Matching Accessories for Mommy and Me Made Easy

Pediped now makes it easy to coordinate with one or more of your favorite mini people. With matching accessories that now include interchangeable purse straps, mommy and me coordination with your little one never looked so unique. Every step your little one takes easily matches the chic style of your purse strap. Get a fresh update on your current purse without breaking the bank on a brand new bag (or overcrowding your closet).

Matching Accessories For Mommy And Me Made Easy

How to Get A Mommy and Me Moment

Pediped already has a reputation for providing uniquely designed and long-lasting shoes for babes all the way up to the tween years. Now, they have taken it a step further (literally) and paired purse strap accessories to their legendary shoe line for kids. With their new mommy and me collection your wee little one can match your style with a simple, yet fashionable statement. No need to go shopping for a new bag or even a whole new outfit, a simple switcharoo on just one accessory and you’re good to go.

Matching Accessories For Mommy And Me Made Easy

Now that you have the accessories, think about your comfort, Mom. Get your own comfortable clothing essentials just for moms.

“Mommy looks like me!” The littlest and seemingly insignificant changes may not seem like a big deal to you, but when your little one sees it, it’s like the whole world now revolves around just the two of you. You now ‘look-alike’ and that’s cool. It makes running errands fun and fashionable for the two…or even four of you!

Matching Accessories For Mommy And Me Made Easy

The soon-to-be fashionista’s favorite accessory is made from high-quality craftsmanship that is designed to attach to many handbags and purses. A revolutionary way for a fresh update on your go-to bag. So go ahead, pair your pediped® Purse Strap with your child’s shoes and tell us that’s not an instant nailed it selfie-for-Instagram winner!

Matching Accessories For Mommy And Me Made Easy

Shoes That Last For On-the-Go Parents

Traveling with kids? Be sure to include some fun travel games for kids along the way.

We love easy. Easy makes the day seem less busy, rushed, or stressful. When you don’t have to replace your child’s shoes every 3 months, that’s easy. As a matter of fact, not replacing shoes for over 6 months is the golden light at the end of the tunnel that actually has gold waiting for you. That’s what pediped® does for parents. They give you more to look forward to, even after you get there.

They can do that with their innovative FLEX® Fit system. Parents can easily adjust the fit of the shoe to fit snug and comfortable now and again 6 months or later; even if their foot has grown some. No matter how rough and tough your kid may be, pediped’s brand stands up to the challenge.

Here are 12 must-have baby safety items when your little one starts walking and increasing their mobility around the home.

From the chunkiest feet that make you want to kiss those little piggies all day long, to the tween who cannot seem to sit still, pediped has you covered. The flexible sizing system along with the Grip ‘n’ Go™ technology (which mimics the natural shape of your child’s foot for stability) is easy and easy is great! Mix and match their vibrant colors among sisters and try out the new purse strap accessories for an ultimate girl’s fashion statement.

Make your own mommy and me moment with shoes that won’t be tossed aside quickly as yet another childrens shoe brand that just couldn’t cut it. Not only will pediped’s shoes last, but they’ll also be ready for the next little one who is ready for the next size up. A pair of shoes that can transition from one child to another AND it complement both mom and child’s desire to match – yes, this is definitely on our ‘easy’ list of must-have items for moms and their kids.

Purse Strap Floral Leather | Purse Strap Silver Glitter | Jake White Floral | Barbara White Floral | Kid’s Logan Sneaker | Joshua Fisherman Sandle | Grip ‘n’ Go Cliff Taupe

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When you need some more ideas for everyone else in the family, be sure to check out Mommy and Me Coordinating Clothing for the Entire Family.

Matching Accessories For Mommy And Me Made Easy

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