CBD For Pets: Why Pets Love CBD

While the use of CBD-based products continues to grow and grow for humans, it’s also growing in popularity for our pets. There’s everything from CBD-based treats to sprays to oils and chews and a whole lot more in between. Check out how CBD for pets can make a difference in your furry family member’s life.
Cbd For Pets: Why Pets Love Cbd

Why CBD-Based Products?

More and more pet parents are turning to the same natural treatments they are using for themselves for their furbabies. Hoping to find safe and effective ways to treat an assortment of ailments that includes anxiety, pain, itching, aging and even addressing general wellness issues, pet parents are looking to CBD-based products. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are not necessarily what you may think they are. Made from quality hemp, they do not contain the hallucinogenic properties many first bring to mind when they think of CBD products. The hemp from which CBD pet products are made do not have the THC (thetetrahydrocannabinol) in them–and that’s the stuff that takes people on some pretty trippy trips.
No, CBD-based pet products are made specifically without the THC and specifically for our four-legged friends.

CBD For Pets: Not All Are Created Equally

With the emergence of CBD-based products for both humans and pets, the market seems to be inundated with product after product touting efficacy. But be careful, as not all CBD products for pets (or humans!) are created equally. A lot differs when it comes to where the hemp is sourced, how its extracted and how its purposed for use.  Our pets have different body chemistries, as well as different system needs, and MediPets addresses and meets those needs in our furbabies with scientifically formulated CBD oil products just for them.

What Ca CBD For Pets Do For Your Furry Family Members?

CBD for pets can be used for so many different things. Does your pup constantly itch or lick his skin? Have hotspots that drive him (and you) nuts? Crusty patches? Hair loss? Stinky skin (and not just because he needs a bath!)? CBD can treat all of that. Effectively and safely, in case your pupster decides to take a lick.

CBD is also known to treat joint pain in your older pets (or even your active younger ones), and many pet parents are turning to the use of CBD products in place of pharmacological interventions for their pets with illnesses and/or surgeries. CBD can safely and effectively calm the receptors in our pets’ bodies – giving them pain relief, relaxation and stress-release all at the same time.

Medipets CBD Products Your Pets Will Howl About

Cbd For Pets: Why Pets Love Cbd

The MediPets CBD product line is full of CBD oil For Dogs and For Cats, as well as CBD pet treats for both. MediPets CBD Pet Treats are CBD oil-infused treats that have flavors your pets will go gaga over. Give as needed for the occasional thunderstorm or car ride to the vet, or just as a daily supplement of high-quality CBD for overall wellness and health. Delicious treats are honestly the easiest way in the world to get the benefits of CBD for your pet, and they’ll love you more for it. That’s a win-win!Cbd For Pets: Why Pets Love Cbd

MediPets CBD Oils are exceptionally easy to use as well–simply drop the drops into your pet’s water or food and voila! You’ve given them high-quality CBD hemp oil that is 100% natural, gentle and most importantly – safe and effective. Earlier this year, researchers at Colorado State University found promising results for the use of CBD oil for dogs, and more and more veterinarians are looking into how CBD pet products can be integrated into their practices and their treatment for pets. Cbd For Pets: Why Pets Love Cbd

And if you’re looking for fast effects? Check out MediPets CBD sprays for dogs and cats. They are pure CBD oil sprays that you simply spray into Fifi’s or Kitteh’s mouth and you’ll have quick and effective stress and anxiety relief. Does your dog hate fireworks? Your cat hate the long ride to the vet (and/or the vet herself)? Give a pump or two right into their mouths. If they’re not super cooperative, you can also spray the sprays onto their food or treats and wait for the relaxed mood to set in!

The reality is you want the very best for your pet…whether it’s to address an issue or just to keep them the happiest and healthiest they can be. Luckily, CBD oil pet products can help you do that safely and effectively. All of MediPets products are third-party lab tested and MediPets is a leader and pioneer in the CBD pet product industry.

Plus, they’re pet parents, just like us. They believe that their CBD For Pets line can enhance and even extend the lives of our furriest family members and that’s just what every pet parent is looking for!

Looking for more? Check out our other health and wellness lifestyle tips including why YOU should try CBD and the best products for your whole self.

Cbd For Pets: Why Pets Love Cbd



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