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Becoming a mother is a milestone in a person’s life, and whether your children were born into your heart and home biologically or by adoption, parents are forever changed in every way. Motherhood Tattoos have become a permanent way to mark these milestones in a person’s life, and research shows that 58% of women have at least one tattoo. It makes sense, then, that motherhood tattoos would be on the rise. If you have thought about getting inked to mark this season in your life, check out these motherhood tattoos for some inspiration!

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Location Of Motherhood Tattoos

Dainty ink is a sweet way to memorialize something, and small tattoos are a popular option. Getting a tattoo of your child’s name in beautiful handwriting can be easily hidden if it’s in an inconspicuous location, like the chest, shoulder or even the top of your foot. If you don’t mind showing off your art, the inner wrist is a great choice for something on the smaller side when considering a motherhood tattoo.

For the bolder Mamas out there, the body is a canvas upon which life is painted. Stretch marks and C-Section scars all contribute to this work of art, and tattoos can help enhance their beauty.

Motherhood Tattoos: The Reason

Daily Mom Parent Portal Motherhood Tattoos

For many, getting a tattoo is a way to remember this special time in a Mama’s journey. It’s personal, it’s 100% her choice, and she gets to use her creativity to display something that means so much to her. For others, it’s a way to always have her children close to her heart, whether it is a tattoo of their children’s names, favorite saying, or even a favorite character from a book or television show.

Mother/Daughter tattoos are becoming more and more popular, as well. The bond between mother and daughter is fiercely strong, so creating a visual representation of that bond is a beautiful way to permanently memorialize that relationship.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Motherhood Tattoos

Some mothers get a tattoo for other reasons, though. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and for the mothers who begin to bond with their baby when they see those two positive lines, miscarriage can be a turning point in her life. It is a road of physical loss and grief, and unfortunately, this taboo subject of miscarriage is one journey that can make a woman feel terribly alone. Getting a tattoo out of remembrance for a baby lost to miscarriage is a beautiful and meaningful way to provide closure to a situation that often offers none.

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How To Plan Your Motherhood Tattoo

Daily Mom Parent Portal Motherhood Tattoos
  • The best way to start planning your motherhood tattoo is to decide what you want your tattoo to be. Be certain! give yourself time to consider it, even after you have decided because whatever you choose to tattoo is going to be permanent!
  • Next, find an artist. The best way to find your tattoo artist is word of mouth. If you see people in public and you like their work, ask them about it! Do a Facebook search, and then keep digging. Once you have found an artist whose artwork you love, make an appointment.
  • Do not get your tattoo at this first appointment. This will be a meeting between you and the person who is going to bring your ideas to life. Work with your artist until you get the design you want, and then make your next appointment.
  • On the day of your appointment, depending on the size of your tattoo, you will be in the chair anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours. Dress comfortably, make sure you have eaten a good breakfast, and hydrate (especially if you are nervous). Relax, and enjoy the process!

9 Inspirational Motherhood Tattoos

  1. Mama Bird Tattoos are a sweet way to keep your babies with you, or even bond with your adult child by getting matching ink.
  2. Your Child(ren)’s Name(s) can be worn as a badge of honor with these sweet ideas.
  3. Birthdays are versatile, because you can spell them out, use numbers, or even use Roman Numerals for a unique look.
  4. Ohana means family, and family never gets left behind. This tattoo can serve as a constant reminder that you can always count on your family to be there for you!
  5. Some mamas choose to go all-out for their ink with a portrait of their baby. Black & white or full color, this tattoo is sure to be a stunner!
  6. If you don’t want to go for a full portrait, an outline or silhouette of your child can be a subtle way to honor them and remember that special moment in time.
  7. Adding a creative scene with your children is a super sweet way to freeze a special moment in time. Check out this artist’s beautiful scene!
  8. A simple, dainty tattoo is a great place to start for your first ink. These sweet, linked hearts represent the love and connection between a mother and her children.
  9. Once a mother, always a mother. The infinity symbol can range from tiny to large, and can be a versatile shape to connect words, numbers, shapes, or even just represent how far your love goes for your child(ren).

Mommin’ isn’t easy, and between being a taxi driver, a nurse, a cook, and a housekeeper, the days get longer and longer, and sometimes they just seem to run together. Tattoos aren’t for everybody, but for Mamas who like ink, motherhood tattoos can be a great way to remember that these moments are fleeting, and to take time to enjoy your sweeties before this season in life is done, and we move on to the next.


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Motherhood Tattoos For All Kinds Of Moms
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