Back to School Season has come in like a lion and seems to be in full swing. Maybe your kids started in very early August, or maybe their first day is rapidly approaching. Regardless of when they start, one thing is for certain-if you have pre-teen or teenage girls you are certainly in for more than just clothes, shoes and new backpack shopping. Girls everywhere are concerned at younger ages than ever about things like hair-do’s, makeup and skin care. Many times, once your kids are rounding middle school, gone are the days of messy hair and unadorned faces. Today, we would like to tackle what can be a tough topic for many parents to come to terms with – the “beauty habits” of their teens. From some tips to a few great recommendations, this will hopefully ease some of the concerns you have or help to give them a good starting point.


If you have teenage girls in your house there is a good possibility that you have already heard requests for things like hair straighteners, eye shadows and makeup brushes. Depending on your style of parenting and your own beauty habits it is possible that just the thought of your own daughter using these things makes you recoil a bit. Oftentimes, things like doing their hair and makeup is like a “right of passage”. And maybe it’s a bridge that you are just not ready to cross yet. After all, wasn’t it just yesterday that she was twirling around in a princess dress and making a mess all over her face with your lipstick?  Times certainly change in the blink of an eye. Parenting daughters can be a tough road. While you want them to wait until the right age for things like makeup, you also don’t want them to try to sneak these things around you. Doing makeup on the bus never amounts well for anybody.

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Inner Beauty

First and foremost, throughout their younger years and even more importantly when rounding the age of puberty and those teen years it is most important to instill in your daughters the importance of inner beauty. No amount of hair, skincare or makeup products can replace what comes from within. Remind your daughters of this on a regular basis. Self worth is priceless. Also, practice what you preach! From the time girls are little they look up to their mother for things like confidence. Show them that you are beautiful both with and without makeup and avoid making negative comments about yourself. Then, when they come to you ready to experiment with these accouterments, it will serve them well for you to teach them how to accentuate their features the correct way – rather than leaving them to their own devices. After all beauty rituals can be quite the learning curve. If your child is interested but you don’t feel well versed in hair or makeup consider taking them to the salon for some tips or heading over to your local Sephora or Ulta. Both are great for tips and tricks and even do things like free makeovers when purchasing products.

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Makeup Tips

The world of makeup can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Consider some of these tips for your teens.

  • Use Quality Makeup– For teens, it may seem like a no brainer to buy the cheap stuff.  However, their skin is young and healthy and buying a higher quality product will assist in keeping it that way.
  • Less Really is More– Teaching daughters the correct way to apply makeup is critical. When you know how to do it correctly, then you end up using less makeup to achieve the desired results. As we mentioned above, if you aren’t quite sure then take yourselves both to a professional for a lesson. It will be well worth the money. Many salons offer makeup lessons for both teens and adults.
  • You may have differing opinions on what looks good– Remember that like fashion, makeup trends change every year. It is very possible that what you think looks good, your daughter hates. Be patient with her. Ask her to show you the look she is going for. Pinterest is great for this. There is a good chance she already has a board with makeup styles pinned to it!
  • Try to buy products with multiple purposes– A lip gloss that doubles as a cheek stain? Or an eyeshadow that doubles as a blush? Sign us up! Multi-use products save money and time.
  • There is a time and a place for everything– Remind her that you are in charge. Maybe you are not comfortable with her wearing makeup to school quite yet, and that is okay. Making concessions for a movie night with girlfriends may be a great place to start.
  • Avoid Harsh ChemicalsMost makeup companies fill their products with chemicals that have been linked to things like cancers, learning disabilities and infertility. Rather than take any chances, especially at younger ages, consider avoiding makeups that use these ingredients. Some top ones to watch out for include Triclosan, Parabens, Parfums, BHA & BHT (preservatives), Formaldehyde, Siloxanes and Sodium Laureth Sulfates. Your best bet is to research and find a few brands with mission statements and ingredients you can stand behind. Then you can rest assured that your children are avoiding these toxic chemicals. Below we have taken some of the guesswork out for you and we bring you two brands that Daily Mom is crazy about, Jane Iredale and 100% Pure. Their ingredient lists are certainly worth lusting over.

Fall Collection from jane iredale

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Jane Iredale uses the highest quality ingredients available to ensure satisfaction with performance, coverage, application and texture. They utilize pure mineral pigments with no fillers such as talc, and all of their products are non-comedogenic and do not block pores. All the products are safety tested, allergy tested, clinically tested and dermatologist tested, and never contain parabens or phenoxyethanol.

Jane Iredale is certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, the leading internationally respected animal protection group for cruelty-free certification.


The Jane Iredale brand new fall 2015 collection, Ready to Wear, is a new, playful collection for the skin, eyes and lips filled with rich color to complement any wardrobe and mood for the upcoming season.

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PlayOn Lip Crayons are brand new lip crayons that include moisturizing oils that help keep lips soft and conditioned for the perfect pout.

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Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener is now specifically formulated for oily skin, and noticeably reduces the appearance of pores, shine, and fights blemishes and clogged pores for a smooth, matte skin tone.

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PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles are mineral based pressed shadows designed to enhance the color and shape of the eye.

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PureLash Lengthening Mascara is a proprietary formula of seaweed lipids and wheat protein that thicken, curl, strengthen and condition lashes for eyes that pop.

Features You Will LOVE

PlayOn Lip Crayon:

  • Available in seven irresistible, long wearing shades, from classic reds to bright bubble gum pink
  • Long lasting color
  • Easy application
  • Moisturizers to keep lips feeling hydrated, all day long

Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener:

  • All the benefits of the award-winning Smooth Affair now formulated specifically for oily skin
  • Reduces the appearance of pores, and helps to keep skin feeling matte and clean
  • Prepares the skin so makeup goes on easily and lasts longer
  • Anti-aging, firms the skin and prevents moisture loss

PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles:

  • Four new bold, yet wearable shades from pinks to violet to deep and soft greens
  • Highly pigmented shadows
  • Apply wet or dry for a long-lasting, crease-free finish

PureLash Lengthening Mascara:

  • New dual sided brush to create longer, fuller looking lashes
  • Conditioning and protecting to reduce splitting and breaking
  • Free of lacquers, shellacs and petroleum-based ingredients
Perfect For

Jane Iredale’s new fall line is perfect for any aged girl who wants to look and feel their best, while not slathering harmful cosmetics on her face. We choose Jane Iredale as our #1 choice for cosmetics for teenagers because of their commitment to quality makeup without any harmful or toxic chemicals.


PlayOn Lip Crayon (coming soon!) | Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener (coming soon!) | PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles | PureLash Lengthening Mascara


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100% Pure


If you are looking for a skincare and makeup company that formulates all of its products without any of the harmful toxins found in many other cosmetics then look no further than 100% Pure. As a company, they focus on the fact that your skin is transdermal, therefore it absorbs everything you put onto it. Their personal mission is to create the highest quality cosmetics using only the highest quality ingredients. They also go one step further to ensure that their products are good for the environment. The packaging they use is made from post consumer recycled plastic, glass, soda cans and paper and are printed with biodegradable non-toxic vegetable ink. 100% Pure is cruelty free. They run their corporate offices on 100% solar energy and are also 100% electric.


Did you know that as much as 60% of topical skin care products are absorbed through the skin and into your bloodstream? The toxic chemicals in your cosmetic products have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors and irritation as well as many other skin disorders. For this reason, 100% Pure creates only products that are 100% free from synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. There is no need to scour the ingredient label trying to pick out what is acceptable or not. You will never find thickeners or emulsifiers in their products and they are all based around antioxidants as a main ingredient.

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100% Pure cosmetics are colored only from fruit and vegetable pigments. All of the antioxidants and vitamins found within these products are from these pigments.

Features You Will LOVE

Pretty Naked Palette:

  • Fruit Pigmented
  • Contains three eyeshadows and one blush
  • Soft, neutral tones to enhance and beautify
  • Packed with antioxidants and vitamins
  • Colors crafted with fruits, seeds, flowers and vegetables

Cream Eyestick:

  • Creamy and long-lasting soft crayon
  • Can be used as an eyeliner or shadow
  • Gentle enough for sensitive eye area
  • Long lasting
  • Provides natural glow

Black Tea Fruit Pigmented Mascara:

  • Lengthens, separates, thickens and glosses eyelashes
  • 100% natural
  • Provitamin B5, Vitamin E and wheat proteins condition the lashes
  • Gentle
  • Suitable for those who wear contacts or have sensitive eyes
  • Deep black color
  • Smudge resistant
Perfect For

100% Pure is great for women of all ages. It is perfect for stocking up your daughters makeup collection or adding to your own. You will know that your daughter is using products with the finest ingredients and of top-notch quality on their skin. And hey, if some of it happens to find its way into your makeup bag – we won’t tell anyone!

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Hair Tips

  • Quality styling tools will protect the hair– Similar to makeup, you sometimes get what you pay for. This can certainly be true for things like hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. When you buy a quality tool it generally comes with not only a warranty but also the latest technology that usually helps to enhance or protect your strands.
  • Encourage Pinterest– Pinterest is an amazing tool for finding hairdos (as well as hair-dont’s). Sometimes the morning bathroom routine can take a bit too long. If you have other kids waiting patiently for their turn, be sure to help your daughter search with terms like “simple hairstyles” or “5 minute hairdo’s”.
  • Never skip heat styling spray– This is an ESSENTIAL step! Always prep hair with a heat styling spray before it is in contact with direct heat.
  • Encourage a weekly deep conditioning– Once your daughter starts blowdrying, curling or straightening her hair remind her about the importance of maintaining those locks. Make time for a little weekly mother and daughter “break” and consider deep conditioning together while watching a movie.
  • Look into Henna Hair Color– If your daughter shows interest in coloring her hair, check out Henna For Hair. Unlike traditional dyes it does not contain harsh metals, toxins, chemical additives or irritants. It’s a healthier way for her to enhance her hair color.

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Beauty Products by Phuse Beauty

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Phuse Beauty, although newer to the market, certainly has a lot of experience in the beauty industry. 30 plus years of experience, to be exact! This means that they have plenty of secrets and tricks of the trade. They strive to do something women love. They bring salon quality tools and products into women’s homes. Phuse does this by ensuring that all of their products are backed by the best science. After all, their tagline is “where science meets beauty”.


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Phuse has a large selection of products, so there is something for everyone. They offer everything from hair dryers and straighteners to makeup brushes and tweezers. When it comes to hair they are really a one stop shop. 

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Features You Will LOVE

Hair Tamer Styling Iron:

  • 1″ ceramic styling iron
  • Ceramic plates produce ultra infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft producing even heat and preserving hair’s natural moisture
  • Heats up to 400° Fahrenheit in seconds
  • Variable temperature control
  • Create straight styles, flips, or curls
  • Automatic shut off after one hour (great for forgetful teens!)
  • LED light indicator when reaches required temperature

Lets Makeup Brush Set:

  • Contains 6 fantastic brushes – something for every one of your needs
  • Custom designed travel kit
  • Individually designed brushes with soft synthetic bristles
Perfect For

These high quality products are great for teenagers. With school rapidly approaching (or in session in some places) some of these things are certainly on her want list. Buying her products such as hair straighteners that are well-made will stand the test of time and help to protect those precious strands of hair. A great collection of makeup brushes is a great way to round off her first makeup collection. She will have everything she needs right at her fingertips.

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