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As we head into cooler months, the ability to take beautiful photos outside becomes a bit more challenging. For women with a winter due date, outdoor maternity photo ideas might not be an option depending on where they live.

Before the snow starts to fall, autumn weather can be the perfect backdrop for an elegant and outdoorsy maternity photoshoot. The rich brown colors of the forest surrounding this mom creates a picture perfect moment that will help her remember this special time for a lifetime.

Maternity Photo Ideas
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A long sleeved lace maternity dress like the one shown in these photos is ideal for capturing a romantic, yet elegant look, and is perfect for transitioning from outdoor to indoor photos.

If the weather is uncooperative, a milk bath shoot is the perfect alternative for a stunningly beautiful photoshoot that captures the elegance of motherhood.

Fall maternity photos
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Rumored to have historical ties to Cleopatra, milk baths were once a blessing given with the hopes of giving birth to a son. In the modern world, bathing in milk can be used as a treatment for dry skin or a hair softening remedy. Regardless of whether you want the spa treatment provided by a milk bath or just love the look, using a milk bath for maternity photos is beautiful tribute to the work your body has undertaken.

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Maternity photo ideas, like milk baths, usually include an assortment of fresh flowers, left to float in the water and add an additional natural element to the background.

To create a milk bath look for your photos, most photographers use creamy powder rather than actual milk. This helps lower the cost of filling the bathtub but might not actually inspire the beauty benefits that would come from bathing in a tub full of milk. For flowers, fresh cut blooms perform the best and will naturally float throughout a photo session.

The best clothing options are those that naturally drape body and take shape when wet. The same lace dress worn outside is the perfect milk bath backdrop. If you are on the daring side, you can even go au natural and use the milk and flowers to protect your modesty while capturing the beauty of the natural elements against your skin.

Fall maternity photos

This stunning photoshoot was shared with us by David and Annie of A Tale Ahead Photography, a husband and wife photo team based in San Francisco. As they prepared to welcome their first child they celebrated with this unique and beautiful fall maternity photoshoot.

About the photographer: A Tale Ahead Photography

David and Annie are husband-and-wife photographers based in San Francisco, specializing in weddings and surprise proposals. When the duo is not capturing life’s happiest moments for their wonderful couples, they are probably chasing their baby daughter or dog around the house, trying to get them to stay still for photos.

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Photo Credit: A Tale Ahead Photography