Why Beddy’s Makes Mornings Easy Peasy

Mornings, love them or hate them, they aren’t going anywhere. Just because we may not be getting up and rushing out the door right now for work and school, doesn’t mean our morning routines should fall by the wayside. However, being a boss at your morning routine doesn’t mean overcomplicating things. In fact, why not simplify our mornings with Beddy’s. If you haven’t heard of Beddy’s yet, be prepared to be wowed. It is time to wake up and own our mornings.

Why Beddy’S Makes Mornings Easy Peasy

Sleep Matters

Sleep matters so much in conjunction with our days. Studies show that kids who get an adequate amount of sleep are happier, have improved attention spans, and a better ability to learn and retain information. Not getting enough sleep can have devastating effects such as high blood pressure, obesity, and depression.

Lulling your child off to sleep can be a daunting task. Many experts agree that routines help keep them asleep. What your routine looks like will vary depending on your children. Age largely affects this routine. However, winding down should include little to no screen time for optimal sleeping conditions.

Make the Most of Mornings

Just as kids thrive off a nighttime routine, they also appreciate a morning routine as well. There may be no specific recipe to a perfect morning, but setting up a familiar scenario every morning and night may help. Mornings may include a specific wake time, a certain breakfast, and/or morning exercises. They also may include expectations about chores such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, and keeping a tidy room. One way to make mornings a success is using Beddy’s because they promote both restful nights and peaceful mornings.

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Why Beddy’S Makes Mornings Easy Peasy

One-piece, Simply

Beddy’s is what dreams are made of. Each piece is made from high quality, soft snuggly material, for an easier drift to dreamland. Mornings are busy, we are all spread thin shuffling from teeth brushing to Zoom calls. Beddy’s make these mornings so much easier because they are everything you need in one sewn together piece. All the bedding goes on together like a fitted sheet. Sound like your dreaming?

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Unzip for Success

The sheet and comforter are sewn together as one piece. The top simply unzips for ease of getting in and out of bed. Yep, you read that right. With Beddy’s all your little one has to do is unzip morning and night. These easy-pull zipper tabs run along both sides and meet in the middle at the bottom of the bed. This allows for your little one to either stay snug and zipped up all night, or fully unzip and kick out their legs.

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Why Beddy’S Makes Mornings Easy Peasy

Restful Nights, Peaceful Mornings

Every detail is thought out with Beddy’s. From the outer plush layer made from 100% huggable cotton to the inner layer, a minky fabric that is smooth and soft just like a cloud. Your little one will fall fast asleep wrapped up in the softness of the minky lining. The bottom fitted sheet is sewn in for optimal cuddling. The outer rim has strong elastic to keep everything securely tucked in and in place. The cozy mink lining comforts your child all night long. The end result is comfy, warm sleeping conditions for a perfect night’s slumber.

Completing the Look

Every great design starts with a dream, luckily Beddy’s offers a wide variety of styles and colors to fit with any decor scheme. The DayDream set looks and feels just like a fluffy cloud. The light blue outside with soft white details looks just like the afternoon sky. Inside you will find tiny little light blue hearts along the inner sheet. Every single detail is carefully thought out.

Why Beddy’S Makes Mornings Easy Peasy

No bedroom is complete without a few throw pillows and blankets. The Marshmallow Fluff Pillow and Over the Rainbow Pillow Cover are the perfect end to a sunshiny design. Black and white are always classic and complement any look. The Spotted Blanket and It’s Black, It’s White Euro Pillow Cover add a little glam to The DayDream bedding.

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Why Beddy’S Makes Mornings Easy Peasy

Daydream (minky)- Twin and Queen | Spotted Blanket | Marshmallow Fluff Pillow | Over the Rainbow Pillow Cover | It’s Black, It’s White Euro Pillow Cover
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Why Beddy’S Makes Mornings Easy Peasy



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