Getting fit and caring for our bodies is a passion we all share at Daily Mom. We are always are the hunt for the newest innovations that will take our quests to get and stay fit to the next level. Whether you want to ensure you are doing your exercises properly to avoid injury or you need to focus on specific areas for rehabilitation from an injury, this wearable smart device can help. FlexR is our newest discovery, and we know you will be excited to learn all about what this amazing new system is capable of.

Join us as we explore FlexR, and enter to win your very own!

Get Moving with FlexR

FlexR is an open API wearable neuromuscular sensor that when paired with an app will guide you through movement and exercise from actually sensing your muscle movement. FlexR makes your body the remote control for games on your smartphone or tablet. The device is small, smaller than your smartphone.

You simply pop on the reusable electrodes that attach to the device and connect to the app. You play the games on the app by moving your muscles. Seriously! How cool is that? You can apply the electrodes to pretty much any surface on your body. FlexR has a long battery life of 10-20 hours and connects via bluetooth to iOS and Android devices. You can choose from white or pink when your order your FlexR.

FlexR is all about bringing technology and the human body together. Right now, you can use the free app, RehabFit, with FlexR. This app has embedded exercise programs crafted by licensed health professionals based upon current clinical evidence and experience. The games you are playing actually help you focus on specific areas where you need to strengthen and heal your body. In fact, FlexR was created by a physical therapist. It makes exercising extremely easy and fun. RehabFit delivers workouts designed specifically towards your physique and your goals allowing you to achieve a more balanced physique. Are you recovering from a knee injury? You can hook up FlexR to your knee and use careful movements to play the game while strengthening your knee at the same time. You know you are targeting the right spot because FlexR is sensing every single movement.

FlexR connects technology with your body to strengthen your muscles in a way that improves your everyday life. Address pain and strengthen areas you need to work on. New moms can use FlexR to adjust their body to life carrying an infant around all the time. Your body has changed from pregnancy and now you carry a baby and nurse in positions that are not ideal for your body. Focus on changing your posture and movements to relieve that “new mom pain” with FlexR. You aren’t just getting better at a game on your smartphone. You are using the game on your smartphone to improve your body for real life!

The Future of FlexR

FlexR is in the process of wrapping up a very successful Kickstarter campaign, but there is still time for you to support this amazing new technology. You can get your own FlexR for a special early bird price for a few more days, and you are going to want to take advantage of this offer through Kickstarter. Once FlexR launches after the Kickstarter, the price is going to go up. Why wouldn’t it? This system is changing the way we look at gaming, virtual reality, physical rehab, athletic training, and more!

Because FlexR’s API is an open-source platform, the possibilities for connection between the body and technology are endless. You can write and develop your own apps to use with FlexR! Programs will always be changing and improving, constantly giving you new experiences and opportunities with FlexR. FlexR is essentially limitless. In the future, music and rhythm games can be paired with FlexR to soothe you. Fighting and sports games can connect your body to strengthen and target muscles to improve your performance in reality. Athletes will be able to fine tune important motions like a serve for a tennis player or a pitch for a baseball player.

Win Your Own FlexR

FlexR is giving away one of these amazing devices to a Daily Mom reader. Enter with the rafflecopter here to win. Good luck!

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