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You enter the store and your eyes scan the room, excited and giddy. You zero in on the perfect match for you. The clouds part, and a chorus of angels erupts! You have found your perfect pair of heels! 

But then you begin the dreaded process of breaking them in to make them perfectly yours and your imagination suddenly strays to blisters, and limping through your day.

What if there were some tips to alleviate the pain of breaking in your heels, without investing the hours of  discomfort leading up to it? Read on for some tips that may just save your soles some agony!

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1. Put a sock in it!

  • Literally. Find a pair of the heaviest and thickest socks available, and wear them with your new pair of heels around the house for about 15 minutes a day. This will begin to stretch them out, but will not chafe or cut up your feet in the process. Slip them on with heavy socks while you cook dinner, or fold the laundry. Don’t just sit stagnant, wear them while you are active around the house! A few minutes every day will have you on the road to a more comfortable pair of heels in no time.

2. Get it wet!

  • Take a damp washcloth or rag, and run it along the inside of your shoes. Put them on immediately following, and wear them around for about a half an hour. The water will cause the shoes to fully form to your individual foot shape. If you’re really trying to stretch them out, wear the thick socks following putting water along the inside. Make sure to put your shoe in a dry and cool space to fully dry them after you get them a bit wet. 

3. Rough it!

  • Use sandpaper to rough up the bottom of the shoe, to prevent you from having to overcompensate your foot position for slippery surfaces. 

4. Make sure you moisturize!

  • Most blisters will occur when your feet begin to rub and chafe. Making sure they are properly moisturized will help them from having dry spots where they can rub uncomfortably. Rub some lotion on your feet, and pack some in your clutch before you go out for the night in case they turn dry and start to hurt.

5. When all else fails- start packin’!

  • Let’s face it, sometimes it takes a while to achieve the perfect fit. Before you head out the door, grab some band-aids for an emergency application should the need arise later. 
  • Consider taking some emergency flats and keeping them in the car-just in case. This particular kind comes with a little wristlet, perfect for stuffing in your purse, without drawing unnecessary attention.
What is your favorite way to break in high heels? Tell us in the comment section!
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