10 Fabulous Fall Activities for Everyone

Have you been waiting all year for all things Fall? Whether you prefer the Summer sunshine or Winter’s snow, we can all agree on Fall being the perfect blend of beautiful, rejuvenating, fun, and refreshing. Are you ready to dive into all of the insanely fun Fall activities this season has to offer?

Pumpkin. Spice. Everything!

Love it or hate it, you will find all things pumpkin spice everywhere you look! It seems as the years go on, companies add more and more pumpkin spice to our Fall. Dunkin Donuts offers Pumpkin Spice coffee as early as the beginning of August. You will find pumpkin spice cereal, cake mix, bread mix, muffins, donuts, and cookies within grocery stores. Pumpkin pie, enough said! Embrace the season and get your fix! Brands are now taking the pumpkin spice craze as far as pumpkin spice chapstick and lotions.

Love the scent? Pick up a candle to fill your home with the sensational aroma. You can even sport pumpkin spice gear such as shirts and coffee mugs. Grab yourself a pumpkin spice soft serve ice cream cone! Your tastebuds will thank you.

Fall Foliage

10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Take a moment and catch your breath.. Is that view anything short of absolutely breathtaking?! This is one of the premier things about Fall in the Northeast. People travel from all over the world to experience nature’s beauty during the Fall. New York is simply mesmerizing during Fall. Plan a trip and take a family photo for your Holiday greeting card. Jumping into a pile of leaves is fun for the whole family! Whatever you choose to do this Fall, be sure to make the time to enjoy Mother Nature’s beautiful Fall foliage show!

TIP: Check out the Fall foliage website for peak foliage dates in New York here.

Fall Fashion

Are you ready for super cute boots and gorgeous jackets, galore?! Along with fun Fall activities comes amazing Fall fashion. Everyone can appreciate the fashion lines that debut each Fall. From kids to grandmas, and everyone in between, Fall fashion is appeasing to all. From accessories to essentials, Fall fashion is a staple in every closet. A new pair of boots or a Fall colored purse can spruce up any outfit. You deserve to splurge a little on a fresh Fall wardrobe!

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10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Yes, you can have bonfires all year-round. However, the ideal bonfire weather and temperatures occur during Fall. Toasting marshmallows and enjoying s’mores is one of the absolute best things you must experience when it comes to Fall activities! There is nothing quite like a bonfire to warm you on a cool Fall night. Whether you are in the company of your kids or friends, everyone can enjoy an evening bonfire together!

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All Things Apple

Fall is the time of year when you can truly enjoy fresh apples. Is there anything better than going apple picking and having Grandma make her scrumptious apple pie? Did we mention apple cider? You will want to try it hot and also cold. You owe it to yourself to enjoy apple cider donuts this Fall. Is hard cider your thing? Many wineries have family-friendly apple picking on site which makes for an outrageously fun time. Be sure to add that to your to-do list of Fall activities. As with the pumpkin spice craze, you can find apple scented everything!

10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Pumpkin Picking

10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Pumpkin picking is on everyone’s list of fun Fall activities! Farmers have gone above and beyond to offer families a fun-filled day. You can find anything from hayrides and corn mazes to petting zoos and produce at most pumpkin picking locations. Make sure to check out the farm store on site which is sure to offer delicious local products.

TIP: A great way to involve toddlers and younger children in pumpkin decorating / carving is to let them paint their pumpkins! Allow them to choose their own paint colors and brushes in the store. Finger painting on pumpkins is also fun!

Fall Decor

Beginning in August you will find adorable scarecrows, pumpkins, and mums everywhere! Get your family involved in fun DIY Fall activities. Children obtain a sense of satisfaction and gratitude when they partake in creating something meaningful. Grow your own pumpkins and add gorgeous mums to your driveway. The Fall decorating possibilities are endless! Be creative.

Want to learn how to grow your own pumpkins for next year’s decorating? Read more here.
10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Fall Scents

10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Along with Fall comes a plethora of amazing Fall scents. Grab your family and breathe in the aroma of pumpkin pie or an apple cinnamon scented candle while snuggled up in a blanket reading your favorite books together. Even hand washing and bathing during Fall can be aromatically appeasing! Many companies offer Fall scented soaps. Allow your children to choose which Fall scents they want to use. Along with Fall scented candles and soaps, you can also find Fall scented shampoos, lotions, air fresheners, and teas. The list goes on and on.

Crisp Fresh Air

There is no greater feeling than opening the windows in Fall & feeling the crisp fresh air breeze by you. Whether you like to sleep all snuggled up in the blankets or like the room cool, everyone can enjoy sleeping with the windows open during Fall! Crisp fresh air makes Fall the epitome of outdoor fun. Take your family outdoors and enjoy all of the fun Fall activities you can! Did you know that llama walks are a thing? You can literally take a llama for a walk this Fall while enjoying the cool fresh air.

Get your fix of fun-filled Fall activities at a Fall festival!

10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

Apples, pumpkins, and cider, oh my! Fall festivals are almost always FREE! You can expect to find Fall fashion, Fall activities, Fall fun, Fall food, Fall decorations, live music, Fall themed games, pet adoption booths, and craft vendors at a Fall festival. Some even have Halloween themes with activities such as party games, not so haunted houses, and costume contests. Fall festivals equate to an overall fun-filled day for the entire family! Visit as many as you can. Most have their own unique elements that bring families back year after year.


No matter your traditions, Fall activities offer something fun for everyone. The very best things about Fall leave the entire family satisfied! Get out and enjoy everything Fall has to offer you!


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10 Fabulous Fall Activities For Everyone

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