Best of Netflix: TV Shows

Finished all of your favorite shows and not sure what to watch now? The time for mindless scrolling has come to an end, why? Because we’ve taken out the legwork out of the equation, we’ve researched, watched, and compiled the Very Best of Netflix TV Shows for you, your man, or your date. Grab your popcorn and wine and get that remote ready. Let the binge-watching commence.

Best of Netflix: For Moms

Grace and Frankie

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesAn unexpected love affair throws Grace and Frankie, long time enemies, into joining the same side. Everything they have known comes crashing down and they find their rocky friendship to be all that keeps them going. Funny and quirky, you’ll fall in love with these two besties.


You’ll Love Grace and Frankie if…

  • You love a good laugh with your bestie
  • Your life isn’t always picture perfect

Land Girls

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesAnother World War II drama following four members of the Land Army at the Hoxley Estate. The women joined the Army for different reasons but the same goal at heart – to end the war. Watch as their lives change manipulated by love and war.


You’ll love Land Girls If…

  • You love intricate stories of highs and lows
  • You love strong women that can take care of themselves

Chewing Gum

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesA television sitcom set in London follows 24-year-old Tracey Gordon as she wades through life, learning that things aren’t always what they seem. Beyonce and religious obsessed, she tries to fit in with a world that is big and the possibilities are endless.

You’ll love Chewing Gum…

  • If you too are finding the world isn’t exactly what you perceived
  • You love laughing alongside the characters

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesEven when we seem to have it all together, we can feel as if something is missing. This is exactly what happens to main character Rebecca Bunch, as she gives up her posh NYC lifestyle and heads out to California looking for what is missing- her ex.

You’ll love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend if…

  • You’ve always wondered what if
  • You are not exactly a crazy ex but the thought has crossed your mind

Best of Netflix: For Dads

The Defenders

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesFour of Marvels biggest superheroes come together for the common goal of saving New York City.  They face many differences but realize that if they don’t work alone they will never be able to save the Big Apple.

You’ll love Defenders if…

  • You love action and adventure
  • Comic Books are must for you


Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThe story follows Marty Byrd (Jason Bateman) and his family from their cush life in Chicago to a challenging life in the Ozarks. The family ponders the erratic move of their father but soon come to find out there is more than just a change of pace for the move.

You love Ozark if…

  • You love suspense and drama
  • You like Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll and all that comes with it

Hell on Wheels

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis compelling story follows the construction of Union Pacific first transcontinental railroad. As they forge further into the unknown and unsettled territory, new challenges arise. Cullen Bohannon finds himself attempting to start life anew but ending up in a lawless town called “Hell on Wheels” that moves with the construction of the railroad.

You’ll love Hell on Wheels if…

  • You like historical fiction
  • You like action-packed Westerns

Master of None

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesLoosely based on creator and comedian Aziz Ansari’s life, this story follows Dev, a New York-based actor.  Follow as he hilariously struggles to find himself professionally, personally, and romantically.



You’ll love Master of None if…

  • Shows that are slightly awkward but hilarious
  • Shows about friendship

Best of Netflix: For Couples

The Honorable Woman

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

It is no secret that the Middle East presents many dangers. Follow Maggie Gyllenhaal as she stars in this Emmy Nominated Bristh TV Show, The Honorable Woman. Gyllenhaal plays a successful British businesswoman with Israeli roots attempts to gain some peace in a world that is more dangerous than she thought.

You’ll love The Honorable Woman if…

  • You like drama and suspense
  • You love shows about strong women

Babylon Berlin

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesTransferred from Cologne to Berlin, a Police commissioner, Gereon Rath finds himself in the middle of political and social turmoil.  Here he uncovers a dangerous conspiracy unfolding while investigating one of Berlin’s biggest pornography rings.

You’ll love Babylon Berlin if…

  • You love crime drama doused with political turmoil
  • Shows that take you on a wild, unexpected journey

Dear White People

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis Netflix-original series follows a group of students of color at a predominantly white Ivy Leauge College.  The show illustrates the injustices faced by these students. The show awakens our culture with brutal honesty to issues that still plague our society today.


You’ll love Dear White People if…

  • You love shows about social activism
  • You love drama rooted in real issues

Altered Carbon

Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesHumans are no longer as they once were and death is no longer the end of life. Takeshi Kovacs is the only surviving elite interstellar warrior; his mind has been imprisoned for centuries until a wealthy businessman makes him a deal to set him free.

You’ll love Altered Carbon if…

  • You love cyberpunk combined with solving a mind-bending murder
  • You love shows that explore the possibilities of science fiction

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Best Of Netflix: Tv Shows 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families




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