10 Great Kids TV Shows to Watch with Your Toddler That You’ll Actually enjoy

Let’s be honest, kids tv shows are for them not you, but at the same time, you probably get either sucked in or talked into watching shows with your toddlers.  Some shows may make you want to pull your hair out and a few kids tv shows you might actually enjoy watching.  Since most kids can watch the same thing over and over again, it is always good to have new kids tv shows in your back pocket to pull out and actually be able to enjoy together!

Boss Baby

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

Boss Baby is back!  With four seasons of giggles for both you and your toddler, this Netflix show is a spin-off from the popular movie, with the same witty commentary and solid acting you would expect from the Dreamworks movie.  Kids tv shows sometimes don’t have great acting, but this is definitely not one of those shows, which is a pleasant surprise. You can expect to laugh, be amused, and get a few jokes that will fly over your kid’s heads.

Dragon Rescue Riders 

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

A spin-off from the movie How to Train Your Dragon, this Netflix show is based on twins Dak and Leyla that have devoted their lives to help others, with their dragon friends.  The dragons have personalities, talk, and interact with their siblings for endless joy and amusement for your toddler.  Their adventures are most definitely kid-friendly, always a little quirky, and the tales of the twins working together, not only teach good lessons for your little ones but are also entertaining for you as someone is always getting into silly trouble.   


10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

A classic kids book with great lessons for all is now also one of the best kids tv shows.  The best part of this Amazon Prime show is you will most likely remember reading these books as a kid yourself and can reminisce while watching the show.  True to the original Emily Elizabeth and Clifford storylines, this is one of those kids tv shows that will help teach your children little lessons while entertaining them.  Since you will enjoy watching these shows as well, you will be able to take the lessons that are taught with you and incorporate them into your daily life with your toddler.

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10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

Ah, Scooby-Doo- a classic, that will not only bring you back to your childhood but one of those kids tv shows you will enjoy watching.  Often kids tv shows are mindless entertainment, but this Amazon Prime show is funny, entertaining and will even make you giggle as Scooby-Doo and friends get in the same trouble as they used to.  A classic show that is simple, entertaining, and complete with the silly fun that your toddler and yourself are looking for while enjoying a little television.

The Magic School Bus

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

This show originally released in 1994 and now streams on Netflix, is a hidden gem when it comes to kids tv shows. Based on the children’s book series this fun show takes you and your toddlers along for the ride as Ms. Fizzle travels to outer space, the middle of the earth, under the sea, and more.  Kids tv shows should be more than just mindless entertainment, The Magic School Bus will teach your kids about science, the world, and even the human body.  Giving you a chance to take a little break along with them and a back seat to trying to answer their endless questions. 

Bug Diaries 

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

Bug Diaries is a fun show on Amazon Prime where the bugs are the main characters who reside in the backyard of a family home. This kids tv show is fun for all since it is from the bug’s perspective they often have plot lines that will make your kiddos think about someone else’s perspective.  With three cute bug friends running around it is them against the big wild world.  No matter what situation they find themselves in they always figure out a way to work together and get out of any sticky mess.  A cute show that will keep you chuckling over the bugs that are portrayed as best friends. 

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Sophie la Girafe

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

The popular baby shower gift turned into a Hulu show and one of those learning kids tv shows that won’t want to make you take a nap.  Albeit juvenile and kitschy, but still fun as Sophie la Girafe takes your toddler on little lessons that are based around Montessori pedagogy.  Which makes this learning show more than a mindnumbing counting and colors show.  It is designed to actually teach your children and help them grow their vocabulary as well as learn independently.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

Jake is more than just a little boy on Never Land, he is Captain Jake! Alongside his pirate’s friends, they are endlessly battling Captain Hook for the secret island treasures.  Peter Pan was a Disney classic, and this show is a continuation of the tales of Never Land your whole family will love.  Fun for all as these little pirates are constantly competing against Captain Hook and his gang.  With two short eleven-minute segments, this is a quick show that will keep everyone’s attention.

Elena of Avalor

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy

Kids are too quick to grow up as they think it’s better to be older or because you are older you can do more.  As an adult we know that is true, but so many more responsibilities come with being an adult.  This is why Elena of Avalor on Amazon Prime, is a favorite of current kids tv shows, of a young princess who is forced to the crown way before age.  So she is learning as she goes with many bumps along the way, that offer great teaching moments.  Lessons not just for your little one, but helpful for you to reference back to as with how relatable it is. 

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Great British Bake Off

10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy
Ep8. Dave, Paul, Prue and Matt.

Not all kid’s TVs shows are for all kids and The Great British Bake Off can be surprisingly entertaining for the older toddlers and for you too! The show follows a talented batch of amateur bakers as they face off in a 10-week competition. They compete against each other, whipping up their best dishes striving to be the best in the U.K. The accents, witty banter, and often frenzy cooking will delight both you and the little ones. Plus this show might even inspire you to get in the kitchen and bake with your toddler.

The best part about kids tv shows nowadays is that a lot of the shows have well-known actors that do the voiceovers which means more entertainment for the parents.  The shows being produced are not just average anymore, they have good content with storylines that the adults can appreciate too.  Hopefully, you can find a new favorite kids tv show that you will enjoy almost as much as your kiddos!

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10 Great Kids Tv Shows To Watch With Your Toddler That You’Ll Actually Enjoy
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