Benefits of Babywearing For Young New Moms

The most significant benefits of babywearing include keeping your baby within your presence during those early days (and months) and helping your baby relax and feel at ease through all their “first” transitions in life. Newborns need to be close to their mommas. It is the skin to skin contact right after birth that begins the closely bonded relationship between moms and their new little human being.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, research shows that having your baby with you right from the start is the best way for you and your baby to rest and establish a routine. As a new mother, you will need all the rest you can get while your new baby begins to recognize your voice, smell, and heartbeat while also getting to know their new world.

Benefits of Babywearing Beyond Delivery

Just as soon as you feel comfortable enough to move around whether staying at home or getting back out in society, now that your postpartum recovery has begun, wear your baby! Moby makes it easy by helping mom with:

  • Easy bonding moments that soothe your baby (and you)
  • Less stress on mom trying to keep baby calm
  • Skin-to-skin contact may enhance brain development
  • Increased confidence and feelings of relaxation in both mom and baby

By keeping your baby close, close enough to smell their head, brings immeasurable pleasure to Mom.

The scent of a newborn baby really does tap right into the pleasure centers of a woman’s brain, whether the smell comes from her own baby or someone else’s, scientists have discovered. The new findings have been described in a study just published in Frontiers in Psychology.
Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

Comforting Benefits of Babywearing

There is nothing easier for a young mother than to keep her baby happy, healthy, and content especially when you can gain pleasure from doing so. When you wear your baby using Moby’s 2-in-1 Carrier it makes it super comfortable for the mom who is not used to having a lot of pull and tugs on her body. She will appreciate how the soft structured carrier allows her to be hands-free for comfort and convenience. This will give her the ergonomic support and proper positioning as a first time mom to keep proper posture.

Hands-free and Mobile Benefits of Babywearing

The health benefits of babywearing go even further with Moby’s unique hip seat carrier offering 7 different ways to carry your new baby throughout their ages and stages of life. You can choose from face in, face out, back carry, side hip, and with the hip seat only: up and down, hip, front outward facing, and front inward facing. Unlike most carriers, Moby’s 2-in-1 Carrier has a hard structured hip seat for better comfort, options for carrying, and support for both of you. This makes walking, hiking, and everyday errands, comfortable and doable whenever you feel the need to get out of the house and move around.

Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

Storage Benefits when Babywearing

Moby also knows that young mothers must-have their accessories readily available! Another benefit of babywearing is keeping your hands free and able to get the essentials you need especially when you just need to go for a quick walk. Keeping mom healthy with some fresh air, sunshine, and a content baby always does the mom-brain some good.

Having the little extra storage compartments and optional cover means you can continue to bond, nurse, and protect your little one from the sun, or touchy-feely passerby’s.

Hip Seat Benefits of Babywearing Beyond the Infant Stage

With the added benefit of extended use due to the hip seat, new moms have 3 additional seat options: front-inward, front-outward, and hip for up-and-down ease. Just because your baby grows into a toddler, you do not have to miss out on bonding moments, you still can comfortably keep your little one close and save your back from any aches and pains! The 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat is the perfect babywearing solution for new mom transitions and adapts perfectly as your little one grows but still wants to be in your arms.

Moby 2-In-1 Baby Carrier
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5 More Benefits of Babywearing Your Newborn and Which Carrier Is Best

Until your baby is ready to conquer grocery shopping, with precious coos and endlessly wiggly legs, you may want to consider the benefits of babywearing your infant until they are ready to transition to a carrier with a hip seat. Here are 5 carriers to consider for your newborn and how each may uniquely fit you and your baby.

Baby Wrap Carrier

Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

As a new mom, there may not be anything holding you down and there are places you need to go! Instead of leaving your baby with a sitter who may only watch them in a crib, continue to bond, wear your newborn, and nurture a powerful mom-baby connection that can lead to calm, happy babies.

Carrier Ring Sling

Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

Calm and peaceful, that is how new moms want their babies to feel when next to mom. Now they can with this eco-friendly Turkish cotton ring sling. By wearing your newborn close to you, you are cutting down infant crying by 43% just by wearing your newborn for 3 hours a day. Cozy and stylish, this newborn sling is perfect until they get a little wiggly and desire more options for being close to you.

Newborn Sling

Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

Newborn babies can be so tiny! Wrap them close to your heart in this 100% cotton wrap. Even if you are a newbie to wrapping, this baby carrier is frustration-free, hands-free, and free of any buckles or snaps. Get baby secure and snug in under 5 minutes so you can knock out any errands or chores without the constant stop and go of a crying, uncomfortable baby.

Stretchy Baby Sling Carrier

Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

Safe and sound and no ring to fool around. A simple tie-style wrap allows you to quickly put on and take off this soft and luxuriously comfortable newborn wrap. It is versatile as a breastfeeding cover, blanket, or even a postpartum belly belt! The possibilities are endless in your first few months as a new momma.

Ring Sling Carrier for Babywearing

Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

This gem of a ring sling happens to be a parent’s favorite for newborns. It is comfortable and adaptable to your size and comfort for both you and baby. The benefits of babywearing early on can start as soon as you are out of the hospital or even the same day as delivery!

As a new mom, all you want is to keep your baby happy, safe, and comfortable. Do not sell yourself short and neglect your own needs when caring for baby! The benefits of babywearing are for both of you. Get to know your baby, hold your baby, and love on your baby without missing a beat, a walk around the block, or having some extra free hands while still comforting the little one right under your nose.


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Benefits Of Babywearing For Young New Moms

Sources: Cleveland Clinic



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