Layla Sleep: Copper for Pain Management and a Peaceful Slumber

When we wake up in the morning, we expect to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. We crave this feeling; we need it. Not getting enough sleep is a difficult thing to deal with – mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, many Americans suffer from pain and miss out on a good night’s slumber. The U.S Center for Disease Control estimates that 40.6 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. What causes one-third of Americans to sleep so poorly and what can be done to sleep better? Waking up in the middle of the night with inexpiable and unimaginable pain is one significant factor in reducing your slumber. Snuggle up because Layla Sleep and using copper to manage pain just may be the solution you’ve been longing for.

You’ve been there before – adjusting pillows, stretching in the middle of the night, even meditating to help ease you back to sleep, yet nothing seems to help.  There is nothing worse than being sleep deprived because your body won’t give in; Waking up begging and pleading with your body to feel okay but nothing seems to work. Days are long and hard because our bodies never get the chance to experience the blissful, ease of slumber they’ve been feigning for.  Everything becomes harder.  Finding a mattress like Layla Sleep can change your life.  The difference between being tired and being rested is drastic. We always recommend on going for the best, and using a Layla coupon to save a few bucks. How does Layla and using mattresses infused with copper for pain help your body heal and help you sleep?

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Why Our Bodies Need Sleep

It may seem that when we sleep our bodies are at rest, too. However, during this time, many vital processes take place. Sleep is critical to our lives. Our brains absorb an insane amount of information throughout the day. Our thoughts and memories need to process before they are stored. At night our brains consolidate this information deciding what should be saved in short-term memories and what makes for long-term keeping. Research suggests that our body needs long periods of sleep to generate muscle growth, repair tissues, and create hormones. Healthy, sustained sleep is vital to every human being. Sleep isn’t on loan; it is a critical condition of our lives, we cannot payback sleep deprivation by catching up here and there. The only way to achieve the full benefits of sleep is consistently sleeping well at night.

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How Pain Effects Our Sleep

You spend about a third of your life on your mattress. Pain at night directly affects how much sleep we get a night. Sleep patterns are critical indicators of one’s overall health. Pain snowballs into more and more bad nights of sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation found:

  • 65% of those with no pain reported good or very good sleep quality
  • 45% of those with acute pain reported good or very good sleep quality
  • 37% of those with chronic pain reported good or very good sleep quality


  • 23% of those with chronic pain reported high-stress levels
  • Only 7% of those without pain did the same


Copper for Pain

Many ancient societies used copper as the tool of the healers. The Layla mattress is infused with a copper gel in the top memory foam layer that helps to reap these long believed healing properties of copper. The gel provides variable support. Thus, the deeper the compression area, the more support the mattress provides. In other words, less sinking = better spine alignment = more comfort.

Benefits of Copper

  1. Copper aids in your body’s absorption of iron by maintaining the levels of iron within your bloodstream. Iron helps to circulate oxygen within your red blood cells which is vitally essential to oxidation of your internal organs.

2. The consumption of copper is linked to higher creative thinking and brain function.

3. Copper is necessary for optimal thyroid function.

4. Copper is believed to have anti-cancer fighting abilities.

5. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, because of this it can pull electricity from the body and help to manage pain.

6. Copper is anti-inflammatory, thus can help to reduce arthritis or inflamed joints.

7. Can support other treatments. Copper works with other minerals such as zinc, calcium, and magnesium to aid in bone strengthening processes thus fighting osteoporosis.

8. Copper is antimicrobial. Thus it can help stop the growth of bacteria, microbes, viruses, and fungi.

9. Copper is an antioxidant and can aid in the production of new skin, hair, and slow down the aging processes. Copper also helps to replenish the top layer of skin, helping to produce new healthy skin.

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Why the Design?

The secret to the Layla mattress in the design: variable infusion of the copper gel. The copper gel particles interact when the pressure from your body rests upon them. The more force applied, the more activated the copper gel, thus creating a firm feel. In other words, the areas that place the most weight on your bed – think the areas that “sink in” the most such as hips and shoulders – receive the support they need. But , this is not to be confused with a rock hard mattress because Layla Sleep is anything but. Layla is also known for their flip-able mattress. One side is soft, the other side is firm. You can flip from one to the other depending on what you like.

Layla Sleep is suitable for all sleeping positions because the copper gel interacts no matter where the most pressure is placed. The gel adjusst to meet those needs.


Keeping Cool

Conductivity – the ability of a material to transmit electricity.

Copper is the second most conductive metal known to man because of copper’s ability to withstand high temperatures. As your body lays against the copper gel of the Layla Sleep, it pulls heat from your body, thus keeping you cool and comfy.

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Keeping Clean

Antimicrobial– the ability of a substance to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and other microbes.

Why would antimicrobial matter in a mattress? Many microbes harbor and fester inside mattresses, creating something quite yucky to sleep on. Your mattress acts like a sponge absorbing sweat, bacteria, fungi, etc. throughout the day. Amerisleep estimates that a mattress just five years old holds over 13 billion bacteria within.

Enter the copper-infused gel that combats all of these things without any crazy chemicals or deep cleaning necessary. Again, the compression from your own body causes the copper cells to condense together, creating an anti-bacterial/viral barrier to keep those yucky guys gone.

How is copper antimicrobial? Science suggests that copper helps to destroy bacteria in three ways:

  • Direct Interaction, which causes the bacteria’s outer membrane to burst
  • Creating holes in the outer membrane where the cells of bacteria lose vital nutrients and water causing the cell to weaken.
  • After the outer membrane has been compromised, copper then infuses into the cell and inhibiting the cell’s vital functions.

Intrigued? Then check out what customers are saying about the mattress they cannot sleep without. Cruise on over to the Layla Sleep website for more customer feedback on how Layla has changed their lives.

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Photo Credit: Ashley W

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