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Teaching your children about responsibility and tidiness can seriously be a full time job for many of us. If you’re anything like us, we prefer an orderly and picked-up household. Lots of times, that is a pipe-dream for many parents. Keeping their rooms tidy is like pulling teeth for many children, and that’s just keeping the toys off the floor. We cannot rave enough about this fashionable and functional children’s bedding from Beddy’s (Bed-Ease.) Read on to learn all about this innovative product that will make your child’s bedroom instantly feel more organized.

Children’s Bedding

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About Beddy’s

Beddy’s started when a nice and calm girl-mom got pregnant with twins. Her once organized and easy life turned upside down, and she was much busier than she once was. She purchased her twins bunk beds because they loved sharing a bedroom. She quickly realized how awful it really is to properly make a bunk bed. If she could barely do it, how could she honestly expect her twin boys to master it? She began searching for the easiest way to make bunk beds, and kept coming up empty handed. She knew what she had in mind, bought the biggest zippers she could find, gathered up the material, and took it over to her mom’s house, where the first Beddy’s prototype was created on her mom’s sewing machine. (Hey, we always need our moms, right?)

She noticed that once it was created, her children actually fought about who was going to sleep in the bunk beds that night. They were sleeping better, as a result, because they weren’t kicking their covers off at night. Betsy excitedly told her mom-squad running pal, Angie, about this, and they began the process of perfecting the prototype, and getting it patented. Beddy’s was born out of necessity from a mom who was deep in the mothering trenches herself, and we love how it solves a problem that we all face, while also being extremely durable and stylish.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Beddy'S: Fashionable &Amp; Functional Bedding For Kids 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Beddy’s bedding is life-changing because it’s so, so simple. It’s an all-in-one zipper system that makes your mornings so much easier because your child will be able to easily make their own bed, and will do it without complaining! Beddy’s bedding fits onto the mattress similar to a fitted sheet, except it’s all zipped up easily into one unit. You won’t have to curse making that top bunk bed mattress anymore when it’s time to wash the sheets, or worry about having to teach your child what it means to tuck in the corners of their flat sheet before putting on their comforter. The Beddy’s system features a heavy-duty zipper that goes all the way around the mattress. The ultra-cozy minky fabric interior will keep them warm and snuggly, and the bottom sheet is attached to the strong bottom elastic that keeps the entire set secure on the mattress. When your child needs to climb into bed, they can easily unzip one (or both) sides, climb in, and drift off into dreamworld.

When they wake up, they simply pull the top blanket up, tuck in the minky blanket’s comfort panel, and zip up the sides. It was easy enough that our Daily Kid testers, aged 5 and 3, both mastered the technique on the first try, and have been excitedly making their own beds every single morning for the past three weeks.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Beddy'S: Fashionable &Amp; Functional Bedding For Kids 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Beddy’s is shown here in the Lacey Lou Too pattern. We love the classic black and white damask pattern because it looks amazing with so many different accent colors, from baby pink to a bold turquoise. The adorable Lacey Lou coordinating pillow set adds a fun accent to the bed as well, and she’ll love the fancy pillows with frilly rosette details.

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When it comes to laundry day, you simply remove the entire bedding unit, and wash it in the washing machine in cold water and in the dryer on low heat. It withstands washing nicely (though it is suggested to not wash it more than once a week.)

Here are some of our very favorite features that come with Beddy’s:

  • Zippers on both sides, as well as the bottom. If your child doesn’t like the “zipped up” feeling, they can easily undo both sides.
  • Large pull tabs that are easy for a child to grasp
  • Deep side elastic pockets fit larger pillow-top mattresses that are up to 15″ deep.
  • Tight elastic along the entire bottom edge keeps it secure to the mattress and won’t slip off like most fitted sheets.
  • Soft and quilted exterior is comfy and soft, and looks nice tucked in.
  • 100% cotton exterior is breathable, yet also warm
  • The cozy minky material on the inside feels so soft, and goes all the way to the toes, so they won’t need any extra blankets.
  • Blanket features “comfort panels” which extend out beyond the zipper, so your child can wrap up in the blanket and be fully covered.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Beddy'S: Fashionable &Amp; Functional Bedding For Kids 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We also appreciate that Beddy’s is perfect for those children that wake up at night because they keep kicking off their blankets and wake up cold. Zipping them into their blankets is great for those kids, and we’ve found that kids sleep better at night because they aren’t fighting with traditional sheets and blanket layers. No more rescuing blankets off the floor at midnight.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Beddy'S: Fashionable &Amp; Functional Bedding For Kids 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

You don’t want to encourage children to live in a messy room, and to skirt their responsibilities such as picking up. Beddy’s is a practical tool that you and your child will love, because it will teach them the importance of making their beds in the morning, and you will both love how easy it is for them to catch on and learn to do it themselves. Beddy’s is also available in tons of different stylish colors and patterns, perfect for any room with a bed. We may or may not be eyeing one for the guest bedroom, because it’s so easy and stylish, and you won’t actually despise laundry day where you change sheets as much as you did before. We cannot stress that enough, and think that every single bunk bed, day bed, or loft style bed should just have a Beddy’s bedding set come standard with that purchase.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Beddy'S: Fashionable &Amp; Functional Bedding For Kids 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Beddy’s is shown here in the Game On pattern, which is a navy and white rugby stripe inspired pattern, perfect for any little dude’s room, from nautical to sports themed.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Beddy'S: Fashionable &Amp; Functional Bedding For Kids 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Beddy’s are available in twin, full, queen, and king, and coordinating accessories such as throw pillows and bed skirts are also available, to really tie in any room decor. You will fall in love with their sweet little girl patterns and colors, the bold and classic boys, and you’ll even find something that your teenager would love (or for a guest bedroom!) Each twin size comes with one coordinating pillow case and one decorative sham, and the full and queen size comes with two coordinating pillowcases and two decorative shams.

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See our Daily Kid and Beddy’s in Action

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