10 Best Camp Songs for Kids

No more teachers, no more books, no more school for summer, and it’s up to you to give your children a summer to remember! Camp songs for kids are an engaging way for children to bond together, or for families to strengthen their bond while engaging in fun summer activities together!

Children thrive on experiences and being outdoors, not staring at a screen for hours on end. Spending time at camp, or camping, is a fun, budget-friendly way to get the family out of the house together, and get some fresh air. When the days activities slow down and the sun starts to set, the hot dogs and marshmallows draw everyone together around the campfire. Check out these 10 best camp songs for kids to accompany your ‘smores and hot dogs!

The Importance Of Camp Songs For Kids

10 Best Camp Songs For Kids

Camp songs have been a popular way to pass the time for, well, forever. When it comes time for ending the day around a fire, the entertainment competition is becoming fierce. Smartphones, tablets, podcasts and e-books are continuously on the rise. Singing together is so important for any social or family unit. Singing joins together the essence of each individual (the human voice) to create one, unified sound. When joining together in song, the group sings the same words, breathes at the same time, and gets to blend their voice with the people to whom they are the closest.

Camp songs are best memorized, so this means they have to be something that everyone knows. Check out these recommendations for your camp repertoire!

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10 Camp Songs for Kids

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  1. The Other Day I Met A Bear. This call and response style is perfect for families with young and older children. It fosters creativity and allows them to create their own storyline!
  2. Another call and response style, Going On A Bear Hunt is filled with opportunities for movement and acting out the words. This is the perfect song to shake the sillies out after a long day of adventure.
  3. We know that Old MacDonald had a farm, but what it was filled with is still up in the air! Encourage your children to think outside the ‘farm’ by adding animals from different climates or ecosystems, and create their own sound for the animal if they aren’t sure.
  4. If your farmer had a dog, there’s a good chance his name was “BINGO“. This campfire song for kids is a bit of a brainteaser. As the song goes on, each verse leaves out a letter of Bingo’s name. Typically, in the absence of the letter, the singer has to clap, but adding in your own movement or sound is a great way to involve everyone. For an extra challenge, ask each child present to come up with a different letter-and see who can keep up with it!
  5. Telling stories around a camp fire is fun, but it’s hard to involve everyone present. Telling a story through song with opportunities for adding voices and dialogue is a really fun way to include everyone and be sure they are entertained without electronics. One great song that fits all this criteria is the Great Big Moose Song. It rhymes, it’s funny, and it tells the story of a silly moose, named Fred. What more could you want?
  6. The newest addition to camp songs for kids is an unlikely addition, but it meets the criteria of simple, fun, and all-inclusive. Baby Shark is one that everyone knows, and whether or not you love it or hate it, your kids love it. Plus, it doesn’t always have to be a shark. Choosing different animals can keep this fun going for a long time. (Sorry.)
  7. If you have older children, or children who have a keen memory, the song When I’m Gone is a fun choice for a sing along. From the popular movie, Pitch Perfect, “When I’m Gone” gives an exciting opportunity to children with rhythm to provide the backdrop, and the lyrics are simple enough that everyone can sing. This song is great because everyone can participate in different ways!
  8. Spongebob Squarepants’ popularity seems to keep climbing, despite the fact that the show has been around for 22 years. If you follow the culture of Spongebob, you’ve probably heard his Campfire Song. Like all things Spongebob, this selection from camp songs for kids is sure to get their sillies revved up, so this one might be a good option to go first, and not too close to bed time!
  9. Camp songs don’t actually have to have a melody! They just need to be something that everyone can sing/say together, preferably with a rhyme. The Banana song is suitable for children as young as 3, and is fun enough for children and adults! Combining physical movement with rhythmic phrases boosts memory and engages several brain functions at once: musical, kinesthetic, and emotional.
  10. The Beatles are a timeless, international icon for the rock and roll renaissance in the 20th Century, and everyone, or someone they know, has some sort of connection to a Beatles song that had some sort of impact on their life. One of their most popular hits also happens to be one of the most popular camp fire songs! Let It Be hit the top of the charts in 1970. Young or old, this song has the opportunity for everyone to participate, from the simple and repetitive refrain, to the clear words of the verses, making it a perfect choice for one of your camp songs for kids.
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10 Best Camp Songs For Kids

Whatever your camp repertoire is, finding songs that help to include everyone present and engage different modes of participation are always the best bet!

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