Girls Fashion Customized by KidPik

When your kids are really little, shopping for clothing is pretty easy. They’ll wear whatever you choose and your sense of style is theirs too – no questions asked. However, they eventually develop a sense of style all their own, and outfitting your daughter can become a little tricky.

Keeping up with kids’ fashion is hard, especially when you’re on a budget. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a free stylist? That’s essentially what a Kidpik subscription box offers!



Kidpik is the newest company from NYC fashion entrepreneur Ezra Dabah and the executive and creative teams behind classic children’s brands, including The Children’s Place. They live and breathe fashion, and for the last 40 years have been committed to providing exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Kidpik delivers curated girls’ fashion for sizes 4 – 14, personalized to your child’s own style and preferences. Membership is free and you will receive your box at NO COST. Free shipping, free returns, free styling, and a 7-day no commitment trial are all part of the Kidpik experience. You only pay for what you keep. Choose what you love and send the rest back free of charge. With an average cost of $12.50 per item (including a 30% discount if you keep the entire pik), we think this is a great deal! Choose to receive one pik per season (4 per year), two piks per season (8 per year) or one pik per month (12 per year). There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

With each pik, they send a fun pouch of iron on patches for kids who want to take their clothes to the next level of customization!

The Kidpik line doesn’t stop with the subscription boxes. Their Kidpik Basics are the perfect compliment and allow parents to stock up on essential styles. These staple pieces can be mixed and matched to make your subscription box stretch into even more outfits!


Our pik included items for everyday wear and special occasions. Everything Kidpik sends is customized to your child’s preferences and is so soft that even the pickiest child will be comfortable! This pencil skirt came as a part of the pik, and we paired it with a blue striped tee from the basics collection.

The gray shrug tee that came in our pik is so versatile and matches almost anything. We chose the Super Soft Skinny Pant in Violet from the basics line for a fun look!

The All-Stars tank was a favorite from our pik and features lace and sequin detail, that works perfectly with the basics Skinny Jean. We are blown away by the quality and perfect fit of this skinny jean… for only $15.50! 

We loved the basics Skinny Jean so much that we also chose a Pink V-Neck Tank and Gray Cocoon Shrug Cardigan for an additional look.

This fun, whimsical dress is a little girl’s dream and the matching silver sandals are perfect for spinning and twirling!

Finally, we couldn’t resist the Zig Zag Layering Tee and another Super Soft Skinny Pant to match!

When searching for styles that girls love with price tags that you can afford, Kidpik offers solutions that can’t be beat!


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Photo credits: Sara Luke

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