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When I sat down to write about Boob Design, I thought to myself “How can I write this without coming across like a fanatic?!”. Well, as it turns out, I can’t. I am a fanatic about Boob so I have to be honest!

The search for nursing clothes that you actually want to wear is over!

Boob Design has truly nailed it. They have managed to incorporate clean design, sophisticated colors, organic fabrics, perfect fit and most importantly – easy access! To put it very simply, Boob Design nursing clothes are all you need.
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Even with a slightly awkward postpartum body that is constantly changing shape (when most clothes never fit quite right), Boob has managed to master an easy, flattering fit. The necklines don’t go too low, the hemlines hit at the perfect spot, and the fabrics do not stretch out with wear. They fit a little long so that you can wear them during pregnancy, which is great. The colors are well chosen and sophisticated. Due to their commitment to use natural and organic fibers, the clothes are so comfortable to wear! You can truly feel the quality.

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Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


Let’s get right to the point. Boob Design has the easiest, most functional nursing access. A simple lift of fabric and you’re there. Nothing has to be exposed. No strange panels of fabric to move around from side to side. No yanking down and stretching out your neckline. It is love at first nursing session! The under panel has a subtle elastic on the edge to help the fabric keep it’s shape and keep it close to your body. The upper panel generously overlaps the lower, so you can rest assured that nothing will be exposed even though there is technically an opening near a place you would want to be modest!

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Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon

Style Offering

Boob Design has saved us when it comes to selection! They have perfected “the basics” and offer perfect short sleeve and long sleeve tops, tank tops in basic styles and fashion styles with prints or lace, and dresses from casual to dressy.

They really go above and beyond, though, when it comes to designing a hooded sweatshirt – that you can nurse in! Applause!

The styles currently offered come in both fleece (thick and fuzzy) and organic cotton/elastane blend (thin and stretchy) and are sprinkled with thoughtful design details. The Ready Flex Fleece has pockets in the back and on the sleeve, is longer in the back to keep your bum warm when sitting down outside and even unzips at the side to create more room for a growing pregnant belly! The B-Warmer Hoodie has an extra layer of fleece in the boob zone, hence the name!

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Company Values

From the very beginning of their design process, they ask themselves how they can reduce their environmental impact. Companies do like to toss those claims around, but Boob Design truly walks the walk! The fabrics they use are organic cotton, Lyocell (made from eucalyptus) and fleece made from recycled polyester. Every garment they produce is OEKO-Tex certified. This means that they are free from substances known to be harmful to health! They are conscious, too, about the people involved in production and have high standards for conditions and pay – instead of looking for the lowest cost. The little things count, too. On their packaging they have nice tips for washing and drying your clothes in an earth friendly manner and encourage that you give your garments a new life when you’re done with them.

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My Take

After extensive wear testing – nursing my squirmy 8 month old – I just can’t wear anything else now. I have Boob nursing wear on rotation in my closet, and that is IT! The basic shirts are so easy and comfy to wear day-to-day, the hoodies are a necessity for me this winter, and the dresses give me an opportunity to dress up without the hassle of having to take half of the dress off to nurse my baby! I can’t even remember what I wore before discovering Boob!

If you are already nursing or plan to be nursing in the near future, you really must treat yourself with good quality Boob Design  nursing wear that will be comfortable, functional and will last you through all your many nursing sessions!

Best of all? Boob Design is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win $300 worth of maternity or nursing clothing of their own!