8 Fall Activities To Do With A New Baby

 Everyone loves fall. With fall comes exciting new activities, traditions, and holidays. This particular fall season is even more exciting with a new baby. This season will be filled with many “firsts” and the start of new family traditions. If you are looking for ideas for what to do with a new baby in the fall, here are eight fall-themed activities.

1. Pumpkin Patch

Baby’s first visit to the pumpkin patch! Choose which pumpkin patch is best and most suitable for a young baby. Make sure to go early in the morning to avoid the late afternoon crowds. Don’t forget the camera!

2. Fall Themed Books

Reading is great for baby year round. Swap out the usual bedtime stories for fall-themed stories. Fall-themed books are a great way to get into the fall spirit.

3. Apple Orchard

Fall means apple season has arrived. Many orchards have community events that allow children to visit the orchard. A visit to an apple orchard is a great learning opportunity to teach children about healthy eating and where food comes from. Avoid weekends if possible, as the orchard tends to draw crowds on the weekend.

Some apple orchards feature other activities – like a pig race!

4. Corn Maze

A corn maze is what it sounds like: a maze out of corn. Some corn mazes feature other farm attractions such as hay rides, petting zoos, and other play areas for children. This is a great activity to do with older siblings. The new baby may not enjoy the corn yet, but the older siblings will!

5. Beach

The beach is perfect in the fall, the crowds are gone and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the water. Baby will enjoy exploring new textures and breathing in the fresh ocean air at the beach. Yes, the beach can be daunting with a baby, but it’s worth it. According to the Huffington Post, research has shown that the beach helps young babies develop a lifelong appreciation for nature, which leads to lower obesity rates and healthier lifestyles. Plus, the vitamin D is good for the whole family.

6. Art Festival

It’s never too early to expose baby to art. Find a local art festival and pack the stroller or carrier! Baby’s curiosity will be engaged by the people, outdoors, and art.

7. Food Truck Rally

Okay, this one might be more fun for mom and dad. But, mom and dad’s enthusiasm will be contagious! The food truck rally will have a friendly atmosphere that baby will love.

8. Family Portrait

The holidays are always a hectic time. Before the holidays are upon us, take your family portrait early to use for the holiday card. The first holiday card with a baby is one for the scrapbooks.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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