Well… if you can make one of them last longer (you’ll see which one), we’re sure you won’t complain or feel the least bit guilty.

1. Get Yourself Oily-Scented In The Shower

Sure, you can hop in and out of the shower because you have that “next thing” to do, but what if you actually stayed in the shower and got a bit oily? First, it’s not a bad idea to actually take the time to get soaking wet; the warmth and slight pressure of the water flowing over your shoulders and down your arms, allowing the droplets to roll off the tips of your fingers. Take a moment and enjoy it.

5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A Sahm 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Grab your favorite calming oil to ease up the tension and any stress that came in the shower with you. Keep the bottle of oil in the shower so you don’t forget to use it. A few drops across your shoulders should do the trick.

Take those few precious minutes and consciously let your worries, tensions, and to-do list, be like the water; rolling, flowing, and finally, down the drain it goes. Bu-bye.

Get yourself wet, oily-scented, and clean while allowing the relief and the de-stressing atmosphere of your mini-haven of steam and fragrant-calming oils surround you. Even if a child comes in – in those mere moments you consciously realized that you did have, are moments you can intentionally allow the stress to literally, drain away.

2. Tell your kids what you NEED (Happy Mom-Timer)

Your kids are smarter than you realize. Shocking, we know! However, sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, you forget that those little people really can and do have compassion for you and want you to be at your best. Simply tell them when Mommy feels like she needs a “mom-break” and state the reason why. This is key. It’s one thing to say to anyone that you need a break, but if you want them to really get you, it helps to elaborate. For the little ones, give them TV time, reading time, blanket time, crib time, some time away from you and just sit there. To really rejuvenate, see the next few options below after you have set your break time and the kids really know why now.

Give your break time a name. Kids relate to names and meanings so much easier, and when they hear it (and be sure to be down on their level, not standing over them), it’s now a way of life for them and you, part of the “normal” day.

i.e. “It’s time to set the Mom-timer. Not until the timer is over does anyone bother Mommy. If Mommy doesn’t get her Mom-Time, Mommy isn’t taking care of herself, like Mom takes care of you – so the Mom-Timer is on so Mommy will continue to feel really good and stay healthy!” And give a high-five for Mommy-time!

5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A Sahm 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Communicating your desires and needs to your children can go a lot further than you think. Opening yourself up to some vulnerability and the truth on what you need sets the example for your children that running a busy household doesn’t have to be hard and stressful – it’s what you communicate and make a priority to practice self-care in order to continue caring for others in a healthy and thriving environment.

3. Have an orgasm

‘Nuf said.

Seriously, though, take note that we said, have an orgasm, not have sex (though that is certainly an option). Let’s face it. You really do want your mind off of your ‘to do’ list, you want to forget for a few (or many) moments that you have kids; so why not release that built up tension in your body? Have an orgasm.

5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A Sahm 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

An orgasm is not dirty or inappropriate – quite the contrary as a matter of fact. As a female human being, you naturally have physical needs and desires, one of which is of a sexual nature. Got pent up emotions and tension? Well, what better way to release it than through an orgasm!? Since your partner may be away at work, here are some options to consider. After all, it is for your health!

Who says returning to “work” after an orgasm, with a smile on your face is a bad thing??

4. Meditate Without The Effort

A sacred art, used for thousands of generations, and yet, in our fast-paced world, this ancient practice of breath-focus has long since been driven out of our day to day lives. Effective as it may be, traditional meditation is a learned skill for most, and with that, it takes practice and time; lots of time, probably a whopping whole hour! You know what, we’re not judging. To ask anyone to do something for an hour already has the brain spinning with possible outcomes of the various stages of where you and your kids will be during that time of day; we get it, it’s a lot to ask.

With that said, research has shown that you can actually obtain a meditative state, the benefits and all, like less stress, more relaxation, being focused, and increasing your overall health in about the time it takes you to put a child down for a nap; 12 minutes. We like the Zen12 program.

The program uses special ‘brainwave’ sounds to meditate for you. That means you don’t have to actively try to quiet your mind, stop fidgeting, or focus only on the meditation. And you don’t have to reschedule your day. Each session lasts just 12 minutes, and you only need to meditate a few times a week to reap the rewards. Just sit back and hit play.

5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A Sahm 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Now go play hide and seek and it’s okay if they can’t find you for 12 whole meditating minutes!

5. Laugh during the most awkward moments

Laughter is contagious. Do you ever find yourself laughing just because someone else is? It may not be that deep belly, I’m going to pee-squirt (just a little) myself kind of laugh, but you naturally do it anyway. When you feel the tension, the kind that is a little bit more than you can handle, giggle a little. Take your mind away and pop in a replay of something genuinely funny your little one or best friend did. Purposefully, take just a few seconds and think of something completely different and giggle. After all, if we can get you to think about the pink elephant with a diaper stuck on the end of its trunk (yes, it’s a used one), and you actually see the grimace on its face, you can certainly switch modes in the moment too!

Give it a try and giggle away the stress. Don’t worry, the others will probably just join in with you!

5 Unique Ways To De-Stress As A Sahm 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

It’s not uncommon for moms to feel guilty for taking time for themselves. Taking time for yourself is the most selfless act you can do for your family! No guilt is required. You’re such an amazing woman and mother – taking care of you reflects the care imparted upon your children; they need that.

Need a bit more encouragement if working from home? Here are 7 Ways to Prevent The Stress Of Being A WAHM.

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