How to Fail Proof your Most Outdoorsy End of Summer Yet

Summer is meant for being outside. The animals are out, the foliage is alive, and most families have a little more time in their days set aside to be together. The typical summer activities are always fun – the pool or the beach, bike riding, or hanging out with friends- but in order to make your summer (and soon fall!) truly epic, you need to get yourself out there a little more. Taking your kids on a summer adventure like hiking and camping at a local forest park is a great way to make a memorable year. Spending time with friends and family in front of a fire pit or for an outdoor dinner in town is where it’s at this summer. And having the right gear for your end of summer adventures, whatever that entails, ensures that you will be able to take your trek head on without fail. Here are some ways you can make sure you fail proof your outdoor adventures before you hit the trail.

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How to Fail Proof Your Most Outdoorsy End of Summer Yet

You want to be sure your summer and fall adventures go off without a hitch. You’ll plan your days and scope out the perfect spots. But you also need to make sure everyone has everything they need to hike the trails comfortably. Here are ways to make sure you have the best summer yet:

Every hiker needs a great set of hiking shoes. Keen offers shoes for men, women, and kids so the whole family can be well-equipped for the adventurous trek up the mountain. For mom, the EVOFIT sandal allows free movement all while being comfortable and safe. The moisture wicking material acts almost like a second skin and the AquaGrip outsole makes sure that you are safe and sturdy even on the most slippery of surfaces.

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If you want something with a little more coverage or something you can wear both on adventures or out in town, the PRESIDIO II is a shoe that gives you both. They are stylish and supportive, giving you the flexibility to move from city exploring to nature exploring. They have a low profile, full-grain leather, and come in a variety of colors so you can still look fabulous even while in the woods.

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Dad has some exploring to do, too, so the TARGHEE VENT shoe is perfect for his hill-climbing and rough-terrain needs. These slip-on shoes aren’t lacking in grip or stability- the Keen rubber outsole makes sure he’s safe even on slippery surfaces. It is water resistant and the mesh panels allow for some breathability while exploring on hot days. And don’t worry, the Cleansport® NXT odor control makes sure that no matter how much dad sweats, his shoes won’t tell.

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Your little explorers need some good footwear, too. The Little Kids’ NEWPORT NEO sandal is waterproof, has a grippy sole to keep them safe from slipping, and can be worn around the woods or in the water. They are machine washable which is a huge win for parents everywhere, especially after taking them out exploring. Kids love them because they allow them to move and shift easily along rocks and logs just as if they were barefoot.

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For more looks from Keen check out our look-book below: 

When you’re out exploring, you need clothes that are durable, flexible, and comfortable. Depending on what type of exploring you are doing you will need clothing that keeps you away from harmful bugs and plants but also gives you room to move, jump, and climb. Fjavallraven offers a line of clothing designed just for explorers. They have options for men, women, and kids so everyone can get outfitted before they hit the road less traveled.

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For Mom:

  • Abisko Trekking Tights are perfect for long hikes, quick bike rides, or family nature walks. They are made with 4-way functional fabric giving you room to move. They also have reinforced knee and glute panels to protect you from wet spots when you take a break on a rock, or any sharps sticks or stones.

Fjallraven-Leggings (5) Fjallraven-Leggings (1) Fjallraven-Leggings (7)

Fjallraven-Womens-Jacket (2) Fjallraven-Womens-Jacket (1)

  • The Abisko Stretch Trouser is perfect for the outdoor climb, bike ride, or just taking a nature walk with the family.

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For Dad:

  • Get dad outfitted with Baron Pro Jeans, which will keep his legs covered from sticks, sharp rocks, and unruly bugs all while allowing him to move.

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  • The Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers are perfect for warmer climates when dad still wants to keep his legs protected. It has plenty of pockets to help carry supplies (or random items the kids find).

Fjallraven-Mens-Sweater-Pants (6) Fjallraven-Mens-Sweater-Pants (5)

  • The Abisko Lite Shorts give dad the option of wearing them for a quick walk or bike ride and then heading into town for a bite to eat.


  • Lastly, the Ovik Fleece Hoodie is a great mid-layer barrier for under a lightweight jacket  or by itself. Made from recycled polyester, it has been brushed for extra comfort and coziness.

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For Kids: 

  • The Abisko Windbreaker Jacket is perfect for your youngest explorers. It is lightweight, waterproof, and flexible. It will keep them warm on cool evenings, dry from morning dew, and protected from bugs and plants during your adventures.

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When you’re spending the day outside in the warm summer or fall air, it’s always important to stay hydrated. The entire family needs to make sure they are drinking water all day long to stay safe from heat stroke or dehydration, even if it’s somewhat cool outside.

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The Salomon Soft Reservoir makes it easy to keep hydrated. This reservoir pack can fit in any backpack at any angle, making it even easier to make sure you have water with you at all times. You are not longer restricted to just one small hydration pack that doesn’t carry much of anything else- now you can use whatever bag you prefer and make sure water is with you at all times. 

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Soft Reservoir 2L


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Make Time for Play

After a long day (or days) of spending time outdoors, you need a little time to relax with friends and family. Summer barbeques, hanging out by the fire pit, or heading downtown for a nice dinner al fresco style is all part of making it your best summer yet. But to make that happen you need a few summer staples. 

Picture this: A hot summer day on the lake, sitting with friends and family in front of a fire pit that’s ready to fire up when it gets chilly in the evening. Nothing is worse than taking a dip in the lake or sweating it out in the sun, and having your makeup run down your face. Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables is a water resistant, swim resistant, high pigment makeup line that ensures your makeup doesn’t go any place no matter what you’re doing.


They have everything from foundation to mascara, eye liner to lip color. So cannonball your heart out without worrying about what comes off (except your bikini- how have we not figured THAT out yet?!).

Cargo_20180603_706A0683 Cargo_20180603_706A0680 Cargo_20180603_706A0677 Cargo_20180603_706A0676 Cargo_20180603_706A0678Shop this look:

The sun has a tendency to not only make us hot, but also make our favorite cold drinks into a luke-warm mess. Hydro Flasks Pints keep your drinks cold and fresh all day long. From beer to your favorite cocktail, or even just water you will have a cold drink in your hand all day long.

Hydroflask_20180714_706A6833 – Copy Hydroflask_20180714_706A6840They come in all sorts of colors so they can match your personal style. The vacuum-seal insulation keeps it cold in the warmest of climates and the 16 oz size is the perfect size for your beer or cocktail.



Find your perfect Hydro Flask

Your summer style doesn’t end at your hiking adventure either. Change up from active to stylish with sts blue. The Rose Bowl Short is a summer-time must that is perfect for a day at the lake, a family barbecue, or a casual dinner in town.

Blue Jeans_20180716_706A9658 Blue Jeans_20180716_706A9680 Blue Jeans_20180716_706A9676When it starts to cool down, the Boyfriend Denim jacket is lightweight and stylish, perfect to keep you warm on the chilliest of evenings.

Blue Jeans_20180716_706A9665

Blue Jeans_20180716_706A9669

Shop your summer denim style:

You need versatile looks for your end of summer evenings. As the weather starts to cool off and we head into the school year, making weekday fire pits in the neighborhood less and less, we want something that we still love for summer wear but that can transition to the next season.

Garnet_Hill (7)

Summer style is all about ease and simple shift dresses are where it’s at. You’ll stay cool on hot summer nights with the Lilla P Woven Shift Dress. The trending stripes will keep you in style and you’ll be telling everyone, “It has pockets!” every time you wear it.

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Another big trend this summer is linen. Linen shirts and pants keep you cool in the hot summer but also leave you looking stylish. The biggest plus, though? It’s comfortable. This Essential Linen Shirt is essential for your summer wardrobe, and fits perfectly as you transition to the end of summer and into the fall. The high-low style gives it some extra edge and style, and you’ll want one in every color.

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The Easy Linen Tunic will quickly become one of your favorite shirts, especially as we begin to transition to the end of the summer. The long style is great with leggings, shorts, or even worn as a light shirt on top of camisole or other tee.

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As we start to hit cooler temperatures, something like the Organic Cotton Cargo Jacket is perfect to slip on in the evenings. The cargo style is on-trend this season and the earthy color options make it easy to transition to the end of summer and into the fall.

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Want more on this look? Check out our look-book below:


Shop this end of summer style:

Summer is all about spending time outdoors. Whether that means hiking up a huge mountain, going on nature trails with the family, or just spending time outdoors with family and friends in front of a fire pit with good food and drinks you need the right stuff to make this your best outdoorsy summer yet.

For more ideas on how to make this summer pretty epic, check out Unplan your Summer Vacation right here on Daily Mom!

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