I love Fall and there is nothing basic about it

I love fall and there is nothing basic about it. There is so much to love this time of year that has absolutely nothing to do with the $5 coffee, leggings or Ugg boots we hear so much about. It is so easy to fall into those basic patterns, but you are not giving fall the opportunity to live up to its full potential. Here are just a few other things to love about this season:

Lebron James


I see a lot of hype for football season, but you won’t catch me getting into college rivalries or cheering on the pros. I have one concern this fall: The GOAT is in L.A., just like so many great basketball players that came before him. To me, Lebron is an American hero, and not just because of his prowess on the basketball court. Aside from his domination on the court, he opened a school offering many perks to its students. Some of those perks include free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, free tuition, a free bicycle and helmet, access to a food pantry for the students’ families, and free college tuition to the graduates. So for me, this season is all about the countdown until the NBA games begin.

The Beach


I’ll take your corn mazes and colored leaves, and raise you the beach. While others enjoy getting lost in a mosquito infested corn maze or propping their babies on pumpkins, I’ll be chilling at the beach breathing in the ocean air. The fall is absolutely the best time to visit the beach because the vacationers are gone, it’s not too cold yet, but not too hot either. This means more space at the beach, hotel bargains, and slow season with less crowds at the bars and restaurants.



Even if you don’t ride you’ve probably have heard of Bike Week. But, did you know that in addition to bike week, Daytona Beach hosts a second motorcycle event in October. The weather is usually crisp and cool, perfect for riding. Don’t ride? No worries it is still a spectacular event. There is nothing like Main Street at night. And you know what else is great? The food. Whether heading to Daytona this fall is in the budget or not, fall is still a fantastic season for long winding rides on the back of a bike because the weather is beautiful and cool.

Las Vegas


Vegas, baby…You hear a lot about the pool parties and summertime festivities in Vegas, but what about the fall? It’s the perfect season to head to Vegas. It’s not hot and you can walk the strip. Plus, a little light gambling is always in season. Okay let’s be serious, I’m in it for the concerts. You have several Grammy award winning artists to choose from like the Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, or Celine Dion. You can’t go wrong. Added bonus, you can find the cheapest flights to Las Vegas in August or October. Viva Las Vegas.

Black Nail Polish


Starting September 22nd you can find me in dark nail polish. Just kidding, I wear black nail polish all year long. Call me a rebel, chic, or emo, it doesn’t matter. Black is the best year round nail polish. Just ask Wednesday Addams. And if you think it’s too goth for you, just add sparkles.



The fall means it’s bootie time. Admittedly, Uggs are comfortable; they are the slippers of boots. But when I want to dress up, booties are the best. They are versatile and fashionable, so I’ll leave the Uggs at home and pair my booties with everything from a cute dress, to some skinny jeans.



Forget sweater weather, it’s leather weather baby. Leather gloves, pants, jackets, vests, skirts – if it’s leather, it’s perfect for the fall and upcoming winter. It’s sophisticated, yet casual, chic yet classy. The best part? There is no occasion where leather isn’t appropriate. Leather is my fall best friend.

Shooting Range


Yes, the weather is nice. But you know what else is nice? Being inside. Despite the calendar telling us it is fall, it is still 90 degrees outside so a fun indoor activity is ideal. Enter date night at the shooting range and it’s a win-win. You know why? Because sweating outside at a fall festival sucks.

Animal Print


I’ve never had the personality to wear floral prints. But animal prints? Absolutely! The more types of animal print I can wear at one time, the better. And I wait every year for fall so I can wear my animal print once again, as they have been tucked away all spring and summer, laying in wait to be put back in the regular rotation.[td_smart_list_end]

For those that love nothing more than embracing their “basic bitch” rituals – more power to you. But for me, there is so much more to love about this season that has nothing to do with being basic.

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I Love Fall And There Is Nothing Basic About It



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