12 of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products for under $75

When it comes to discovering some amazing budget-friendly beauty products, it almost feels like you’ve hit the motherload of amazing products that work for your skin without the worry of “spending too much.” We know that the last couple of years has been anything but “normal”. Our new normal is pretty much not knowing what’s going to happen the next day. Well, one thing is for sure… with these picks, your beauty products are going to be the least of your worries. So, let’s focus on you, shall we?

Beauty Products for the Inside Out

Sure, you can think of moisturizers, creams, and glosses when it comes to planning out your skincare regimen. However, if you are going to put beauty products on your face and body, first consider what goes in your body so that your skin is already primed and prepped for these skin-loving products.

Indigo Marine Collagen

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under
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Elevate your skincare routine from the inside out before adding any topical beauty products just yet. This season and revitalize your hair, skin, nails, joints, and bones. Indigo Marine Collagen is a favorite among all, especially moms, and prides itself on a commitment to sustainability, clean, 1 simple ingredient, faster absorption, and a transparent supply chain, derived from non-GMO wild-caught fish.

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Furthermore, Marine Collagen absorbs quicker than other sources of collagen, so you only need 10g per serving (which is perfectly measured in the included scoop)! Indigo Marine Collagen has been tested to contain Types I, II, III, and IV of collagen. The Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced from deep-sea wild-caught fish from the North Atlantic Ocean. We love to include Pure Unflavored collagen in our coffee in the morning, but if you enjoy tropical drinks, light sweetness, and feeling refreshed, you’ll love the Dragon Fruit flavor!

Beauty & the Broth

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

If you have considered adding the health benefits of bone broth to your diet, Beauty & the Broth makes it easy and delicious. The Organic Chicken Broth Concentrate and Organic Beef Bone Broth Concentrate are made with organic vegetables like ginger, carrots, celery, leeks, and mushrooms as well as chicken and beef bones. Melissa Boloña, the founder of Beauty & the Broth, encourages you to “Sip Your Way to Stunning” as you find the best beauty products for your skin.

The gluten-free, salt-free, keto-friendly Beauty & the Broth is filled with deep natural flavor, protein, and collagen. Adding the collagen-filled Beauty & the Broth to your regular diet can strengthen nails, boost your immunity, make your hair shine, and your skin glow. You can add water to the concentrate and sip, or you can add the concentrated broth to your own recipes and watch how your skin transforms from the inside out!

Beauty Products for the Ultimate Glow and Supple Skin

Mantra Masks

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Mantra Masks are CBD infused face masks and eye gels that will calm and nourish your skin with the highest quality CBD on the market. This fall pamper the skin you’re in with Mantra Masks. With a wide variety of masks and eye gels available, Mantra Masks will reduce inflammation and puffiness, balance uneven skin tones and textures, hydrate and moisturize, and provide antioxidants that can repair and heal the sun damage and signs of aging from impurities and free radicals. Mantra Masks are a perfect addition to your nightly or weekly skincare routine and will leave you feeling relaxed with gorgeous, glowing, soft, silky skin this season. Choose from one-time purchase options to monthly and quarterly subscriptions that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated and your soul rejuvenated and relaxed, thanks to Mantra Masks!

Herb + Flora

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Herb + Flora is a clean beauty line that provides superb anti-againg products perfect for keeping your skin glowing and healthy this fall by nourishing it from both the inside and out. Using a revolutionary complex and proprietary blend, the Exercise Mimic Youth Complex, Herb + Flora provides the anti-aging effects of exercise directly to the skin. Full of naturally derived ingredients, Herb + Flora’s products help improve the skin’s natural, restorative energy supply and regeneration response.

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Heroes & Goddesses is a nutritional supplement that promotes mitochondrial health and supports lower oxidative stress in cells. It includes CoQ10, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Reservatrol, Vitamins C, D, E, and Biotin to support healthy skin, hair and nails. This proprietary blend not only supports the growth of hair, skin, and nails, but works to improve the repair and restoration of the skin you’re in giving you a healthy and vibrant appearance.

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

The Potion is a youth recovery serum that provides anti-aging effects and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. Otherwise referred to as a facial in a bottle, the Potion Serum accelerates the skin’s daily recovery and gives you a youthful and smooth complexion without irritation, even for sensitive skin. Wake up looking renewed and rejuvenated daily with regular use of the Potion Serum from Herb + Flora.

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Finally, the Eye of the Cyclops is a recovery eye gel perfect for dimishing under eye bags, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. This cooling gel quickly and efficiently replenishes the under eye area with a lightening and brightening effect. The Eye of the Cyclops helps stimulate skin recovery giving tired eyes an energy boost while also working to repair and restore the orbital area for long lasting results.


12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Just in time for pumpkin season, this invigorating and rejuvenating facial peel will have you swooning for more pumpkin lattes and less makeup! As the CBD Pumpkin Peel discards the dead skin off your face, it stimulates cell renewal with the antioxidant-packed enzymes and 3% glycolic acid. No chemicals here, though, the natural acid is from Bilberry and clove – another seasonal favorite!

Get ready to enjoy less discoloration and those unsightly large pores. Instead, the CBD Pumpkin Peel reduces unwanted hypopigmentation while smoothing out fine lines and reducing inflammation and redness. Even though you’ll be tempted to eat it due to the flavorful pumpkin aroma, it’s definitely better for your face… trust us, your holiday skin will thank you later!


12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Brighten up your day and your skin with the luxurious Rejuvenating Brightening Facial Serum by OMORFIIA SKIN. Founder Jelena Despot designed the brightening serum to change skincare by creating vegan luxury products accessible to everyone. The highly concentrated lightweight facial serum is formulated to European Union Standards, prohibiting over 1,400 toxins such as fragrance, parabens, silicones, and alcohol.

The innovative formula has anti-aging properties, reduces the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, resulting in a brighter and more even complexion. Simply shake the bottle and apply a pea-sized amount day and night. The Rejuvenating Brightening Facial Serum is one of those beauty products that seem like a genie in a bottle that will not only hydrate your skin but will turn back the hands of time!

Natura Culina

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Natura Culina is one of those beauty products guided by the belief that anything you put on your skin will end up in your body. Their mindful ingredients come together in products that treat skin problems from acne to tired, dull, and damaged skin. Their Rose Face Oil is just the thing if you are looking for something to brighten your skin.

This luxurious anti-aging Rose Face Oil is an exclusive blend of rosehip seed oil, calendula flower oil, rose essential oil, and Vitamin E. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and slow down visible signs of aging. Not only does it naturally treat fine lines and wrinkles through the naturally occurring retinol found in rosehip seed oil, but it is also rich in omega fatty acids, which hydrate your skin, brightening your face and reducing discoloration. The added bonus? Their beauty products never include toxic or harmful chemicals like parabens, aluminum, lead, petroleum, fillers, or artificial colors like many other skincare products on the market.


12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

If you are looking for only the best beauty products for you and your family Bathorium believes in ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients and not using anything harmful or questionable. Their BeCalm Bubble Elixir is the perfect cap to the end of a long day, a clean and natural bubble bath that is free of any harsh detergents. Providing a frothy, long-lasting bubble bath that will ease your day away. For the little ones the Little Charlie Bubble Bath Milk also uses only clean and natural beauty products with ingredients that have a combination of plant milk. This helps nourish even the most delicate skin.

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Skinergy Beauty

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

We all want bright and fresh skin without having to pay for consistent facials, a way to improve texture and even out skin tone and any redness. This AHA Skin Mist is the best way to brighten your skin with a formula that is meant to keep your skin’s natural glow while gently exfoliating your skin with lactic and glycolic acid. Made with vitamin C that helps brighten your skin while grapeseed oil and tamanu hydrate with geranium and aloe help soothe and calm. Use alone or over make-up and as a fresher throughout the day, to keep your skin as bright and fresh as possible!

TBH Kids

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Teaching teens and tweens how to properly clean their faces and bodies can be hard. Luckily, TBH Kids noticed the need for teen and tween hygiene beauty products by pulling together the Glow Up Kit. This kit has everything your teen or tween needs to learn more about their body and how to cope with the ups and downs of puberty, including:

  • TBH™ Shampoo with natural ingredients like nettle, cedar bark and sage help control sebum (oil) levels, while maintaining pH balance.
  • TBH™ Conditioner that will detangle and add shine to hair without leaving any build-up.
  • A lush formula of TBH™ Body Wash that hydrates, and gently exfoliates leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.
  • Aluminum and fragrance free, TBH™ Deodorant with a blend of charcoal, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, and witch hazel that help neutralize odors and absorb wetness.
  • And Hand Sanitizer to keep your teen or tween clean on the go.
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Eco Lips

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Let’s not forget about those beauty products that moisturize your lips. So start with Pure & Simple Plant Pod® Lip Balm by Eco Lips. The organic lip balm is made with just four ingredients: sunflower oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, and flavor. They come in flavors like Raspberry, Vanilla, Coconut, and even unflavored. But, the intriguing part of this lip balm is the Plant Pod tube that in which it comes. It is 100 percent plastic-free but functions as a regular lip balm tube. It is made from reclaimed farmed byproducts. So you can feel good about helping the planet, while ensuring that your lips feel good, too.

The Bee Free Plant Pod® Vegan Superfruit Lip Balm is 100 percent beeswax-free. And, it comes in the lip balm tube that is 100 percent plastic-free, too. The Bee Free Lip Balm boasts a soft, glossy feel when applied to your lips. The Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter and coconut oil beauty products moisturize your lips making them soft and supple. It comes in flavors like Superfruit, Lemon Lime, Sweet Mint, and Unflavored.

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The Eco Lips Blackberry Intensive Overnight Lip Mask moisturizes while you sleep. The organic lip mask is made of jojoba, coconut, and argan. It boasts blackberry fruit extract and Vitamins A, C, and K. You apply, go to sleep, and awake with much softer lips. Soft lips with no peeling provide the perfect place for lip balm or lipstick.

Lottie London

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Lottie London, the Gen Z-focused beauty products and cosmetics brand has finally expanded to the US, and we are so excited about their cruelty-free (PETA approved), 100% vegan, and incredibly affordable beauty products (retailing between $6-$15). Available at Walmart, Ulta, Urban Outfitters, Asos, and LookFantastic.com, here’s a few products we’re really loving from their collection.

First and foremost, if you want that sun-kissed, just back from the beach glow vibe without the skin damage, you’ll love Freckle Tint. This temporary skin tint adds instant freshness to any look. Simply dot it onto your face and then dab with your fingers or a blending sponge to achieve just the right freckled look. Then set with translucent powder if you want a natural look, or go bold and create all the freckles you’ve ever dreamed of having!

12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under

Give those eyes some love this season with three of our favorite Lottie London products.

With cute designs ranging from hearts, smiley faces to butterflies, we love the Stamp Liners dual-ended design featuring a classic felt pen on one end and a positivity-inspired stamp on the other, giving you exactly what you need to get inspired, unlock your own creativity and create endless eye make-up looks.

For that perfectly sculpted full brow in a flash, one of the new beauty products that Lottie’s has to offer is the new Mega Brow. Shape and set your brows with the non-drying, water-activated wax to hold your brows in place all day to get that just-laminated look without the price tag. You can choose between the two beauty products: clear wax or a tinted version for a darker brow to add an extra dimension of enviable definition.

Then, lengthen your lashes to new heights with Lottie London’s new ultra-lengthening Superfake Mascara. This mascara serves up serious flutter-worthy length for as long as 12 hours and we are living for it!

Now let’s talk finishing touches. Dry and chapped lips will officially become a thing of the past when you treat your lips to the ultimate TLC with Lottie London’s Sweet Lips Overnight Lip Mask & Balm. With a hydration-packed formulation, these innovative overnight lip masks keep the lips looking and feeling smooth and totally kissable. It’s the ultimate handbag must-have full of beauty products for a gal on the go.

Finally, we mentioned setting your freckles with translucent powder. Well, this unique lightweight formulation has been infused with hyaluronic acid, so your skin not only looks great but will keep its natural glow all day and night. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

It’s the sun-kissed moisturized lips and the supple skin for us that brings this budget-friendly list of beauty products to the forefront of our minds! Whatever your budget, there’s no need to forgo stocking up on some skin-loving, color-enhancing, and skin-nutrition must-have beauty products. So, choose a few favorites and whether you are staying indoors or discovering the world, feel beautiful!

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12 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products For Under



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