5 Minute Makeup Tips

When we became moms, we didn’t realize how much our personal care fell to the wayside. During those newborn days, being able to shower felt like a personal accomplishment. It’s true that we tend to spend less time on ourselves, but don’t we still want to feel confident?

We know there are plenty of moms who don’t ever spend more than five minutes on their makeup, busy or not. However, each mom (and woman, for that matter) can benefit from a go-to five minute makeup routine. With that in mind, today Meg from Meg O. On the Go shares her 5 minute beauty routine.

A full face of makeup in five minutes is something that should be easy. We are taking the best products and tools that we own and condensing it down. We are focusing on what we would like to hide and/or emphasize.

The products and tools in my five minute makeup routine look a little like this. Let’s chat a little bit about how to choose the right things for you.

Choose products that are multi-functional

  • Try a CC Cream! It contains sunscreen and skin benefits, along with the coverage of a foundation. I really love the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, and it stays put on my skin all day long.
  • A shimmery, highlighting blush can not only blush and highlight the cheekbones, but can also be used as eyeshadow. Shimmery pinks are universally flattering on the eyelids.
  • Find a concealer that works under the eyes and on blemishes. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is a fantastic choice because it has great coverage but doesn’t crease.
  • The same applies to tools. I love a Beauty Blender because it blends my CC Cream and concealer, but I could also use it for other cream products (such as blush or bronzer) if I wanted to.

Don’t skip the important stuff

  • When you’ve only got five minutes, you have to focus on the big things like skin and eyes. Making the skin a flawless canvas and emphasizing the eyes with a little mascara can make a big impact. Don’t really worry too much about a blended eyeshadow look or contouring the heck out of your face.
  • One more thing. I’ve got one word for you: eyebrows. Do something with them, even if it is combing them into place with some clear brow gel. I prefer a brow pencil, like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, because having filled in brows frames my face and completes my look.

Get your routine down

Practice makes perfect, right? Luckily, since we are moms, we have plenty of busy moments to practice a five minute makeup routine. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

How about taking a look at my five minute makeup routine? See the above products in action as I apply a full face of makeup in five minutes. The video is actually 2 minutes long because I sped it up for your viewing pleasure. Because you’re a mom and you don’t have tons of time to watch videos, right? Enjoy!

For more quick makeup tips, check out Busy Mom Beauty Basics: BB Cream and Mascara. 

Photo credits: Meg O.



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