Beyond the Ponytail: Preschool Edition

You’ve been blessed with a little girl! You get to stock up on adorable dresses, frilly skirts and matching shoes. It’s everything you dreamed having a girl would be. You also get the pleasure headache of figuring out what to do with her hair. And let’s face it, sometimes it truly can be a headache. You could just throw it in a ponytail everyday but some days you want something more unique for your special girl. In this article, you’ll learn 3 new ways to style your girls locks, Beyond the Ponytail. Grab her favorite book or game and get styling!

Triple Pigtail- Short Hair

You’ll need:
  • 6 hair ties
  • comb
  • clip

This style is great for the girls whose hair is taking a little bit longer to come in, with some layers and overall shorter length. It allows you to pull all their hair up, which is such a relief for them in the heat of the summer.

Make sure to use sunscreen to protect the skin at each parting. Since the skin will be exposed, it has increased chance of burning.

Start with parting their hair directly down the center. Use a clip to keep one side out of the way while you work with the other. You’re going to create 3 subsections within each side, making sure the subsections are even.


Gather the hair for your first subsection and secure with a hair tie. Make a part for your second subsection and bring the hair from the first into the second and secure with a hair tie. Repeat for the last subsection.

Pigtail Collage

Repeat all steps for the other side. Try to keep the partings the same as the first side, as well as the placement of the hair ties.


Side Braid- Medium/Long Hair

You need to know how to French-braid for this style.
You’ll need:
  • 1 hair tie
  • comb

If your girl has seen Frozen, there’s little doubt she’s a fan of Elsa. And if she’s a fan of Elsa, of course she loves her hair! This style is a variation of the obsession-worthy signature Elsa braid. Just like a traditional French-braid, this style will use 3 sections of hair. With French-braiding, each section crosses over the middle section, giving the illusion the braid sits under the hair. In this version, you’re going to cross each section under the middle section, allowing the braid to sit on top of the hair.

You’ll work on a diagonal with your sections. Imagine the middle has shifted to the left or right (depending on her regular part) and start the braid there. Try not to gather too much hair each time or you’ll run out of hair before the braid reaches the bottom. As with all other basic braids, you’re going to work back and forth collecting hair to add to each main section. Remember, the hair crosses under the middle section.

**Hint** To help envision a shifted middle, tilt your head to one side and pretend you’re still working with a middle part. Older girls can usually tilt their head and keep it there, but for younger girls, you’ll have to do the work for them!

Continue braiding all the hair, finishing in the corner opposite your starting point (Ie: starting at the left front, ending at the right nape.) Secure with a hair tie.

Sock Bun- Long Hair

Have you ever wanted to get that perfect ballerina bun? Using a sock (yes, you heard right!) is the way to accomplish that. This is a very trendy hairstyle right now, for young girls and women alike. It’s fairly easy to do, which is



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Corinne is a part time hairstylist and a full time wife and mom from Pennsylvania. When she's not at work or chasing after her wild-child, she's busy tackling her latest craft or sewing project. She loves inspiring people to tap into their right-brain creativity. You can check out her girls' clothing at CeceLynn Design.

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