6 Things a #MomBoss Carries in Her Purse


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Raise your hand if you have the t-shirt, or at least the blood, sweat, and tears that earn you the t-shirt. These days, women get.shit.done. But, we don’t do it alone. Every single day, that one loyal companion is always by our side, providing us with everything we need to keep hustlin’. You know who that is… your bag. The deep, filled to the brim hole that holds your entire life up by two leather straps. It’s time to chat about what essentials a #momboss truly needs in her purse, because a successful woman knows what’s needed and what she can leave behind. Let that deep business-savvy truth sink in for a second, then flip your purse upside down and start purging. Just be sure to keep…

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

1. Kickass Business Cards

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

It doesn’t matter if you’re #mombossing a Fortune 500 company or a small troupe of mini me’s, you need cards. And the more memorable, the better. These days, the creative minds are always coming up with unique ways of branding businesses and people by the card. Go square or circular, hand out some wood or cork, use layers, bring a little 3D action to play, go industrial, or just Google “unique business cards” and spend an hour – or five – finding that perfect card that sets you apart.

If you’re blessed with a roomy wallet that can accommodate a stack of business cards, plus your three credit cards and Target REDcard, gym and Costco card, health insurance and library card, tip and nail salon punch card, driver’s license and Nordstrom gift card, then good for you. But for the rest of us whose wallet is already busting at the seams, find a cute business card holder or small change purse for keeping your #momboss cards separate.

Celebrity #Momboss Crush

Royal #momboss Queen Elizabeth, while done with the task of raising little princes and princesses, is still kicking ass and taking names at 90 years old, which means taking a peek into her purse is sort of like drinking from the fountain of youth. While finding dog treats for her adored corgis and a small camera for taking photos of presidents who visit doesn’t exactly thrill our socks off (well, besides the whole selfies and presidents bit), it at least lets us know we’re on purse par with the Queen of England. And that’s good enough for us.

2. Portable Charger

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If your phone or iPad dies while on the go, then your whole #momboss identity may as well bite the dust too. Let’s face it, we eat through a ton of battery usage in a typical day, so keeping a portable charger in your bag is an absolute necessity.

But, they only serve you well if they are kept charged, and sometimes that’s just as difficult to remember to do. If you’re horrible about charging devices in general, then spring for a portable charger that comes with a lot of juice and will give you several full charge cycles before having to charge the charger itself. If not, when your phone dies mid-conference call to the CEO, you’ll kick yourself for not spending the extra dollars.

Celebrity #Momboss Crush

Fashion and beauty business mogul, not to mention glorified #momboss Victoria Beckham always carries eye drops in her designer handbags, and not just drugstore Visine we might add, but unnamed drops from Japan. These mystery eye whitening drops help her already massive windows to the soul look even brighter and less tired, as keeping up with four kids, a heartthrob husband, and all the many hats she wears can’t be a restful task.

3. Protein Power Snack

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

#momboss’ are on the move, from sun up to sun down, with little time to stop and refuel. But if you don’t keep up your energy, there will be none left for moving mountains and shattering glass ceilings. Keep protein packed snacks in your bag at all times – and it’s nice to maybe throw in something for the littles too; you know, to ward off temper tantrums and boredom. Oscar Mayer just came out with P3 Portable Protein Packs, or toss in some KIND Bars, hard boiled eggs, Justin’s squeeze peanut butter packs, string cheese, or Krave jerky.

Celebrity #Momboss Crush

See? We’re just like the new first daughter, if that’s considered a compliment to you; don’t troll us if it’s not. #momboss Ivanka Trump keeps a stash of KIND Bars and Tic Tacs in her purse, because c’mon, do you really think she has any time these days to stop for a bite to eat?

We interrupt this post because we know what you’re thinking: “I just dropped major bones on business cards that sing and dance, a mac daddy of a portable charger that can keep my phone charged until Jesus comes back, and bought out Amazon’s entire stash of jerky. I’m #mombossing pretty hard right now, but you know… I need a new bag.” We feel you, girl. It’s all about the bag.

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

So we owe it to you as a PSA to show you a bag we’re crushing pretty heavy on right now. Oh, Urban Southern, why must you make beautiful leather bags that smell like my first bad boy boyfriend’s leather jacket, make me look like a million bucks, and allow me to carry everything but the kitchen sink. Because you love us, and we return that love.

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Handcrafted from a single piece of full grain saddle leather, The Market Tote is as authentic as they come, guaranteed to look even better five years from now. When we say it’s roomy, that is no understatement. Dump your whole office in the thing, and you’ll still have room for an Instagram worthy bouquet of flowers to sit on top. For the number nerds in the group, take a look at these impressive dimensions: 20 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. It’s truly the best #momboss bag out there, as everything the Mom part of you needs and everything the Boss part of you needs will all fit comfortably inside.

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Don’t cringe as you think how heavy your laptop and your child’s laptop are, because The Market Tote was uniquely designed for its heavy load. It distributes the weight evenly, and gives you an additional carrying option besides slinging it over your shoulder; the integrated cut-out handles let you carry the tote with your hands, giving it the appearance of the chicest and most expensive reusable grocery bag you’ve ever owned. It’s a clean lined, slim profile, professional looking bag that makes us want to take it everywhere… oh wait, we are taking it everywhere! Perfect.

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


The Market Tote


Urban Southern | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

4. Notebook and Pen

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

You never know when inspiration will strike, and sometimes it just feels good to take pen to paper instead of fingertip to glass. Keep an amazing, inspirational cover notepad in your purse, and actually use it! Jot down to-do lists, random ideas, brainstorming sessions, things that make you happy, good quotes, something funny your preschooler just said, or why you’re amazing today. And a pen; c’mon it may have been months since you’ve needed a pen or someone asked you if you had a pen, but just think how professional and well-prepared you’ll seem if you can pull one out of your magic bag of tricks in that one crucial moment. #mombosswin

Celebrity #Momboss Crush

Raising little rock stars, designing clothes, dominating the stage, and finding love is no walk in the park for #momboss Gwen Stefani. That’s why this “Rich Girl” keeps power packed almonds in her purse for afternoon pick me ups, and action figures when her three boys need a “Sweet Escape” – see what we keep doing there…

5. A Hamilton or Jackson

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We’re not talking about sticking your kid in your bag, except if you have The Market Tote, then it’s very possible you could. Keep a $10 or $20 bill in cold, hard cash in your wallet. Too often we rely solely on plastic, but you never know when you might need an actual buck or two. Fold the bill up and tuck it discretely behind a rarely used credit card, so you kind of forget it’s there, but you know that it is, in case you need it. It’s not Starbucks cash, ladies, it’s a tiny emergency fund in case #momboss gets in a pinch.

Celebrity #Momboss Crush

America’s sweetheart Jennifer Garner wears her #momboss title proudly, as juggling three kiddos, acting, producing, and endorsing some of our favorite products isn’t for the faint of heart. Tucked away inside her purse you can always find… you guessed it, sunblock. There’s a very good reason why powerhouse women never seem to age; they actually take care of their publicly scrutinized skin. Bravo Jennifer. We’ll all hit up the Neutrogena aisle tomorrow and make you proud.

6. Gum and Mints

6 Things A #Momboss Carries In Her Purse 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

A fresh smelling mouth is a must in the #momboss industry. Whether you’re schmoozing a potential client or laying down the law for your back-talking teen, you’ll get much more respect and “good” attention if your pearly whites smell as good as they look. So, please, for all of humanity, keep a pack of Doublemint and Altoids in your bag for in between coffee and sushi meetings.

Celebrity #Momboss Crush

Jessica Alba, the #momboss who brought us hot air balloon and strawberry covered diapers, rocks the business world and the parenting world, not to mention the whole why-are-you-so-damn-beautiful world. Open up her purse and you’ll find sunnies galore and a ‘be prepared’ emergency kit from The Honest Company, chock full of the essential items that make her so pretty and keep her so calm.

You’ve got the goods; now you need the motivation and know-how to make #mombossing your bitch. Check out our always fresh Momtrepreneur 101 Series: How to Use Hashtags, SEO for Photographers, and Using Search Engines for Your Mommy Blog, with more in the series coming soon!

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