6 Baby Eczema Natural Remedies to Try

Have you noticed dry, itchy, red patches on your baby’s skin? If so, your baby may be suffering from a very common skin condition called eczema. Seeing your baby in discomfort is probably one of the most difficult things for a parent. That’s where baby eczema natural remedies can help! These eczema natural remedies may help stop redness and itching, which will bring a smile to the baby’s face as well as yours!

When dealing with baby eczema, it can be difficult to know which remedies are best to use. Natural remedies are often a great place to start, as they are gentle on your baby’s skin and don’t come with the same risks as many traditional treatments. Try out these 6 natural remedies for eczema in babies and see if they work for you!

What’s Causing Your Baby’s Eczema?

It’s important to understand the causes of your baby’s eczema before attempting any natural remedies. It’s possible that it could be caused by an allergy, environmental factors such as temperature, or irritants such as certain fabrics. Allergic reactions may cause redness, hives, swelling, itching, and watery eyes. Atopy, a form of eczema associated with inhalant allergies, can also cause intense itching.

Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can also cause babies to break out in eczema. In the winter, excessive dryness in the air can make eczema worse. In the summer, heat, sweat, and humidity can make it worse too. Babies who are allergic to pollen, dust, and pet dander require regular exposure to air-conditioning or dehumidifiers.

Certain fabrics can irritate the skin and cause eczema in some babies. Your baby’s clothes should always be soft, lightweight, and made of natural fibers. Synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, and nylon can be harsh on the skin and trigger eczema flare-ups. Some babies have even been known to develop a type of eczema called contact dermatitis due to repeated exposure to certain fabrics.

The list of possible causes for your baby’s eczema is long, so it’s important to consult a doctor to determine the exact cause. The reasons vary from child to child, and can even stem from genetics. Only after making an accurate diagnosis can you find the best natural remedy for your baby’s eczema.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Baby Eczema Natural Remedies To Try

Our Favorite Baby Eczema Natural Remedies

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal, so it’s an excellent natural moisturizer for your baby’s skin, and it also helps to form protective layers which can reduce the irritation and itchiness of eczema. Not to mention, your baby will smell like a yummy tropical paradise! Coconut oil is incredibly versatile and easy to use. You can apply it directly to your baby’s skin or add it to your baby’s bathwater. It is important to note that coconut oil can be thick and hard to spread, so if you opt for the direct application method, make sure to warm up the oil first.

When shopping, look for organic virgin coconut oil (you can find this at your local grocery or health food store). Just a little bit of it will go a long way. You can also try a coconut oil-based product made especially for the skin like Capri Clear Natural Soothing Fluid. Additionally, coconut oil can also be used to cook with and can be added to your baby’s food for a health boost.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is another great baby eczema natural remedy because it is extremely hydrating and can help heal the skin. It is derived from the nut of the African shea tree and is known for its many healing and nourishing properties. Shea butter can help reduce skin inflammation and irritation and also forms a protective barrier on the skin which helps to prevent further infection.

Shea butter is also high in healthy fatty acids which can reduce your baby’s dry and itchy skin. To use it, simply apply a thin layer to the affected area of your baby’s skin and massage it into the skin until it is fully absorbed. It is extremely important to keep a baby’s skin moisturized if they are suffering from eczema.


Probiotics are incredibly beneficial for both adults and children suffering and is one of the best natural remedies for baby eczema. Probiotic supplements work to increase good bacteria in the intestines, which aid in digestion and are thought to help prevent and promote the healing of eczema (particularly if the eczema is caused by dietary issues). If a baby has eczema, their gut isn’t able to take in all the beneficial bacteria it needs. Adding probiotics to their diet can help restore gut balance and reduce eczema symptoms.

Probiotics can be found in food sources, such as yogurt and kefir, or as supplements in powder or chewable form that are made especially for babies and children. To ensure the best quality, look for a probiotic that is well-known, research-backed, and ‘Human-strain’ based. When introducing probiotics to a baby, it is safe to start with ¼ teaspoon and increase as tolerated.

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Additionally, probiotics can be added to your baby’s bath water for a natural, calming bath remedy. You can purchase a probiotic bath additive, like Defense Shield Pro, to add to your baby’s tub or you can make your own concoction. If making your own probiotic bath solution, mix 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of baking soda, 20 drops of lavender essential oil, and 1 teaspoon of an infant-safe probiotic powder in a quart of warm bath water. This mixture helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness naturally.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Baby Eczema Natural Remedies To Try


Calendula (better known as pretty yellow marigold flowers) has been recognized for centuries for its skin-soothing properties. Today you can find many creams and special lotions made with calendula extract that make perfect baby eczema natural remedies for easing discomfort. Check out California Baby’s Calendula Cream or consider buying straight calendula extract and mixing it with coconut oil for a personalized solution.

To apply a calendula lotion to your baby’s eczema, start by washing the area with gentle, natural soap and warm water. Pat the area dry and then apply the lotion. Do this several times a day to soothe and calm the skin. Even if the eczema does not seem to be getting better, keep up with the treatments since sometimes the problem just needs time to naturally heal, and you may be surprised to see how effective the calendula lotion can be.

If your baby experiences severe itching, you can also look for calendula-based bath oils that you can add to their bath water. This can help to reduce the itchiness and can also soothe the skin. To make even more natural remedies for your baby’s eczema, you can create a paste out of oatmeal and water and apply it directly to the area. Oatmeal contains proteins and lipids which help to reduce inflammation and irritation. Additionally, chamomile is known to be a great anti-inflammatory agent, so you can make tea out of chamomile, strain it, and use the tea water as a topical remedy.


Other baby eczema natural remedies include using a humidifier, especially during dry winter months. It’s a great way to infuse a little bit of extra moisture into the room, and also your baby’s skin. Choose a cool-mist humidifier to avoid burns, like one of these adorable animal-shaped ones from Crane, and keep it running in your child’s bedroom while they sleep.


While there hasn’t been a ton of research on the effects of sun exposure on eczema, some researchers believe that low levels of vitamin D (much of which we get from sunshine) could be linked to eczema and other allergies. A 2012 Australian research study of 7,643 children did find that kids living in low sunlight areas were more likely to suffer from eczema and other allergies compared to their high-sun exposure counterparts. Obviously, with sun exposure you always want to make sure your child isn’t out for too long and wears sunscreen or protective clothing. Vitamin D supplements, particularly during winter months, may be beneficial for baby eczema natural remedies.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Baby Eczema Natural Remedies To Try


  • Dress your baby in soft, cotton clothing
  • Use a gentle, non-scented laundry detergent
  • Avoid bubble baths and use mild soap for sensitive skin
  • Use a gentle lotion or lubricating agent to lock in moisture immediately after bath time
  • Determine if the diet is to blame (common allergens include cow’s milk, peanuts, eggs, fish, wheat, and soy)

In conclusion, baby eczema can cause a lot of distress for babies and their parents. By using baby eczema natural remedies, you can help soothe your baby’s skin and reduce the itching and redness associated with eczema. Try out these 6 natural remedies and see if they work for you and your baby. With the right care and treatment, your baby can have healthy and itch-free skin again in no time!

(This baby eczema natural remedies post is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional. Please read our terms of use for more information.)

Once you’ve tried some of these baby eczema natural remedies, check out Daily Mom’s Healthy Living section for more advice, tips, and tricks.


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Daily Mom Parent Portal Baby Eczema Natural Remedies To Try

Source: National Eczema Association & WebMD “Does sunshine prevent childhood eczema and allergies?”
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  1. i’m so glad to see food allergy noted first- it seems like that is often never considered the root cause. we tried all of the natural remedies, but it was dairy causing the problems so it didn’t get better until we removed the dairy.

  2. Thanks for your comment Stacy! We just tried eliminating dairy from my son’s diet for a couple of weeks, but there was no improvement. We are going to have him allergy tested soon because of his eczema and digestive issues.

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