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The Daily Mom team is exclusively pro-breastfeeding, and we have put our heads together to come up with some of our favorite products that help support a healthy breastfeeding lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for tools to help initiate that bond, or are a seasoned mommy who may be looking for things to make it easier, this post has something for everyone- with a chance for one person to win it all at the end!

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 Boob Design Nursing Dress

Breastfeeding Must Haves & Nursing Bundle Giveaway! 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Every nursing mother needs to have a staple piece of clothing in her wardrobe that is versatile, comfortable, stylish, and (most importantly to nursing moms) practical! Boob Design took all of those things into consideration when creating their high quality and gorgeous clothing. Boob Design dresses can carry you throughout your entire pregnancy, and transition seamlessly into the perfect dress that you can easily and discreetly nurse your little one wearing.

Boob Design is known for their gorgeous patterns, and color usage. Even when you are tasked with dressing your slightly awkward postpartum body, everything about Boob Design dresses is perfect. The hemlines are flattering, the flow of the dresses take all body shapes into consideration, and the quality of the material and craftsmanship does not go unnoticed.

With a simple lift of the panel, you can nourish your child while not worrying about modesty, or struggling with a cover. You don’t have to stretch your neckline, or hassle with wearing anything underneath. Truly genius!

Still not convinced? Take a look at when we featured Boob Design’s Summer Apparel, Spring Maternity & Nursing Wear, and Nursing Clothes to Obsess Over.

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The First Years Breastflow Memory Pump

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Whether you pump from necessity or just because you want a night out with your man and need someone else to watch your little one, you know that pumping can be time consuming and monotonous. Enter The First Years with their intuitive Memory Pump. This pump is not only an amazing double electric pump, but it boasts some unprecedented features.

  • A unique handle that allows for one handed, double pumping
  • A digital touch screen that records up to 10 pumping sessions including dates, times, and even milk volume
  • The ability to set your own speed and suction for maximum comfort

This pump will elevate your thinking from the basic pumps of the past to the iPhone era. While you should already be impressed by the distinguished features of this high-tech The First Years pump, let us impress you further.

The First Years Memory Pump comes with a tote bag to carry all of the necessities, a cooler bag and ice pack to keep milk fresh, and two Breastflow bottles with nipples, caps and storage lids. And because The First Years knows that every woman is not the same, they offer two sizes of Flexi-fit breast shields!

Now, is there anything more you could want from a breast pump? We didn’t think so.

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Born Free Bliss Feeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Must Haves & Nursing Bundle Giveaway! 6 Daily Mom Parents PortalAt Daily Mom we like to say that the Bliss is the best of both worlds. It has height and convenience where other nursing pillows only have height or convenience. It offers 3 different height stages for you and baby to be completely comfortable and secure.

  1. Use all 3 components for your newborn’s feeding times. The feeding pillow, Nurture Boost, and newborn mat provide the right height and firmness to keep your little one alert while he is getting the nourishment he needs in those first weeks.
  2. Take off the firm, newborn mat when your little one gets a little bigger and can lay comfortably on the feeding pillow. The Nurture Boost provides the perfect incline beneath the pillow to support your baby.
  3. Eventually you can remove the Nurture Boost incline and simply used the feeding pillow on which to rest your nursing babe.

Not only do you want this versatile pillow and its two assisting components; you also want to dress it up with Born Free’s chic slipcovers!

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle 

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Some women experience natural discomfort when it comes to establishing a breastfeeding relationship with their young nursling. Luckily, Earth Mama Angel Baby has thought of everything, and created quality, organic products to assist moms in any phase of nursing.

This bundle is a must-have for every mommy-to-be, as well as a lifesaver for currently breastfeeding moms.. It is also a thoughtful, and practical baby shower gift. The bundle includes:

  • All-natural, lanolin free nipple butter, which glides on easily to help prevent and soothe dry, cracked nipples.
  • Gel-free breast packs that you can use either warm, or cold. The unique shape will allow all shapes and sizes to use the product to ease breasts that are sore from either engorgement or mastitis.
  • 100% USDA organic milkmaid tea that contains herbs proven to stimulate the healthy production of breastmilk. This tea can be useful when you are waiting for your milk to come in initially, or if you notice a dip in your supply down the road.
  • All these products come packaged in a certified organic cotton re-usable tote bag, which would discreetly allow you to transport all your breastfeeding essentials when you’re on the go.

The Earth Mama Angel Baby company takes a stand by being a breastfeeding advocacy company, and offers many different resources for parents through products and information on their website (such as this free downloadable e-book, A Comprehensive Guide to Herbs and Breastfeeding.)

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Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit 

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Just when you thought you had to once again pour your pumped milk into bags, freeze, thaw then put it back into a bottle to feed your baby, Kiinde comes along with the ultimate collection and storage kit for the nursing mom!

What’s included?

  • 20 Twist pouches
  • 2 nipple cleaning brushes
  • 2 feeding bottles and 2 nipples with cases
  • 1 bag storage holder (It fits right into your freezer!)
  • 8 pump adapters that fit most major pump brands

The Twist pouches snap right into the Squeeze natural feeding bottles. This eliminates the need to pour from bottle to bag and back again! They store right in the Keeper for easy storage and freezing.

The Slow flow Active Latch nipples are easy to clean and provide the right speed of flow for your little one at each stage of their infancy!

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 Undercover Mama Nursing Tank

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Building a wardrobe of nursing clothes can be overwhelming and expensive, especially after you just stored away your pricey bundle of maternity wear. Most women just opt for a few good nursing tops and bras, and continually alternate between the same boring look day after day, while their pre-pregnancy wardrobe collects dust in their closets.

Undercover Mama has created a unique solution! Their wide variety of tank tops are designed to wear under your normal clothing with your favorite nursing bra. Simply attach the top to your bra with one of the two included hooks and put your favorite shirt on over top of it. When you’re ready to nurse your little one, pull up your regular shirt, unhook the Undercover top and nurse with the assurance that your entire lower body will not be exposed.

Undercover Mama tank tops are different than regular nursing tank tops in two ways:

  1. Unlike the non-existent breast support that regular nursing tops provide, you can wear your Undercover Mama top with your favorite supportive nursing bra.
  2. Undercover Mama tops give you the flexibility to wear your regular clothes and still be able to nurse inconspicuously.

Undercover Mama offers:

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 BiOmega DHA Vitamins

The brain is made up mostly of fat, and infants need a lot of healthy fat in their diets to help their precious brains grow and develop. DHA and EPA are fatty acids found in fish that can be a wonderful, healthy aid to getting those good fats into our bodies to help our brains develop properly. You may have noticed that DHA is a popular additive in many infant formulas available today. While DHA and EPA can be found naturally in breast milk, sometimes our bodies need a little help providing enough vitamins to both our bodies and our breastfed little ones. Eating a diet high in DHA and EPA can mean eating lots of healthy fish. But for those of us who don’t have the time to cook, or maybe don’t enjoy eating fish this can be tricky. That’s where BiOmega vitamins come in.

Omegas can be a vital part of your breast feeding tool bag. BiOmega vitamins from Usana contain both DHA and EPA to support memory and learning. BiOmega stands out from other DHA supplements with the added benefit of vitamin D and the infusion of lemon oil to eliminate the fishy aftertaste experienced with many other fish oil supplements. Due to the high tech purification process, you don’t need to worry about toxins that can be found in fish ending up in your body. BiOmega vitamins are considered some of the purest, high quality fish oil supplements available today.

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Making Mamas Milk & More Lactation Cookies

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Many of these items are tapered to moms who are just beginning their breastfeeding journeys. However, one of the most difficult times may be down the road if you ever struggle with your milk production. Many moms face this trial when they initially return to work, or have to pump while being away from their baby. There are herbs on the market that have been proven to help overcome breast milk production obstacles, but popping pills all day may leave you feeling discouraged, and defeated. There is a much more fun (and tasty!) option available!

Making Mamas Milk & More specializes in baking all of those breastmilk stimulating herbs and materials into one, perfectly delicious cookie. This company is directed 100% from a work at home mom, who genuinely loves helping women achieve their breastfeeding goals. She has many different seasonal flavors available such as:

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip
  • Oatmeal Butterscotch
  • Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice

All of the cookies are made with 100% organic ingredients, and most can even be customized for dietary restrictions such as dairy free, gluten free, and vegan.

Instead of popping yet another capsule, pack one of these yummy treats in your work lunch box. You’ll be helping your supply, while enjoying every single second.

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