Not Your Mama’s Workout: Best Workout Playlist

Is your New Year’s Resolution to sweat more? Work on that booty and run those extra miles? One of the best ways to motivate a workout is through music. Music can pick you up when you are down. Miles one through four may not have been hard, but dragging on five? Or maybe you just aren’t feeling up to working out today? Find that song that gets that good ‘ish in your bones . Here is the best workout playlist to unleash your inner beast.

daily mom parent portal best workout playlist

At Daily Mom, we believe the best playlist isn’t limited to one genre. Creating a list of a variety of songs allows your playlist to better fit your mood which will up your workout game. If you aren’t feeling that song today, there is always the skip button.

Songs of 2018

  • Dinero- Jennifer Lopez
  • Side Effects- The Chainsmokers
  • Legendary- Welshly Arms
  • Jungle- X Ambassadors 
  • Feel It Still-Portugal the Man
  • ApeShit- The Carters
  • Bartier Cardi- Cardi B and 21 Savage
  • Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons
  • Havana- Camila Cabello
  • Stronger- The Score
  • All My Friends- The Revivalist
  • Gladiator- Zayde Wolf
  • Level Up- Ciara
  • Lemon- N.E.R.D featuring Rihanna
  • Filthy- Justin Timberlake
daily mom parent portal best workout playlist 2

Old Favorites

While some of these songs you may not have heard of, reaching back to ’90’s and 2000’s hip-hop is a must for mamas these days.  After all many of us are fueled by coffee and 90’s rap.  These songs will get those juices flowing and get you in the groove of that workout. 

  • ATLiens- Outkast
  • Sleep Now In the Fire- Rage Against the Machine
  • Never Scared- Bone Crusher
  • Till I Collapse- Eminem, Nate Dogg
  • We Ready- Archie Eversole 
  • Fly- Nicki Minaj, Rihanna
  • Lose Yourself- Eminem
  • Remember the Name- Fort Minor featuring Styles of Beyond
  • Wicked Ones- Dorothy
  • Rise- Katy Perry
  • Stompa- Serena Ryder
  • Sugar We’re Goin Down- Fall Out Boy
  • Good Day- Nappy Roots
  • Sucker for Pain – Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons
  • Numb/Encore- Jay Z, Linkin Park

Benefits of Workout Playlist

It is not a new concept that music helps boost your workout. However, have we stopped to understand why? One reason is that music serves as a distraction. The best workouts are tough ones; those are the ones that torch calories. Music helps deliver your inner beast mode, by offering a distraction.

Daily Mom parents portal best workout playlist

Music helps to fuel your mental focus as well. It gets you in the zone, tunes out the rest of the world and lets you focus on working out. Your aggression, your worries, whatever is holding you back you let go during your workout. Channeling the music helps you leave those woes behind you and focus on the task at hand. Plug in and turn up the volume. It’s time for beast mode.

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daily mom parent portal Best Workout Playlist

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