Dressed for Every Occasion by Pink Blush

Pink Blush has been celebrated for their chic line of maternity apparel for several years. In fact, many of us at Daily Mom still have their maternity clothing in our closets right now that we continue to wear post-pregnancy because they look so great.

With affordability in mind, Pink Blush has recently launched a new clothing line for every woman! This beautiful, comfortable line lets fashion-loving ladies select wardrobe wonders from a bevy of looks and we were lucky enough to try out a few of their dresses. We’re even more excited to share some of these looks with you since most of their collection is now ON SALE! 

From Spring into Fall

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Yellow Bird Print Belted Dress

One of the things we love about Pink Blush’s short chiffon dresses are that they are so versatile. In the Spring, wear them along with a cute pair of flip flops or heels. As it gets cooler, throw on a jacket or leggings with boots.

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Blue Mint Abstract Printed Dress | Navy Blue Floral Pleated Chiffon Dress

One thing you’ll notice about Pink Blush’s short dresses, is their fun patterns and prints. From florals to abstracts to tribal patterns, bold design is in! Not only that, you’re going to love the way they flatter your body.

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Purple Coral Tribal Printed Chiffon Dress

These dresses really can be dressed up or down for any occasion. And considering how little time we have to get ready, these cute printed dresses make getting dressed a snap! You may even have time to throw on some makeup with the time you save in trying to find something to wear.

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Blue Coral Chevron Printed Dress | Navy Blue White Printed Sash Tie Belted Dress

All About the Maxi

Coral Maxi

Chiffon Color-block Maternity/Nursing Dress

In case you weren’t sure, long maxi dresses are still very much in style right now, which is great because we’re all about the maxi. We got even more excited about Pink Blush’s maxi collection when we found several labeled as “nursing” dresses. Considering that we’re just coming off of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and that so many of the Daily Mom girls are nursing mamas, we’re always excited to find fashionable nursing apparel.

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Navy Blue Floral Printed Maxi | Mint Green Paisley Printed Maxi | Black Beige Striped Maxi Blue Yellow Tribal Printed Maxi

In addition to the florals, abstracts and tribal prints we saw with the short chiffon dresses, the long maxi dresses also include color-blocking, stripes and chevron. 

Blue Chevron Maxi V2

Strapless Chevron Maxi Dress


Red Top

Coral Zipper-Front Tank Top

If you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, let us introduce you to Pink Blush’s topsWhether you like tank tops, short sleeve or long sleeve, we can guarantee that you’ll find at least 10 tops that must come home with you. Seriously!

Pink Aztec Tank

Pale Pink Embroidered Tank Top

As we were shopping, we found the LOVE button. Anytime you come across something you “love,” just press that button (in lieu of pressing the “add to cart” button) and Pink Blush will save it for you. Then, after you’ve added 30 tops to your LOVE list, you can narrow it down to your top 10 must haves. In fact, as we’re sitting here writing today’s piece, we’ve hit LOVE more times than we can count.

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Taupe Printed 3/4 Sleeve Sheer Chiffon Blouse Grey Red Striped Color Block Crochet Sleeve TopPink Multicolored Tribal Print Top

Shorts and Skirts


Taupe Scalloped Shorts

While you’re scoping out cute tops, don’t forget to pick up something for your other half – the other half of your body. Pink Blush also offers an assortment of shorts and skirts. 

Tie Dye Skirt

Blue Pink Tie Dye Printed Maternity Skirt

Actually, if you can get over the idea of wearing maternity wear long after you “needed” maternity wear, click over to Pink Blush’s maternity site to check out their bottoms. Not only will you find some adorable nursing tops and long maxi dresses, but we really love their maxi skirts.

Dressed For Every Occasion By Pink Blush Op1

From our personal experience, other than some additional material at the band of the skirt (designed for a growing belly), these maternity maxi skirts are no different than any other maxi. Furthermore, we love the unique and comfortable designs.

Loving this collection as much as we are?  Shop Pink Blush now for some great sales and connect with them via their social media accounts for sneak peeks of new products and more!

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Photo Credits: Ashley Sisk  and The Art of Making a Baby



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