5 Simple Parenting Hacks for Moms

Parenting hacks make life with children just a bit easier. Bad ‘adult’ days, crying kids, inconsolable babies, and worst yet, you’re at your wits’ end on how to handle it on a consistent basis. You’re not alone. Many parents have those moments (probably every day) where you just don’t know how to connect with your kids on a consistent basis to have some peace and harmony with just a pinch of “normal” chaos.

Whether you have one child or 11 like we do, you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity for a straight jacket to get some harmony flowing through your home. Here are 5 crazy-simple parenting hacks we use to come out as…well, damn good parents.

Pray Often Or Quiet Time

Our parenting isn’t perfect, but what we firmly believe in is our faith. The perfection of God and what He teaches us. We won’t always get it, we’ll screw up many times, and yet we don’t beat ourselves up for it. We pray openly with our children. In the morning, we make it a point to ask what they want to pray for, and how we can serve them, and then follow through with family prayer together.

During meals, at the beginning of our day, sometimes at the end of our day, or anytime a child seems to need spiritual guidance, we’ll pray. What works for us is that we are not ashamed to pray for our mistakes and ask for forgiveness in front of and with our children.

If you aren’t into that sorta thing, just talking with your children, having quiet time, time to meditate, and realize that there’s more to life than just one’s self is just as effective. This is the main idea behind our prayer time. Try it out for yourself and see what happens.

Spouse First

Parenting hacks include putting your spouse first. That’s right, follow me for more parenting hacks that put the kiddos second… read on and you will understand. We tend to get some pushback with this one but don’t confuse putting ourselves first with the needs of our children.

It’s no secret, so let’s be blunt. Children are selfish. They want what they want when they want it. Your children will want what they want even if it comes between you and your spouse. It may seem innocent at first, but the next thing you know, you feel belittled, disrespected, and at odds with your spouse because you feel like you need to “stand up for your child”. Their wants come second to our marriage relationship.

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It keeps us in sync with child-rearing with the children understanding that playing mom against dad or vice versa isn’t acceptable, nor will it be tolerated. I stand up and stand behind my husband’s decisions and likewise, he does mine – even if we don’t always agree.

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This also includes continuing our date nights. Having a child cry and get upset that mom and dad are leaving is not cause to cancel our date in order to stay home to console that child. That is an example of a want, not a need. They want mom and dad to stay home. Their basic needs are not being neglected. A simple eye-to-eye conversation with that child and continuing on with the date is more important than succumbing to their selfishness to keep you home instead of nurturing the marriage relationship.

Put Them To Work

Parenting hacks must include teaching responsibility. You cannot do everything for your children at all times. Children need to be occupied. We have 11…trust us on this. Our goal is to raise self-sustaining and functioning adults that feel confident to support themselves one day. They have to have the skills to do so. We give them responsibilities and keep them accountable for what they do accomplish and what they don’t.


So, daily chores are a must, beginning with a simple “pick that up” chore all the way to lawn, kitchen, and sanitary tasks around the home. Yes, cooking is definitely included. Takeout isn’t an ideal lifestyle to maintain a healthy body, so dishes aren’t the only kitchen task they work at.

Parenting Hacks Must Be a Promise Kept Not Just a Threat

“If you fight with your brother one more time, you aren’t getting dessert.”

One hour later…the child is delightfully enjoying his double scoop of ice cream.

Threats don’t work. Your kid is smart. They’ll ‘believe’ it the first couple of times you make those calls. However, it won’t take long till they literally know you’re full of it. It sounds good to say it, but the follow-through is not so easy. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.


Your children need to know they can trust you. Spouting off empty threats like a leaky faucet means a lot is coming out, but it’s of no use. It turns into a trust issue. You don’t stick to your word when you threaten. If you say no dessert, it’s a promise. No matter how much that kid begs, pleads, apologizes, and recants their behavior…stick to your guns. Promise… leave the empty threats for the politicians.

Apologize Often

Parenting hacks include apologies. That’s right. We’re wrong. You’re wrong. I’m wrong, my husband is wrong. We’re so wrong, it’s really comical at times the things we can blow out of proportion. It’s times like those that apologies are warranted. We make mistakes just like our children. We’re no different other than the fact we have more experience in the ‘made mistakes’ department. It’s not easy squatting down to a 6-year-old level and admitting you’re wrong, but it’s necessary. You’re showing compassion and selflessness, and setting an example for them to follow.

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We can be quick to tell them to say sorry to a sibling they just slugged, but are we just as quick to say sorry to them after yelling in anger or frustration? Say sorry… and often.

These 5 simple hacks we use in our parenting keep our family (including us) in line, on point, and seriously less stressed than most. Parenting is stressful enough, why add to it the unpredictable chaos of not knowing how anyone will react? That’s not harmonic. You’ve got to have a system that works for you, no matter how many kids you have.

BONUS HACK No. 6: Let go of control.  

We don’t control our kids, but we want to direct them. When I don’t have to do the dishes, I give general guidance on where they go. I don’t have to do dishes… I’m not going to ‘go over’ their work because it isn’t perfect or how I would do it. It’s done, the task is done, so let go of control and sit back and enjoy the moment.

Try out one or two of our suggestions and see how it works for your family. If you have a system or routine that works for your family, some parenting hacks do tell!

What are some more mom hacks?

Combine parenting hacks from your friends, Buzzfeed parenting hacks, and parenting hacks Reddit so you can be the best parent you can be.
1. Create a reward system to motivate your kids to help around the house.
2. Take advantage of the 15-minute rule: give yourself 15 minutes of alone time each day.
3. Keep a spare set of clothes for each kid in the car for emergency changes.
4. Use mason jars or other clear containers to store crayons, scissors, or other small items.
5. Keep a mini first aid kit in the car for minor boo-boos.
6. Use a code word or phrase when you need to get your children’s attention quickly.
7. Put a whiteboard in your kitchen to keep a running list of groceries needed.
8. Make a chart for your kids to keep track of their chores and reward them for completing each one.
9. Have your kids pack their own school lunches the night before.
10. Have a designated spot for each kid’s belongings to make it easier to keep track of them.

How can I make parenting easier?

Make time for yourself. Parenting can be a challenging and exhausting job, so it’s important to make time for yourself to take a break. This can include activities such as taking a walk, reading a book, doing yoga, or practicing meditation—whatever helps you relax and recharge.

Break tasks into smaller chunks. By breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks, you can make parenting easier by focusing on one task at a time.

Get organized. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by creating a schedule and a list of tasks that need to be done each day. This will help keep all of your tasks organized, so you can focus on each one and not get distracted.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s OK to reach out to friends, family members, or even a professional to get help when you need it.

What is the number one rule of parenting?

The number one rule of parenting can vary depending on who you ask; there is no universal consensus on what the number one rule should be. Some may cite safety as the number one rule, while others may believe that communication and patience should come first.

What not to do while parenting?

Unethical parenting hacks can harm children: Don’t ignore your child’s feelings or emotions.
Don’t lie to your child or be apathetic toward them. Don’t compare your child to others.
Don’t make unreasonable demands on your child. Don’t expect perfection or do things for them that they can do themselves.

Don’t use bribery or rewards as the primary discipline tool. Don’t allow your child to be exposed to inappropriate content or people. Don’t withhold love or affection when your child has misbehaved. Don’t focus on material possessions or rewards.

Parenting hacks do not make the day in and out of raising kids all sunshine and roses every day. But learning from the wisdom of experienced moms makes tasks easier. It’s also a way to not feel alone in the world of parenting. Moms need other moms to build each other up and share their tips, and tricks that make raising children a fun adventure.

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