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We all know that motherhood changes our bodies. And, just like our bellies, our breasts will change dramatically from pregnancy into motherhood. For many of us, the thought of predicting our postpartum breast size in order to purchase a nursing bra causes a bit of anxiety. We know that our cup size is likely to increase, but how much and for how long?

No need to worry ever again. Ingrid & Isabel, one of our favorites brands for maternity, is now offering a truly seamless maternity and nursing collection, thoughtfully designed to support, comfort and adapt to every mother’s curve.

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a chance to experience Ingrid & Isabel’s new nursing collection first hand. To say we LOVE our new bras and camis is an absolute understatement.

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Finally, seamless knit nursing bras and camisoles without a back clasp that will stretch and recover with our changing cup sizes. The seamless drop cup nursing bras and camis are designed to adjust with your body, taking you from maternity into nursing. Much like many other nursing bras, these come with a one-handed clasp that unhooks to reveal full breast for baby. Unlike many nursing bras we’ve owned though, these also include removable cup inserts that are great for leaky breasts or to conceal nipples on high beam.

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The seamless cami bra offers a single layer of fabric for light support that is perfect for lounging, sleeping and nighttime (or naptime) nursing. No clasp to pull down here. This bra easily lifts up to reveal full breast for baby when you’re too tired to do much more.

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Last, but not least, Ingrid & Isabel offer a multi-tasking bra and cami that can be worn day or night. The crossover design pulls to the side to nurse baby, and the cami allows you to nurse while keeping your belly covered.

So, rush out and pick up one of these incredible bras or camis  (OR BOTH) by Ingrid & Isabel. They are so comfortable that you may find yourself wearing them long after you’re done nursing.

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