The Root of Mommy Wars

Can we ditch the terms stay-at-home mom (or SAHM) and working mom? As mothers, we all work. We work to raise our kids and do the best job we possibly can. So why haven’t we come up with a better, more empowering term for referring to the strong mothers that raise their children?  Whether you do paid work or not, so much work goes into providing for a child, including nurturing his or her mind, body, and soul. The simple task of just feeding a child healthy food takes hours of preparation, shopping, cooking, and serving. That’s just one of the physical “jobs”. The harder (near impossible) job of providing for their heart, mind, and soul is much more daunting. In that spirit, here are some new terms for referring to the strong, amazing mothers who are raising kids:



The Head Bitch In Charge. In her former life she was leading meetings, and now she leads her household. Most likely we’ve met this mom. She’s the HBIC for a reason. People listen when she speaks. She’s the alpha of the group. She is an overachiever. She is confident. She takes all of these qualities and implements them in raising her kids. We love it and respect it. We might be intimidated by her at times, but realize she is doing the same as any of us, she is doing her best for her kids. We can all learn from the HBIC mom.

Make It Rain Mom

Sahm (2)

She is the lady boss. She works at an office by day and is with the kids by night. We are fairly certain she doesn’t sleep, but cannot prove it. She balances it all. Her secret to success is that she does what needs to be done and does it well.

Millennial Mom


She is neither a SAHM or working mom, she is a hybrid. She works from inside the home and even runs a small business. She is the mom that takes the reigns. She is tech savvy and resourceful. She has one weakness, her house is (almost always) messy.

Runway Mom


The best dressed mom in the room. She’s fashionable and effortlessly chic. Her hair is done, her toes manicured, and her skin glows like she just left the beach. She certainly has never skipped a shower, or rolled out of bed and slipped on yesterday’s leggings. She inspires you to donate your frumpy sweatpants and invest in joggers instead.

Chopped Champion Mom


She’s the chef mom. She can make anyone a foodie, including your picky toddler. She is the best mom to ask for advice on meals. Remember, it is always best (for you and your child) to schedule playdates with this mom during meal times. Her motto: life is too short to eat bad food.

Olympic Mom

Sahm (4)

She’s athletic, sporty, and is always out and about with the kids. She’s dressed in athleisure and is always ready for the next kid-friendly adventure. She is always inviting your family to fun, active events. Where does she find the events? Don’t ask questions, just accept.

The Mom-Authority


The seasoned mom. She’s on her fourth kid. She gives free advice and you take it.  She knows what to do when your kid breaks into hives. You routinely consult her for pediatric and parenting advice in general.

Badass Mom

Twelve Little Carry Love Tote

She’s not like a regular mom, she’s a badass mom. She’s the opposite of a helicopter mom, she does things different. She lets her kids be themselves, even when they fail. You know why? She wants to raise good humans. She doesn’t sweat the pressure of not doing it the traditional way and knows how to trust her gut. Parenting looks natural on her.

From the outside – each of these moms looks like she has it at all. But, as we all know, parenthood humbles us all. The truth is – at times we are a little bit of all these moms or at least can learn from them. At the end of the day we each have more in common that we realize. As mothers we all willingly sacrifice for our family, suffer from mom guilt, and ultimately, we all give everything to our children. We can all learn from each other, and why shouldn’t we? There is strength in numbers. We are all connected in our motherhood journey.

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Can We Ditch The Term Sahm

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